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Hey, Everypup!

November 2nd 2007 11:58 am
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Well, Lex and I got our walk in already with Mom and 4th child. Kinda cold outside this morning. Mom and No. 4 kept making little puffs of cloud around their heads while we walked. Lexie says that gets worse, the cloud puffs, the colder it gets. Looks like another fun thing to look forward to about winter up here!
Mom went to give platelets to the Blood Center this morning. I don't know why they need little plates . . . maybe a luncheon or something? Anyway, she came home bummed because she didn't pass her iron test. I asked her how much iron they had her try to lift. Maybe it was just too heavy for her. She walked off towards the kitchen mumbling about liver and spinach. Sounds yummy to me!
Know what else sounds yummy? My pal Montgomery schnauzer (aka 'the spider') said he would save me a sweet potato chip. Doesn't that sound fantastic! I can't wait to try one. I got one green bean today because all of our furiends on Schnauzers Rule! keep talking about how tasty and healthy they are. I liked it a lot and hope we get more of those. I wonder if they come in blue. Mom says no, not unless they are rotten. Lexie's ears perked up at the word "rotten." She overheard Mom talking about something rotten recently and has been rather neurotic about it ever since. Do you like that new word, neurotic? I learned that today when I came here to do my diary posting. Someone had been on here before me and had looked up that word on the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, and they left the definition up on the screen. I read it, and then thought to myself, "Hey, that sounds kinda like my sister, Lexie!" Maybe I should mention this to Mom.


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