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I'll try my Belgian best to fill some really special paws, Mica

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rock dogs rock!

April 23rd 2008 12:42 pm
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if you'd like to see some of my family in action, like my dad Rogue (who will be with my pretend grandpa Dave), & uncle Rocky (with my pretend grandma Joan), here's a link to some agility footage.

they're Obsidian Belgians, which makes them rock dogs, but they rock anyway, to me. hope you'll enjoy them too..

love, mirra


Been Tagged

April 18th 2008 5:33 pm
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Hello everypup.

I have just been tagged by that handsome lad about town Redford. Thanks buddy. Mica & I were recently tagged, so some of it may be a bit repetitive.

Here are the 4 questions that need answering, then I get to tag 4 more pals to do the same.

Name 4 jobs that you have:

1. Supervising the resident chef
2. Puppy psychologist (I’m told I’m a good listener)
3. Personal trainer (for the pawrents)
4. Laundry inspector

Name 4 places where you have lived:

1. B.C. Canada (where I was born)
2. Aurora, OR (where we live)
3. In my crate, with an open-door policy
4. Under mom’s bed or desk, depending where she is at the time

Name 4 places that you have been:

1. British Columbia
2. Washington State
3. My sister Mckenna’s house in Portland
4. The v-e-t (said in a whisper too)

Name 4 places you'd rather be:

1. Anywhere there is snow, preferably a lot of it too
2. Any room mom is in, even a closet & EVEN if we don’t fit
3. Here is fine, but outside if possible-I LOVE all kinds of weather
4. Speaking of which, I must run, there’s a squirrel I need to chase

Friends I’m tagging: (in no particular order)

Sirius 715569
Island Guide Dog 496153
Angel Runt 432160
Daisy 99444


To GET me and to LET me

March 29th 2008 11:10 am
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I have a really nice bed, but then again I don't.

Mica had some nice ones too, which I was introduced to before my own. The pawrents don't understand, but it seems I want to annihilate them, but not just beds, even stuff like blankets.. (see my apres bath purple blanket ballet video)..
there's just something about soft stuff that makes me go bonkers.

Mckenna and dad thought that I didn't accept these things because they had been Mica's, but mom held her ground. We tested that theory when my new bed came from Canada, my homeland recently!
Surely enough I wanted to kill it too.
We have an open crate policy (ever since the week before Christmas), but so far I need to stay in the bedroom at night. I know Mica got to wander wherever she wanted to but I guess I'm still a puppy- there's time..
I have jumped up on the bed, but that's extremely rare. Mom says it's kinda like me settling upon hot coals. I barely touch it and am flying off to the safety of the hardwood floor. She tries to coax me up. Recently, she catches me 'sleeping' on the bed, though ALWAYS with my 2 back feet on terra firma.
They say it's cute, but I couldn't tell you.

Then, after my new bed came last week, and it was taken away AGAIN, I was told I just don't seem to be ready for it. Later that night I took mom's pillow under the bed, (for the first time) right at bedtime! I often start out in the magic den I made all by myself under the bed. I didn't eat or destroy it. She told dad and Mckenna she thinks I made the association to the new bed being kinda nice- soft & cushy and shaped like & about the size of the pillow.

I was asked not to repeat that, and being the good obedient puppy I try to be, I didn't.

Dad usually rises first and takes me to do my 'chores'.
I usually fly up 2 flights of stairs to tell mom everything, and this morning, I jumped up on the bed, over mom, onto the floor, immediately did the same going the complete opposite direction, then on the third try settled down alongside her to stay.
That must be where the third time's the charm expression comes from?!

Suddenly, the light bulb went off over my head (and twin peaks ears of course). Mom nearly cried, and I then showed dad how comfy & cozy we were. I guess I was proud of myself and liked the praise! I jumped off, then jumped up and found a good spot at the foot of the bed and curled up once more. More praise! Hey this is good stuff!

It was time to get up, but mom said she thought it was a huge breakthrough for me. I'll be 10 months old tomorrow. They say I have a way about me that is all me. I just DO things my own way and in my own time.

I guess I'm lucky they get me and for the most part, let me.

I heard mom say to Mica, "did you see that girl?" then came the tears.
Mom says she can't wait to go back to bed to see what happens next.
Even I don't know what will happen, but she was right about one thing, it was better than the couch.


2 Poems for Mirra

March 21st 2008 10:31 am
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Easter is here and Uncle Angus-the Warrior is at it again. Isn't he something?
Thanks for my special treats.

“Easter is here! Welcome Spring! Hark, a lark The birdies sing
Goodbye winter With its rain and chills
It's time for sun and daffodils.

Woo! Woo! Angus”

“A tisket, a tasket, A rabbit with a basket!
Mirra has her sights on one, Hurry up rabbit
You better run!

Woo! Woo! Angus”


A Limerick for Mirra

March 10th 2008 10:43 am
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From my pawsome Uncle Angus-the Warrior.

Sweet Mirra has learned a new trick
How to play keep-away with her new fancy stick
Whether she’s clowning around
Or in repose on the ground
No one get it because she’s too quick!

Woo! Woo!


Please say a prayer for my cool Uncle, who has IMHA too. It is why he is a Warrior! All dogs & cats with this disease desperately need our help. I'm trying to help Mica help others by funding research for a cure, because there is none. Just managing this disease is so difficult. It's so hard on our pals and their families who adore them.

Mom and I would, and we know Mica would also appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers on behalf of all of our pals suffering from it, and also for our Angels, and those who love them still.

Thanks Uncle Angus, for the second special gift of your writing. First a POEM, now a Limerick. For letting me share it with others buddy, you ROCK!


Remembering Arthur

February 19th 2008 5:25 pm
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Arthur went to Heaven on Mica's 1.5 year annifursary of earning her wings. They have been pals a long time. Last July, I was luv-tagged by my pal KJ, who is celebrating his 4th WOOFday today along with his beautiful sister, our pal Rain.

Happy WOOFday mates!

This is a portion of the diary entry. My very first. I am reprising it because it talks about Arthur.

We miss you already buddy and we'll love you furever.

Next, I tag Arthur, Dogster # 457493.

I heard a story about Mica the day before she went to Heaven. Mom learned something very special that day, about friendship and it makes me proud to tell the story. Mica was in ICU and my pawrents got to spend most of the day and evenings with her-outside of visiting hours. The doctors felt she did better when they were near. She was very very sick, and yet the staff always told mom and dad that Mica was a sense of calm and comforted them and the other sick dogs and cats. None of this would surprise them, knowing Mica, it's just that in all this time she never uttered a cry or a moan, and showed such courage that could almost break your heart, mom said.

On one trip to do her 'chores' outside, they passed a bulldog that was in considerable distress. Mica had never seen a bulldog before, and she stopped and calmly turned and looked straight into my mother's eyes. Mom smiled back at her. It was then that Mica performed her magic on the both of them. She showed such kindness in her own adversity to this dog, who sensed Mica's help, and led him to a place where he could be comfortable. Mom said she knew Mica was curious about this dog she'd never seen in her life, (I have heard tales of Mica's intelligence) and she was immediately taken with him. It was one of the last acts Mica ever performed, and because she loved and accepted him as a friend, mom fell for bulldogs, because Mica led the way.

It was Arthur who then befriended Mica, and took my family under his wing, as a fine representative of bulldogs everywhere, he fills our lives with joy in the midst of sorrow. He puts others first, always and he makes sure you know that you are special in a way, for us, that only a bulldog can. He has a very special family too, and anyone that knows him adores him. I want you to know him too. Thank you, Arthur, for Mica.


Tagged for Valentines Day

February 7th 2008 12:36 pm
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I have been tagged by Nikaya. Thank you my friend for thinking of me. The rules are that I must write a diary entry listing 5 wishes for Valentine's Day. Then, I tag 5 other dogs and notify them.

My five wishes for Valentine's Day are:

1. My first wish is for Mica, and all dogs, cats & families affected by IMHA/IMTP, that we find a cure ASAP. Anyone willing can help. Mica’s IMHA Research Fund is non-profit, and even a dollar-at-a-time adds up.

2. Like my friend Nikaya, I wish we could get more snow. It’s pretty incredible stuff and from what little I have seen, makes everyone so happy!

3. I wish that other dogs & cats that need homes could find good ones. Mica & I try to advocate for pals who need homes on my page. Maybe you can too?! It makes us very sad that they don’t have what Mica & I do, yet they all deserve it. I wish that people would spay & neuter pets to help more animals survive.

4. I wish that neglect and mistreatment of animals would STOP, and laws changed to make offenses equal to crimes against humans. It is a crime against humanity, afterall.

5. I wish for good health, a long life, happy times and good friends like my family and I have made at Dogster for everyone.

I'd like to tag:

1. KJ
2. P.I.T.A
3. Island Guide Dog (Pre-Training)
4. Ladysmith
5. Luna


Woof, x’s & o’s, and wishes for snow,



a wonderful gift from my uncle Angus-the warrior

January 31st 2008 11:26 am
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Yesterday I turned 8 months old and had my 3rd snowfall. The 2nd one this week too, and the most yet! I was told I was the inspiration for this lovely gift. How cool is that for a puppy? I asked uncle Angus if we could share it with you.

He's an awfully swell guy to say yes, and here's what else he said!

I like snow too :) I thought I'd celebrate your joy with a little poem.

Nose in the snow
And powdery paws
Running and gamboling
Simply because
The ground is all white
And there's a nip in the air
Her joyous heart, light
Not weighted by care
To greet each day happily
And live in the now
If only us fur babies
Could tell our pawrents how
Then like us, they too
Would have spirits so high
That their laughter would twinkle
Like stars in the sky
And they'd forget all their troubles
Bitter sorrows and doubt
And marvel at the beauty
Within and without

Hugs and howls!


We love you uncle Angus


video slump

January 25th 2008 4:01 pm
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For some reason we can't seem to get any new videos uploaded. Wishing Dogster's videoEgg worked on Firefox. Anyone have any other helpful suggestions?



Shooting star & news from the hood

January 23rd 2008 10:41 pm
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I got a star today Mica, but mom forgot to tell you why (the symbolism it represents) when they left it. You know that tends to be a problem with mom. Remembering. Thanks for the tip about you-know-what. No one taught you to stay near the stove when it gets turned on and keep an eye on things. Mom wonders how it is we know that she needs that reminder in particular. So far, so good.

As for the star, all I did was be here! You were right. They do love me for me, even tho they love & miss you still. I'm sad sometimes too that you aren't here, but that was a great shooting star you sent late last night. All 3 of us saw it! They talked about it afterwards, mostly about my reaction to it.
What?! I'd never seen one before. So I did my first double-take.

I hope you'll send more. You are my shining star. We check the Heavens often, and watch for you. Mom is trying to teach me the constellations. It's been wickedly cold here, but I don't feel it. Mom usually doesn't either, but it's been about 20* without the wind chill factor in the mornings. That's pretty cold for here I'm told. If only it would snow.

I have some messages to share with you.
First, your closest friend Lily asked me to send her love. She's limping now from a sprain, but we called her pawrents to see how she is doing, other than what we can see when we visit each day. Mom says she has really come a long way. She has her eating out of the palm of her hand, (really) and even tho she is more than 100 lbs, she obeys mom better than she does her own family. Also, she doesn't get so touchy anymore about our shared territory of the west fence line. I'd like to play, but mom says Lily may not be the best playmate for me. She has the most beautiful eyes but she can be unpredictable. Mom and dad don't want me to get hurt. She laughs when I tell her my favorite movie is 'eight below.' I'd never met a Siberian Husky before. Even tho I'm getting bigger (44 lbs now), she still has a lot on me. In fact, all your pals in the hood do.

Lucy the chocolate lab to the south may be a better choice for a playmate, but her people aren't very friendly. She has to wear a bad collar that shocks her if she barks. Mom says she does cuz she's so lonely. We try and keep her company. Lucy's pretty vocal, and unlike Lily, enjoys seeing my new toys. I was told that Lily never had any so she doesn't know what to do with them. Then I learned a funny thing. Did you know there is an old saying " that you can't teach an old dog new tricks?" In Lily's case, 11 is pretty old, but I'll keep trying, ok?

Mena you never met. She has coloring like you but very short hair. She's a mixed breed and mom has had to rescue her a few times now. Her people leave her with others when away and she gets out and runs the neighborhood. She's already been hit by a car. It's kind of sad. She's to the north- on the opposite side of the orchard. I heard the people say that she isn't well socialized, so she barks and bolts and shows fear at the slightest blink. I don't know why she doesn't want to play, but she may be a biter. Mom says I intimidate her but you know me. How can that be? Finally, we just learned today that Sadie, to the northeast is in kidney failure. She's about my size and I don't know what kind of dog except a good one. She's the oldest and the most social of all, next to me (they say), so please ask the Angels to look after her. All of us have names that begin in L or M, except Sadie, but she's a legend around here, kind of like you.

We all wish you were here but they all said to say hi. I think even you could work some magic with Mena. Please try. Mckenna comes to see me often too and I know you would have loved it if she had lived closer while you were here. Mom says that a lot. I'll try and take good care of all of them Mica. It's six months today that I came down from Canada to live here. I'm glad that you helped arrange for me to be a part of your family. Compared to what little I can see from here, I have it pretty good.

Speaking of stars Mica, mom says that all the stars must have been in alignment for such a miracle to happen. Now that I saw that shooting, or is it 'falling' star..?? methinks I'm beginning to understand in part what it all means. It's a new adventure everyday, Mica, just being a puppy.

Well, some things never change. It's bedtime and mom's still singing 'catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away.' Just so you know I didn't catch it for real, but we have it all-the-same. Mom says it's in our hearts forever, so you can sleep tight Mica. You earned a blessed night's sleep for a job extra well done. Thanks for all the help.

Love, Mirra

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