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Days of Mad-Dog


November 15th 2011 1:50 pm
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Just got back from Caprock Canyons! Cool place with tons of critters to monitor - let's see, ya had your buffalo, your deer, your pheasants, your sandhill cranes, your wild hogs, your turkeys, your coyotes, your foxes and even one skunk crossing the road! BUT and this is the sad part, residing there is Queenie, the Barn Cat. This place is a Bed&Barn, 3 bedroom house on one end, stable and corral on the other - you just open the bathroom door, and there are horses and a tack room, hay - all that barn stuff. Also, there is the cat. She acts like she owns the place. Doesn't look scared at all when she sees me. IN FACT she likes to act like she is stalking me - it's downright creepy. You go out on the front porch and she scrambles to the front of the house; you go out the bathroom door, there she is! And she has this little "I'm so cool" look on her dumb cat face (I'll put a pic of her on my page). AND she's always trying to make friends with my mom and dad. You know that icky rubbing against your legs thing they do. So we had a great time - but this is the third time Barn Cat has been there, so I guess it's a cross I have to bear. Couple of my Dogster buds have offered to go out there first and let her know what's what, but I think the owner of the Bed&Barn likes her - she eats mice and stuff. Dawg, hasn't he heard of mouse traps?

Barked by: JerryLee (Dogster Member)

November 15th 2011 at 2:51 pm

Like i sed Mad', yur a cat magnet! Yup, yup dat one's gran'fathered in an' yur gonna hafta deal wiff it da best ya can. My advice iz ta pee an' den scuff yur fairmoans an' dirt on 'er. Den walk away...wiff swagger an aplomb!




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