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Mom and Dad Came Back!

August 9th 2007 7:21 pm
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Lexie kept telling me not to freak out when Mom and Dad and all the kids left this morning without us. She said it happens all the time, but after what I've been through in recent months, all that shuffling around, losing my old family, all those shelters and that nasty surgery . . . it makes me nervous when people leave me behind. Lexie wasn't worried at all, just kind of disgusted. She left me alone and went back under the bed to sleep. No fun there, and I couldn't even get at the tissues in the downstairs bathroom garbage. Oh, well. Nappy time.

Well, she was right. They came back hours later from the State Fair and gave us lots of hugs and kisses - yippee and Arrrooo! Mom also came home with a Schnauzer Security Co. sign for our back gate. Lexie says this is because she and I are very valuable members of the family and Mom wants to hire these professionals to protect us! Wow. This company must specialize in guarding schnauzers. How cool is that? I feel so loved! Arrroooo!


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