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September 8th 2007 4:57 pm
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Got this from another cool lab's page--thought it was a cool idea.
Take this survey and send me your answers!

What is your name? Sugar
What other nicknames do you have? sugster, sugar wugar...
What breed are you? dauxie!!!
Where were you born? Orange Grove, Texas
Where do you live now? Kingsville, Texas
What is your favorite toy? a stuffed puppy i named bobo
What is your favorite store? Petsmart
How many toys do you have? lots...what dog dusnt have alot of toys?...
What brand of food do you eat? an all natural one that my stummy handles..
Wet or dry food? both
What is your favorite color? maroon and white!!!*WHOOP!!!*
Are you bad when nobody's looking? depends on my mood...
Are you friendly? wen people come yes..but wen people leave i go psycho..
Are you overweight? some people say i am but i say im bigboned!!
Do you eat people food? yes..if they give it to me...
Do you eat bugs? ew no!
Do you live with other animals? 3 other dogs and 1 kitty
Do you like to exercise? Yep-swimming is my exercise
Do you like car rides? YEAH!!!!!!
Do you get into stuff? cant reach most things..but if i can..its gone!!!
Do you like to swim? not really..but i tolerate it..
What is your favorite treat? bacon strips!!!
Do you shed? nope
What's the funniest thing you ever did? hard to say...
What's the bravest thing you ever did? i stayed by my mommy wen she got stuk in a electrical fence and no1 was home.
Are you neutered? yep
Are you a social animal? yes
Collar or harness?unless im walkin..collar..but otherwise..nothin!!
Retractable or regular leash? retractable
Ceramic, Metal or Plastic bowls? plastic
Do you sleep in a crate? nope..i sleep on my mommys bed!!
Do you have a dog bed? bed and my mommys bed..sumtimes if my mommy picks me up i can get on all the other beds xcept the king size.
Do you have a doghouse? no but my cuzins do.
Do you belong to any dog clubs? yes lots..
How does your owner describe you? i am her life!!!

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