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Is This What Crest WhiteStrips Do?

October 22nd 2007 4:52 pm
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I'm home again after my very first teeth cleaning. Everyone was so nice to me at the vet's office again. Lexie did not tell me I would be getting a shot! I was not happy about that. They all had to practically sit on me to get me to cooperate with that measure. Then I got all sleepy and foggy and I felt like I was falling and I gave a yip, but that's the last thing I remember. A few seconds later I woke up feeling very strange. That part wasn't so fun. I had to take it easy at the vet's place for a long while, and then Mom showed up to take me home. I was surprised to see that the sun was so low in the sky and when I got home, Lexie had already eaten dinner! Even worse - I didn't get any!!!
Mom said I can't really eat like usual until tomorrow. I can't wait until tomorrow. I miss my kibble so badly. I haven't eaten ANYTHING at all today and I'm really hungry! One fantastic thing is that I was given more medicine to take for the next few days - one pill twice a day - and here's the kicker . . . WITH FOOD! Love that!
I have sparkly teeth and nice breath right now. Where are all the ladies? Lexie doesn't count.


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