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September 17th 2007 6:46 pm
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Yeah, yeah. I did it again, but can you blame me? I did not get my morning or evening walk yesterday as Mom was gone on a canoe trip and most of the other humans around here don't think I need a walk, or don't want to do it (the short ones). Humph! As it was, Mom found it and picked it up, as usual, so it didn't teach anyone a lesson about my need for a walk. Mom already knew how important that is for my delicate bowels.
I'm sorry, Mom. I know I gotta learn to do it when I'm outside playin' and all, but I get so distracted! Please remember to walk me at least once a day, okay?
I don't know how Lexie does it. Well, actually I do. She just does it. She goes out the back door, into the yard, squats down and does it. She doesn't even need a walk. I think she does need a walk, to be honest. She's getting a little thick around the middle, if you ask me. Mom says Lexie just looks that way when she stands next to me because I am longer and still pretty lean - a long, lean scamper machine!

Time to remind Mom of my walk!


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