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Life of Lilo


July 11th 2007 11:14 am
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~Yawns~ Sorry bout that! I am still a growing baby,and I require lotsa sleep.My name is Lilo,and I am a 4 month old Chihuahua baby.I just arrived home 2 weeks ago,my people mommy went and got me from my fur parents and other people mommy.That was my 1st car ride.It was kinda long and hard on my little body,but I did ok.I didnt even get sick! YaY! We stopped and got my 1st collar,which I STILL fight to wear.I prefer to chew it.Thats what its for right??Mommy says I am gonna stay a petite little girl,and wont weigh over 3 lbs.She also said when I get a little older,I have to have special surgery so I dont have babies.I dont know what that means,but it sounds kinda scary! I dont want to think about babies anyways,heck I am still a baby myself!
My fur mommy's name is Miyu,and my fur daddy's name is Bouncer.They still live at Blue Moon Chihuahuas.Mommy says they do something called "dog shows".I'm too young and too little for these things,which I am glad for.I dont want to be where everyone can see me! I am a shy baby.Mommy says I am gonna be her spoiled little girl,and thats all she wants from me.I can handle that!
I have a big brother,Cokebear.I dont think he likes me though. =( Mommy says he's jealous cos he's been her only furbaby for a lot of years.I hope in time i can win him over.
Well I am ready to go back to bed now.I love sleeping under covers.I usually sleep by mommy's neck.I'm really good about not moving around n stuff.I know she worries I'll roll off the bed or she will roll over on me.I'll give her a nip if she does! =D
I will talk to you all later.Bye and good nite for now!


YaY for us Chis!!

July 23rd 2007 2:22 pm
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Did you all read about Zoey? The little girl who got bit by that awful snake to save her little boy?? I shivered to think of those horrible teeth putting poison in me!! But for my mommy,I would take a bite any day!! Zoey is truly a heroine,and I am glad that she is feeling better.We little doggies may be small in physical size,but we more than make up for that in our hearts and spirits..right guys n gals?!?!
I think I am heading for puppy snooze land,me and mommy was up late watching cartoons...we went to bed at 3 am!! Yikes! Glad she has the day off. =D I will stop by and visit soon...nitey nite all!
Woofs n smoochies!


Today I am ONE!

March 3rd 2008 12:15 pm
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Happy Birthday to meeee! I am actually having a bday snooze in Mommy's left hand.She promised to take me shopping for a present later.Yep I am spoiled!!! Of course I will be the one driving.Mommy's been real sick lately,and needs me to do errands n stuff.So I will be back later!!


Sad news

March 22nd 2010 10:56 pm
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Its been a long time since I have been here,and its with a heavy heart I write tonight.My big brother,Cokebear,went to heaven today. =( My Mommy is so sad and hurt,and wont stop crying.
Cokie wasnt feeling good,his back legs hurt all the time.But he didnt whine or complain.I knew he was bad off though.A sister knows.Mama says he had hip dysplasia. And the doctors couldnt do anything for it. I couldnt help him either.He hasnt been wanting to play for a long time,though he did play with me for a wee bit the other day.I am glad he did. I will miss him terribly also. I loved my brother and I am happy Mommy is going to leave his page here.Coke is in heaven but he wont be forgotten...we love you big brother!


New Brother

November 27th 2012 12:03 am
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Its been awhile since we was here..MOM!!! But to be fair,lots been going on.I have a new BIG,but younger brother,Shadow.He's a black labrador retriever.He is ok,as brothers go,I reckon. I will give him credit for knowing that I am the BOSS here.
Sometimes tho,he gets a lil extra attention.Most times I try to be ok with that,cos he cant help it.He has epilepsy,and cos he takes medicine for it,he gets a special treat 3 times a day.Phooey! Its table food dontcha know.
Our gramma calls him "Horse",cos she thinks he's HUGE.Well,he weighs 80 lbs,his fur brother,Vadar,weighs 120 who's da horse?? BOL!
Beau hasnt been too keen on our newest pack member.Probably cos he liked being the only guy.Shadow likes to nibble on Beau's lil bobtail,which makes him sooo MAD.Its really comical to see. teehee!
Well,I am sleepy,so I will scoot for now,Ni ni!

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