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September 7th 2007 8:31 am
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When Mom walked out the door with me and not Lexie this morning, my sister looked really put out. Hah! I get an extra walk all by myself with Mom! Turns out we walked down to the vet. Oh, well. Ya know, that guy really isn't all that bad. He did pry my mouth open and peel my lips way back to look at my teeth and gums. I have some redness and irritation on my gumline right where the gooey discharge has been showing up, so now I have to take medicine twice a day WITH FOOD for ten days - yahoooo! I love that 'with food' part.
Bad thing was Mom ratted on me about the rabbit raisin snacks I've been sneaking under Rex's hutch in the yard. Mom went out to check on the status of the bunny poop pile this morning, just because she thinks I may have been tasting a few of them. The pile was basically gone - MY BAD! No wonder my breath doesn't smell so good. The vet recommended a complete teeth cleaning, too. He said they're having a "special" on teeth cleanings in October so I better get in line. I hope I have to have a teeth cleaning "with food" as well. Then it should be fun. Mom says I'll be asleep, but that can't be right. How could I clean my teeth, with food, and not be awake to enjoy it?
We walked home under a very threatening sky, Mom hurrying me along so we wouldn't get caught in the coming rain. I got a piece of leftover pancake when we got home, with my new medicine tucked inside. Lexie got a smaller, unmedicated piece, just so she wouldn't feel left out. Yeah, she went to the groomer yesterday and was really strutting her stuff, but just wait. I get to get my teeth cleaned - how cool is that?


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