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Oh Man.

Cherry Eye.

September 3rd 2007 4:02 pm
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Poor little Maxwell got cherry eye about a month ago.
The second I noticed his eye was puffing out and red, I notified my mom and called the vet.
We got him into the vet's office the next day.
The woman said that cherry eye is very common among dogs, and that we should try medication before surgery.
We put drops in his inflamed eye for ten days, it took down some swelling, but it did not help much.

So after ten days we scheduled his surgery.

I was heartbroken leaving him at the vet, I though he would have to stay overnight.
Thank goodness the surgery only took eight hours and we got him back later that day!
Poor boy had to wear a cone on his head for about a week, but now that the cone is gone he is as happy and energetic as ever!

We are all so glad that his surgery went so well, and that he is back with us.



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