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Wacky Start to the Day

October 17th 2007 7:51 am
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Today has been a little wacky so far, and it's only 9:30am! First off, Dad, who normally gets up around 5:30am, and Mom, who normally gets up at 6:00am, both overslept until 8:00am. Whoa. Dad, who normally walks to work and lets Mom have the one vehicle in this house, raced out the door and drove the van to work. Mom will have to walk 2.5 miles to his work to get the van later today so that she can go to the high school kid's conferences tonight while Dad does his own middle school conferences. Said high school kid overslept as well, since no one else was up, and was late catching her city bus to school. The middle school boy got off by himself somehow - miracle of miracles - and the two youngest ones had about half an hour to get ready and meet their respective rides to school. Mom actually took Lexie and I to the bus stop for the youngest child, and then walked us around a different block today for our morning constitutions.

We stopped at every single tree we could and at one particularly slender young tree, I started to pee. Because the tree was so narrow, and Lexie and I are tethered rather close on our double leash, I peed around the tree and hit my sister. She quickly moved aside once she realized it wasn't raining. Further on I tried to do my #2, but only had the runs and made a mess of my hinder. Mom tried to help me out with some large leaves, but it was rather gross. I got a little butt cleansing when we got home.

Once cleaned up, we came upstairs and Mom started the computer up for me. Then came that particular odor, wafting through the air . . . I have the farts again. Out came the pumpkin for a special digestive treat. I don't mind that at all. Mom is rather out of sorts right about now. This has just been too strange a start to the day. I think she's gonna kick me off here soon so she can shut this machine down and take a long walk to get the van. Sigh. I guess I shouldn't have eaten *******. I won't say what it was, but it's the reason I am having weird poos and gas. Mom warned me against such things. Sigh. At least I really, really like pumpkin.


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