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Short Week

October 5th 2007 7:38 am
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This week is shorter than all the others. There is a pattern around this house. Mom wakes up and we get to go outside and then we EAT. Then we get a walk around the block. There are four children who leave the house soon afterwards, making it very quiet around here. Mom picks stuff up all over the floors and furniture while they are gone and replaces large amounts of food that have magically disappeared. When they get home, all the stuff comes out again even more than in the morning and the food magically disappears again. Mom gets those wrinkly lines between her eyes. Then Lexie and I get dinner. Then the humans get a bigger dinner than we do. We sit nearby and look pitiful, but we don't get bits of their dinner unless the children are careless or they are being forced to eat something they find disagreeable. We find very, very little to be disagreeable, so we help out the children at meal times in any way we can. After meal time, things wind down slowly to bed time and, on a good day, we get our evening walk. Then it starts over again in the morning for as many days as I have toes (including that funny toe farther up my leg). After I have run out of toes, the kids stay home for two toes. Then we start over with all my toes again. It is always like this lately, except suddenly we are not counting that funny up high toe! I don't understand it, but I like it when the children stay home. More opportunities for falling food and many more things left on the floor for me to chew on. It is so much fun!

Lexie tells me the kids just have a "day off" from school. She says I should get used to a few of those every now and again, especially in the fall. What a great thing, this day off. I will head down to the kitchen and see what has fallen during human breakfast! Arrroooo!


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