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Oh, Poop!

September 2nd 2007 11:05 am
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I was being such a good boy, I really was. I hadn't had any poops in the house in over a week. This morning I even did TWO poops on our walk, but when the family came back from church, they found diahrrea in the boys' room and the front hallway, with poopy paw prints all the way through the living room. Well, Mom got the clean floors she has been craving after having to mop all that up! See, Mom - I helped you out. You've been meaning to scrub that floor all summer. Now you don't have to wait for the kids to go back to school next week to get that chore done. You can just sit back and enjoy the quiet, empty house - put your feet up and sip that hot morning drink that you like so much. You don't have to thank me. I would do it all over again, if you wanted me to.

Actually, Mom is guessing I ate something I wasn't supposed to. I'd never tell, since secrecy is key to supply. Once she discovers what I'm eating, I won't get to eat it anymore! Of course, most of the mess was in the boys' room, so Mom thinks she's onto something. Sorry boys, but I may have curtailed your midnight fridge raids. You might want to keep your clothing off the floor from now on, too. I don't know if you noticed, but I walked on your shorts . . . the red ones . . . and I got poop on them. They're in the washing machine right now, so you don't have to thank me for that either. I just can't stop helping everyone around here!


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