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The Weekend is Here and I Learn About Bridges

November 17th 2007 9:14 am
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I woke up early this morning, as usual, and jumped up onto Mom and Dad's bed, trying to get them up to let me out, feed me, play with me, let me out again, play with me, forget that they fed me and maybe feed me again, let me out and then play with me. Mom just rolled over and said, "Buddy, off!" Dad made me get off the bed. I jumped back up several thousand times and always got the same response. Then Mom and Dad got all cuddly on each other and I tried to hone in on the snuggles. Dad finally had it and chased me out of the room and shut the door! That is so not fair!
Oh, well. I did get outside eventually, and guess what I discovered? Rex's house is gone! I don't know where he went! I searched all over the yard, but couldn't find hide nor hare! Hmmmm. I hope I didn't scare him away. He was such a cute little bunny. Maybe he wanted to see the world?
I also learned that our beloved Schnauzers Rule group leader Milly has died. They say she went over the Rainbow Bridge. I'm not sure what that means, but her parents, and lots of my pals, are really sad about it. Mom says it means that her parents won't be able to see her and play with her anymore, but that she is no longer an old dog, no longer in any pain and no longer blind. Wow. Sounds like a fantastic deal to me. The Rainbow Bridge must be a really fantastic place. Mom says I don't get to go there for a long time yet, especially if I learn to be obedient to basic commands, like "come," "stay," and "drop it." She says that learning those things will ensure me a long life. She said that once you go to the RB, you don't ever get to come back here to your family, so while it is a good place, you don't want to go there too early, not until you have used up all your years down here. I think I understand. Milly's parents must be very happy for her, but very sad for themselves, in a way. I hope Milly is having a blast.
Lexie just interrupted me and explained that Rex had crossed the Bunny Bridge. I guess that means his years here were used up. Sigh. He was such a good boy, and he left me all those tasty snacks in the grass under his house. I hope he is having the best time where he is. I suppose there is plenty of space there to roam free, have fun with other bunnies and eat all sorts of neat stuff like chives, veggies and herbs growing all over. What a lucky bunny.


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