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No Bite!

October 2nd 2007 5:40 pm
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Mom keeps saying this to me - No Bite! I don't think she gets the fact that I don't have opposable thumbs. How else do I get her attention? The kids can come up and yak or tug on her shirt, but when I yip I am ignored (mostly - because I do it so often) and when I grab her shirt or pants (or arm or leg) I am told, "No Bite!" Not fair!
Lexie took me aside and showed me how to lay a gentle paw on Mom's thigh while she is sitting down. Mom seems to like that much better. I just get too excited. Tonight I said hi to Mom and tried the soft paws on her thigh, and guess what? She stopped what she was doing and reached down to pet me! And then guess what? I didn't bite her! She kept petting my head and scratching my ears and it felt soooo good. Then she stopped and went back to what she had been doing. That's when I bit her. Not hard, but I really, really wanted more! (It was really only a 'mouthing' not a bite - I would have really been in trouble for an actual bite!)
Mom said, "No Bite!" and "Off!" and my petting time was over. Lexie gave me the I-told-you-so look. If only I could control myself!


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