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I'll try my Belgian best to fill some really special paws, Mica

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margo is going to mica

September 12th 2010 10:44 am
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she took a turn for the worse and is at the ER hospital right now.
mckenna has asked please for good thoughts for margo..
margo is now an angel..
God speed lovely one..

we will miss you so..
catster # 551171

should you wish to pay your condolences..
her sister Whitney and her person, Mckenna- my big sister, could use your love & support..
thank you


margo is going to mica

September 12th 2010 10:17 am
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she took a turn for the worse and is at the ER hospital right now.
mckenna has asked please for good thoughts for margo..


Yappy Day FUR Mica!!

June 7th 2010 1:43 pm
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all of us really.
mom finally managed to get mica's foundation up & running this morning
after we head out to play (HEY i earn my keep) i'm sure at least she'll need a nap!

presently, we're still adding resources & the hardest part will be the ETSY store, but each day we get a little bit closer. Eventually, depending on how much i myself can take on..

our store will consist of 3 elements of things mom can still do & i have learned to encourage.

has to do with ecollage® proper..
we'll start with cards, and eventually add other paper items. her boxes in PAWticular are PAWsome..

will be the rocks side of things- she's an avid gem collector, and will have gems available, and even some jewelry,
(have an idea FUR commission, by chance?)

& what her doctor wants more of, and that aside from sections 1 & 2, which also YELP, contributes PAWsitively in her ability to use her hands- and that's knitting!
she'll start with small goods like berets & hats & mittens, [DID you even know mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves?!?]
SEE, you'll even learn cool stuff like that- IF we have the chance to BLOG..
PAWhaps that'll be my area of exPAWtise...and may then again do some commission work in sweaters, depending on how things go.
She makes nice sweaters, doesn't she Uncle Angus?

I'm PAWretty sure that you don't know that she has extensive nerve damage, aside from other neurological deficits (that contribute to disability) so working the hand to eye coordination et al remains a PAWsitive element in therapy, and with a portion of ALL proceeds benefiting "MICA'S IMHA Research FUND", well THAT benefits everyFUR.

we hope that you'll drop by sometime and lend us a PAW.
we'll likely need at least a few weeks to get the store up & running tho..

your black pearl advocate in kind,

the MiRRAcle (as mom & mica call me)
signing off FUR some frisbee

hug all your LOVED ones, PAWlease.. it feels good & THAT works both ways!

m, m & angel m


THANK YOU everyFUR & PAWlease give a Yelping PAW

May 31st 2010 2:51 pm
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FUR everyone who came to wish me well on my 3rd WOOFday yesterday, i'd like to thank you kindly.. so many pups also treated mica & the purple girls of oregon too..

i wish sincerely that every pup & cat could eat as well as we appear to this Memorial Day weekend. PAWhaps that's something worth wishing FUR?

i also wished to say thanks to all the kind hearts who thought of mica on her recent birthday- she'd have been 13.. Bless her Dear Heart..(our family still misses her a great deal).. those who made donations to MICA'S IMHA RESEARCH FUND in her name or mine--we are especially thankful FUR you guys..

see mica's most recent diary entry.. she made a special BOL FUR a few mates who were PAWticularly generous on behalf of others..

you know we try but we need the Help & Yelp of others to do the work that needs to be done... IMHA continues to strike at will & takes way more than it should, even in comPAWison to other diseases.. please, learn all that you can to protect your loved ones, and consider helping us help others..mica has been gone more than 3 and half years now, and some are still DYING FUR A CURE..

we'd like to ask anyone who can too, to join Sassy's mom Sally's group.. STOMP PAWS FOR SALLY.. there's a grand auction going on to benefit a kind Heart who needs a Liver, and has been there time & again FUR many on Dogster & Catster. y-17692

cuz now & then, we all need a helping paw..
there are also many who need our prayers, and we thank everyone who helps others in need.


boxing day

December 26th 2009 3:59 pm
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we now have a date.

mirra will be spayed on 6 January 2010.
her mom is a nervous wreck, so any Pawrayers you have for our sweetness would be greatly appreciated..

we'd like to also thank the team players in PAWticular for remembering mica's quest too over the HOWLidays and keeping hope afloat by way of donating dollars for research FUR our companions with IMHA or other immune-mediated disease..
those who face this illness know all too well how devastating it is.
Bless you for caring enough to try and help others.

many of mom's friends make a donation for mica's work in lieu of sending gifts.
it is greatly appreciated. now and then, we all like to be treated, right? sometimes, the best way is on behalf of others.

we'd also like to say we hope that many of our mates that have not heard from us in awhile know that you have been on our minds and in our hearts, and we'll do our best to catch up when we can.. we hope that no one takes it PAWsonally that you haven't heard anything..
those who have reached out to us have made a huge difference to us too. thank you for that effort too guys.

we wish everyone the best PAWsible New Year. You know who you are-(we sincerely hope) those of you who remain in our best thoughts and prayers.

With Love
m, m & angel m


PAWrayers, PAWlease..

December 17th 2009 6:23 pm
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Our sweet baby will be spayed during the HOWLidays.. so we wondered if you could keep her in your best thoughts & your prayers. we haven't been around much for a few -and then some months now..

we've thought fondly of many of our mates, and hope & pray that they are well & happy.
presently we have some extra kind and loving thoughts for our Sisters3 mom, Betty..

and although we posted just now in the forum about mica's IMHA Research, with our cheerleading angel having been sidelined (cuz of her mom), it was devastating to see that there had been NO activity whatsoever, here on dogster.

we can at least feel thankful for mica's team.. because,

sadly, IMHA hasn't gone away. in our absence we were sad to learn that at least 1 mate of ours who believed they beat it actually didn't and relapsed. we are however, still & FURever in search of that cure, vocally or not.

with PEACE, LOVE, HEALTH & YAPPINESS to all those we can't contact separately, (at least right now), please know that you're thought of and prayed for. and we trust you know who you are too.

Thanks very much for the efforts made by angel mica & mirra's pals here on dogster & catster, as well as HQ to help us find a cure for others.

m, m & angel m


PAWlease help shelter dogs & PROJECT POOCH too!

September 20th 2009 5:38 pm
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ht tps:// _items

hello everyone..
our mckenna is very active with Project Pooch..
this event is a big one in their year.. and comes up this NEXT week..

it's a phenomenal organization, and does much good..
especially in the lives of unwanted shelter dogs!
if anyone is interested and can help out, PAWlease do..
take a look..

mel, mirra & angel mica


TY Dogster dog, FUR Dog Diary of the Day

August 10th 2009 9:50 am
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Usually it is my loving fursis that takes such honors, but thank you Dogster dog FUR noticing me too. Lately mom, & i have not been around. It's a harder time around here, when we come upon the time when our mica took ill & left us 6 days later. PAWlease, meet mica if you come visit me, and learn about IMHA & IMTP..

It just might save your life.
We could use your help in many ways too. Remember that a 3 way corral brings a donation, meaning.. you must corral our 3 pages FUR it to work..

but we also could just use a dollar at-a-time, from you.
information is on mica's page, and it too could save a life.

In case you're wondering..
I'm still a fun-loving pup, and my job is to look after mom.
she FURgets things, due to her disability, and they say i, like mica, have special intuition about things, and do a good job looking after her.

i would also ask any pup who can to pray for my pal KJ and his cousin Kiana, who are suffering from liver disease, and FUR every furry friend out there who needs a paw up, either from illness, or PAWhaps homelessness.

PAWresently. i'm not thinking of anything else, except once again to say thank you & LOVE your pets people. they LOVE you, regardless.. mom says the best way to honor me today to just to be with me..

Love, mirra


UPdate on KJ

August 7th 2009 11:38 pm
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From Rain

Day 6 in hospital - KJ's Ultrasound

August 7th 2009 10:32 pm

This morning at 8:30 mom picked up KJ. Mom was so excited to be seeing her big boy again after being away from him since last Sunday. They headed out of town to the specialist. After filling out the paper work KJ then had to have his belly shaved and then they were ready for the Ultrasound.

The test showed that the liver was not enlarged, in fact it was a little smaller than normal. All other organs looked good. The doctors wanted to be sure there was not a tumor or something similar causing the liver to fail. They decided not to do the biopsy at this time. After both doctors consulted on the phone it was decided to wait on doing this. The treatment KJ is getting is working. Not as fast as we would like it to, but working none the less. They then did a Mammalian Liver Profile. The ALT read 530. So even after the IV being out quite a bit in the last 24 hrs. the value is down!

Before mom left the specialist's office she got KJ to eat 1/2 a can of food! His first meal in about a week. He has lost almost 9 lbs since going to the hospital.

When they were pulling out of the clinic, mom got a phone call from her sister. Kiana, who is our Guardian Angel Kiska's sister & lives at our house had started vomiting last night & wouldn't eat anything. They took her in for bloodwork. She is now in the kennel beside KJ and has the same problem he has. They are giving her the same treatment that KJ is getting. She is a 10 yr old Malamute who mom loves dearly. Please include her in your prayers. She already has so many problems & her health wasn't the best to start with.

So after hearing this mom scheduled me to go in later for bloodwork. She was taking no chances that I was next. The testing showed all was fine with me. Thank Dog! I really don't think mom could handle 3 of us in the hospital right now.

Our vet told mom he thinks KJ is feeling better & definitely stronger than when he went in. He is alert & interested in what's going on around him. He is hopeful that he maybe able to come home late Monday. If so he will be following a special liver diet with careful monitoring of his progress.

Thank you all for your continued support, love & pawrayers!
Malamute Wooooo's & Hugssss!

KJ & Rain's mom called us tonight and she sounds tired.. Prayers would also be wonderful, but this is better news for KJ, but not such good news for Kiana..
If your prayer load is manageable, PAWlease, spare what you can mates..

Thank you,
mirra, angel mica & mel


PAWlease pray for KJ + UPDATE!!

August 4th 2009 2:48 pm
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Mirra’s best mate, and a good friend to many pups out there- KJ is very ill. We’d definitely appreciate every PAWrayer you can give him, and we suspect his furmily would too. With our best wishes, love bug- to you and especially your mom. Give our love to Rain too, sweetheart.

my mom said that Kj & Rain's mama Teresa called a little while ago- while I was napping, to say that the Emergency Vet said that KJ's Alt #'s were down about a hundred points from 24 hours ago, and that's pretty good news.

He's not out of the woods, so PAWlease keep doing all that you are doing. It's got to be helping him. and, Thank you 1 & all.

Love, Mirra, Angel Mica & mom

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