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Moths Are Fun!

August 1st 2007 9:15 am
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I had so much fun last night in the yard. There were these little flittery things floating around through the air near the ground. I would walk, then one of them would suddenly jump up and start floating in front of my face - how weird! Mom found me outside doing a sort of ghost dance, up on my hind legs, snapping at the air, twisting around and staring, then jumping up again. She couldn't see the sylph-like creatures, so she just thought I had been possessed by a cat. That was kinda insulting. I am no cat. I wouldn't even let a cat in the yard, for Pete's sake.

She finally figured out what I was doing, of course, and told me that the little faerie-like thing I was following was a moth, a sort of nocturnal cousin of the butterfly. That was fun, chasing the moths. Lexie hasn't been too keen on playing with me, so at least I could do some whack-a-mole with the little fluttery guys. It's also been in the upper 90s all week long, so I kinda look forward to sundown - cooler, quieter and mothier.


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