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September 6th 2007 8:07 pm
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Everything was going so well. My poos were getting normal and I hadn't had any accidents in over a week. I have adjusted to my new food and am learning to respect my sister and the wishes of my family, sort of. I guess I could always improve in that area. But a couple days ago, one of the humanettes noticed I had this clear, jelly-like goo on the right side of my mouth. She showed Mom, and though Mom didn't know what it was, she figured I had "gotten into something." It didn't quite smell right, though it wasn't vile, like vomit. She wiped off my mouth and vowed to watch me even more closely. It showed up again at one point the next day, and today when it showed up, Mom cleaned my mouth with hydrogen peroxide and called the vet. She still can't tell if it's an external thing or something wrong with me, but it's seeming to be something that needs attention.
Now I'm worried, too. I remember going to the vet in my old life, and I remember going to my new vet when I first came to this family. I got poked and prodded and even got shots, so I don't really want to go back there. Mom and I both hope it's nothing serious.


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