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Buddy's Beat


November 14th 2007 11:48 am
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Stop? Why would I want to stop? Mom says I never stop and she just compared me to an Energizer Bunny. Gee whiz. Mom has so far compared me with a wet squirrel, a rabbit, a kangaroo, a donkey, a deer, a jackalope and a rat (that time I got into the bathroom garbage pail). I have to constantly remind her that I am not only a dog, but a schnauzer! (Why did I lick the syrup the kids spilled? I'm a dog. Why did I shred all those used tissues? I'm a dog. Why did I bark my head off at the mailman? I'm a schnauzer dog. Why do squirrels drive me insane? Schnauzer. Why are you licking me? Dog.) Humans can be hard to train.

Mom had a friend over for coffee this morning, a friend who is starting to consider a dog as a pet. A friend who has never had a dog before. Mom warned us to be on our best behavior because we would be representing not just the bearooootiful bearded schnauzer breed, but canines everywhere for this dogless furless.

I jumped all over her.

She told Mom she didn't mind, but Mom promptly taught her friend to use the "Off!" command on me. Lexie, on the other paw, was a perfect little lady, waiting seated and asking with her big brown eyes to be petted, which the friend did. Well, I just kept up my jumping and pawing and introducing and butting-in, so Mom lured me into the back yard.

I hope this friend gets a schnauzer, or at least any kind of nice dog that I can play with!


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