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Dogster time has been limited!

June 13th 2012 12:33 pm
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Oh, man, I never get on da puter no more! Mom is so busy wif her human baby nowadays. *sigh* Least I do get to sit wif 'em while she rocks da baby.

We have missed so many birfdays and gotcha days and rainbow bridge days, but definitely not on purpose! We hope everyone had great birfdays and gotcha days and got lotsa pressies!! We're sorry fur missin' your special days, furiends!

But Mommy did manage to get us to da groomer yesterday! Geez, you'd fink outta all things to 'member, she wouldn't 'member that!

Da human baby is growin' up quickly! He's tryin' to sit up on his own now. Pretty soon (atleast we hope!), he'll be eatin' da good stuff and droppin' lots of it on da floor! ;-) We will help Mommy wif da clean up!

Okay, guys and gals, over and out fur now. But I'll be back!!


Bark, Bark, Bark!! Oh, and "Nanny" Greta??

April 4th 2012 2:55 pm
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First off, we had lotsa worker mens here da other day and I let 'em have it!! They stole our winders and glass doors!! Mommy and Daddy both said it was okay! I couldn't believe my little ol' fuzzy ears. (I'm so very shaggy - nuther story...) I was shoved into a little dark room to sit it out til they was done. It was the worst treatment of a cute schnauzer girl you'd ever seen. After what felt like years in a torture chamber, I was able to come out. Atleast those worker dudes put new winders and doors in. Mom and Dad were smart enuff to make 'em do that! ;-)

Now, this whole "Nanny" business...Yeah, that's my new nickname 'round da human baby! When he's cryin', I run to him to see what's wrong wif him. I gotta make sure Mommy and Daddy are fixin' him coz I don't like that cryin' business. BOL! I am very protective of him; I figure if Mommy likes him, then I should atleast protect him for her.

Gotta go - I hear him cryin' again! :-0


Lots Goin' on 'Round Here Lately

February 6th 2012 8:50 am
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Well, you prolly know that Daddy has been home since Christmas. YAY!! Last week, he had hernia repair surgery and has been lyin' around moanin' and groanin' and sleepin' since then. Okay, Mommy says he has lotsa pains, so he's allowed to do that for now. Mommy was home almost all of last week, too, which was great fur us! We were pretty bummed when she went back to work this mornin'. :-(

Another day last week, one of my grammas came to da house wif a bed fur da human baby. I had to sit and watch 'em put it up in da baby's room and couldn't even sniff it. This is all after Mommy and Daddy cleaned up dat room and painted it and put in a fancy new light. Hmmph. They even said this room was NDA (No Dogs Allowed)! And definitely a NCA (no Cats Allowed) space!! I didn't know those existed in our house!!

So, da 'rents have carried stuff outta there and more stuff in there.

This weekend, we travelled to anudder gramma's house fur a pawty, only we had to stay outside! (Don't worry; our winter has been nothin' of da sorts lately; it was 75 degrees and breezy out there, and we weren't leashed - had free roam of da place, but STILL!) When we left, there was only a tiny sliver of space in da back seat of da car fur me and Roudy to share all da way home.

I tell ya, dis human baby is really crampin' my style!



January 29th 2012 9:41 am
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That lil rascal was at my house again last night! Be on da lookout, pups, coz he's prolly makin' da rounds again!

Mommy went into da spare bedroom downstairs lookin' for da kitteh's bumblebee toy coz he lost it again and it's his very favorite (insert eye roll here). He's got a billion toys! But, whatever...She found a big pile o' poo in there instead!! OMD!!

I tol' her right away it had to be NotMe! He is so sneaky. Really it was NotMe, pups, coz that wouldn'ta been one of my spots. Plus, it looked suspiciously like sumfin da big floofy kitteh woulda done. Prolly way too much detail fur ya, but I'm just sayin'.

NotMe is on da loose!!


False Alarm and Upset Mommy

January 11th 2012 10:37 am
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We got to go bye-bye in da car yesterday. Mom was takin' us to da groomer-slash-torture place coz she said we's shaggy. She tells da guy four o'clock is our pick-up time. Ok, he says.

Well, she arrived at a few minutes after four o'clock and the guy was very surprised to see Mommy. They won't be ready for another hour-and-a-half or two, he tells her. WHAT???

He can see that Mommy is NOT a happy camper at this point. We hadn't even been bathed and we'd been there since 8 am. Mommy is already pretty frustrated wif 'em coz they didn't return her calls da week 'for last when she needed to reschedule us. And one time she walked in and Roudy was bein' finished up and she didn't like what she was hearin'.

So we has to go back on Friday. I'm all fur da car rides and stuff, but not da groomer/torture place! Mommy will ask Daddy to take us about lunchtime so we aren't there all day again.

Moreovers, we may be lookin' fur a new groomer real soon, which Mommy just hates coz it's like findin' a good stylist fur her own hair, she says. Plus they gots to treat us right!

Mommy asked Daddy if he'd like to learn how to grooms us, but he just gives her a funny look! BOL!!


Thank you so much!

December 27th 2011 9:50 am
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Thanks to every pup fur sendin' us holiday greetins and pressies!! You pups (and kittehs) are da bestest pals we could ever ask fur.

We had a great Christmas - as many of you know, our daddy came home on Christmas day!! We are a whole fambly again now and so very happy.


A Diary Pick Yesterday!

November 10th 2011 9:46 am
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Wow! Boy, was I surprised to see I was a diary pick yesterday!! I was rewarded --- with a trip to da groomer! You'da thunk Mom woulda 'least postponed it a day, but NO! Still had to go. She even said I was stinky. MOM!!

Thanks to my pals fur my pressies!!

Fizzy - turkey!
Sophie Claire and Harley Davidson - turkey leg!
Zaidie - steak!
Scarlett, Elise & Anya - turkey!
Walker, Alexandria, Molly, Pookah and their kittehs - football!
Zoe - turkey leg!
Uno, Mickey & Reece - steak!

You are da besteset pals a gal could ask for! You sure know how to make me feel good!



October 31st 2011 10:32 am
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We've been MIA recently, 'cept fur leavin' a few comments here and there. We haven't visited any groups lately. Mommy is really slackin'.

She is still very tired in da evenins when she gets home from work, then she exercises on da bike and eats dinner and goes to bed. That doesn't leave much time fur Dogster!

What little time we've been on here has been while Mommy's been at work. SHHHH!!!

Plus, she fried up her 'puter last week, so she took it to da 'puter dogtor and he couldn't resussy-tate it. It was D-O-A. Mommy's been usin' the Ipad at nights to look at emails and she doesn't like it. She says it's great to take on trips, but not for her everyday use. She will be very glad to have her new 'puter set up this week!


Now, Let Me Get This Straight

October 11th 2011 10:28 am
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So chasin' kittehs is OUT? Okay. But chewing up an ol' raggedy flippity-flop is OUT, too? Gee whiz. Rules, rules, rules!!

I never eated a show of any kind before, and I tried out da strap of a cheap ol' flippity-flop that daddy left behind. To be honest, Mommy shoulda thrown them away, but she never did. Mommy was upset wif me and then worried, thinkin' I may have swallowed some of da plastic. She tol' me I may have to see da dogtor!! YIKES! That's enuff to skeer me away from eatin' any more shoes!


Company's Comin'!

September 29th 2011 9:36 am
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Mom's sister is comin' to see us tomorrow wif her two kids all da way from Ken-tucky! They will be here for almost a week! I am not a fan of kids coz they do crazy things and like to get in my face. Hence, the reason for the afur-mentioned trainer (in previous entries, but I'll circle back 'round to it in a sec).

Maybe these kids will share their foods wif me. That'd be great! Plus my mom's sister wuvs on me, so that's good.

Yes, the trainer is scheduled to come to our house on Oct. 15th. Yuck! She mentioned to Mom on da phone that I need to be re-crate-trained for times when she needs us in a controlled environment after da baby comes. How irresponsible does this woman fink I am? But, we'll see. I bet it'll be more trainin' Mom than me. Which she needs. BOL!!

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