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October 31st 2007 5:45 am
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Out walking this morning, Lexie and I picked up the scent of something new and fabulous. We marched off with our noses to the ground, which Lexie usually does, but I usually don't. I'm always prancing with my head in the clouds. But this was so exciting. I suggested antelope. Mom shot that one down (not literally). Then I figured buffalo, or maybe eland? Caribou? Moose? There was no scat (Mom says that's a polite word), but there was lots of pee on one of our favorite trees (any of 50-some that border our block) and we had to remark the entire circuit, just in case some elephant or something got the idea that this could be his stomping grounds - no way!
Mom called me Tigger last night. She said I have springs and that my feet are made out of rubber. Huh? I checked. They don't look like rubber. Actually, they kinda do look like rubber, but don't taste like rubber and there is fur poking out from between my black toe pads. I didn't find any springs, either. Silly Mom. She makes me want to bounce!


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