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My Spoiled Life

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I am a genious!

January 18th 2005 2:41 pm
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WOO HOO! My mom and dad have helped me master a new skill! I can give high fives. I can also give the finger (but only to my brother when no one is looking).~~Don't tell my parents. I won't get all my allowance this week if I am bad. I am starting to be a very good girl. I have not been biting people and I think I am starting to lose my teeth pretty soon. I am hoping I do so I can get lots of money from the tooth fairy. Well, I will write again soon~ReRe


Baby of the Family

May 23rd 2006 1:42 pm
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Life is just grand when you are the baby of the family. You get what you want, when you want it! I just can not stand to be put down. If mom puts me down, I cry, whine, and stare at her to make her feel so guilty for mistreating me! :O) Then, what does she do? Picks me up. I just have to be toted around because why should I have to use my precious energy to walk? She can help the baby out! Recently mom went to the store and bought one of those thingys you put human brats in so they hang on the front of their parents. Now she straps it on her shoulders, sticks me in the little pouch, and there I am! Happy as can be. I don't have to walk, she doesn't have to put me on the ground because she said I am too heavy, and the whole family is happy! Well, at least I am anyways, that is all that matters!


Back to School!

August 9th 2006 12:00 pm
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Well, I am supposed to be going back to school here pretty soon my mom says. I am kind of ready to because all the boys in the neighborhood just want me to play outside all day and it is just too hot! When I go outside I just like to jump on my sister's (the bigger ones) and growl at them from fighting over the ball. By the way, I got new sisters. They are so big and big doofuses too. They just run around chasing a ball with their slobbery tongues flying around. I think they are obsessed with me, just like everyone else I know. When I go outside in the backyard they immediately start kissing me all over. I wish they would keep their slobber to themselves! They just follow me around, I guess just more people to adore me. I'm such a local celeb!


My BEST friend, Meike Doodle

September 26th 2006 7:32 am
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Well, I just wanted to write a little note to all my friends about my best friend. Her name is Meike Doodle (she is listed under my friends) and she is so nice. I wuv her so much and I want everyone to help me pray for her. She had surgery yesterday and I want her to heal fast and healthy. So, if all of you could please say a quick doggie prayer for her or even make her your friend too, I would preciate it!! She is nice and a little baby, she is only five months old so she is like my wittle sister. Okay, have a good day, I am off to kick my brudders butt!


What a weekend!

October 2nd 2006 2:29 pm
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Well, this past weekend, my parents took me to see my cousin, Kyleigh in Wimberley, Texas. I just LOVE going "bye bye" so I thought that was great. Everything was great, UNTIL.. I REMET my cousin that I didn't see in a few months and BOY HOWDY.. I DO NOT LIKE HUMAN KIDS! They take WAY too much attention away from me. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when my mom picked that little monster up. How dare her! She is NOT to pick anyone up but me. ONLY ME! I am the princess and I AM her baby, no one else is. After I cried and cried and got so upset, I overheard my mom and dad saying they aren't going to be able to have "human" kids until I am WAY OLDER. See.. they love me more! HA! My plan worked again! Reecie wins again!


My friend Emma Wells is in a contest! PLEASE VOTE!

October 4th 2006 8:54 am
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Here is an email that my buddy, Emma Wells sent me today:

"Calling all schnauzers, come in schnauzers. I was wondering if you might be willing to vote for me at: ? I'm the 6th one down from the top. I sure could use your vote. Us schnauzers have to stick together.
PS - If mom already sent you a request, please forgive her, as she's doesn't have the best memory. :)"

Even if you are not a schnauzer, please go vote for her. She is so sweet and very pretty. Thanks pals! I love you all!!


Rain, Rain Go Away!!

October 16th 2006 11:45 am
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What the heck is going on? I went outside on Saturday and it was soooo gwoss! The ground was wet and then, I started to get sprinkled on. I don't even like it! It sure does make me hyper though. Mom thought she would be funny and put a stinking red rain coat on me that she bought but I didn't even want to put it on. Mom said it looked cute but I said no! Guess who got their way!!?? hehe ;) My mom took in these little kitties because they had no home. There are three of them and I can not STAND IT when my mom tries to touch one of them. I just start crying and whining and mom has to put them down! hehe.. no attention for them! I do not like them because they don't want to play with me. If they would play with me, then she could touch them but they run from me and I do not like it. I want all the attention and since they do not give it to me, I do not like them nor will I allow my mom to give them any attention so there! Have a good day and show me love!! hehe


PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!! (any my boyfriend, Smokey)

October 20th 2006 7:18 am
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Please VOTE for ME. I am a really sweet girl and this is my FIRST picture contest ever!! It is the "Dogster's 2006 World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show!" If you click on the link to the top right and you can vote for me. All of us in the Blythe family would really appreciate it. Thank you soooo much!! WOOFFFFFF Love, Reeces Pieces... You could also vote for my boyfriend, Smokey. His pet id is 50151. He is in two different contests. He is really nice! I wuv him :) hehe


Grrrrr... My Cell Phone DIED :(

October 27th 2006 1:43 pm
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Sorry to all of you who have been trying to reach me, but my cell phone died yesterday. Mom said that she will go get me a new one today because I keep looking at it all the time and I was carrying it around all night last night crying. I told momma that ya'll can't get a hold of me and I needed to know what was going on this weekend!! Mom said she thinks the battery died or maybe its because she throws it for me all the time so people will start calling and I will chase the phone around. I can't wait for her to go to Target today after work and get it for me. Mom sure couldn't go a day without her cell phone but she makes me! NO FAIR! I'm SAD! I told her that I will just be on the computer all day long checking my emails just incase you guys need to get ahold of me. P.S. What is everyone going for on Halloween?? I can not decide between my angel costume and a raindeer one I use for Christmas... hmmmmm...


My First Marathon!

October 31st 2006 7:13 am
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Oh gee! You are never going to believe what my mom did! My mom decided that on Thansgiving morning it would be a good idea for us to all go run/walk the Dallas Thanksgiving Day 5K. Since my parents entered me, I get a racing bib and bandana. So, mom is all worried that I am not going to be able to make the whole 5K without stopping so she is making me "train" now. So I started this on Sunday and went on a 2.5 mile walk. What I normally do is run all over and way ahead of her, that way I can lay in the grass and wait for everyone to catch up. This time it was different! She would say "Reecie!! Get up, no resting, we are in training for your marathon!! UP UP UP!" Dang it, she was really starting to make me work. All I know is that I better get in tip top shape if I am going to be busting my tail end every weekend for this Turkey Trot! Maybe I will be able to get more boyfriends!! hehehe By the way, if you live in the Dallas area, you should join the race too! I will beat you though, but you can still try ;)

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