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Blue Eyed Sweetheart

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Blue Eyed Sweetheart

July 15th 2007 3:55 pm
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Mom finally got around to helping me start my diary. I don't blame Mom, Raffles is so needy, he's always wanting Mom for something. My name is Maleka. I'm a Siberan Husky with steel blue eyes. My Dad adopted me about 11 years ago. He said I was really adorable when he got me. A while after that he got me a brother. I don't know what Dad was thinking. It was a CAT! I soon grew to love the little guy. We played all the time. I was quite a bit bigger than him and Dad said it looked like I was always chewing on him, so he named him Chewtoy. People are always aghast at how he got his name. But, we were just playing, I never hurt him.

So we lived in this duplex in Northeast Minneapolis for awhile and then Dad met Mom. I was really jealous when she first came over and when Dad wasn't looking I jumped on her back to show her that this was my guy, not hers. Once I realized Dad was serious about this lady, I went over to meet her two dogs. I was way bigger than them and they were kind of intimidated by my size, but Callie let me know there was going to be no nonsense.

Eventually this lady sold her house and they ALL moved into our house. That was a dark day. The yard was not fenced in so I always had to be in the kennel and the two interlopers got to stay in the house. I didn't get many walks and my kennel was small and had a dirt floor. I got out of my kennel a few times and took my self for walks. Mom didn't like my situation and convinced Dad that I should be spayed to keep me healthy and discourage wandering. I was really mad at them for a long time. Mom kept me in the house after my surgery because of the dirt floor. I had a bedroom all to myself. I kept a grudge for about two months to show them that I was not happy. Then I forgave them.

Mom bought a duplex about five miles away and when Mom and Dad got married we all moved into that one. It has a huge back yard and Dad built a huge garage and a kennel attached to it just for me. My Dad is a carpenter and really handy. He put up a six foot fence enclosing the whole back and side yard. I have the run of the yard and we have locks on the three gates so I'm really safe. I owe my mom a lot. I went from a dirt floor kennel that I was in about 22 hours a day and now I have a gorgeous huge kennel with a cement block floor and a doghouse and bales of hay. I have the run of the yard and can go in the house anytime I want. Mom even hangs lights on my kennel. It's awesome. I don't know where I would be now if Dad hadn't met Mom.



Run, Mom's Got The Brush Again

July 16th 2007 11:39 am
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I love Mom dearly but she is obsessed with brushing my hair. I shed alot and it comes out in clumps. Mom says if I would just stand still she could get me brushed out really well and then I'd be so much cooler. I ran to Dad for help, but she has him brainwashed. He held me so she could torture me again.

The one good thing about Mom brushing my hair is that she throws it out in the yard and my bird friends take it for their nests. I guess that is why they feel so comfortable about coming into my kennel with me. I smell like their nest.

Mom wants to take me into the groomer but I hate riding in the car. I love to jump in the car, but as soon as it starts moving I hate it. Mom says if I'd learn to love the car I could go places like Callie and Raffles. But I get too nervous. I like to have my feet firmly planted on the ground. Mom has a bad knee so she doesn't usually walk me, but sometimes the people upstairs take me for a walk when they walk their dog Cleo. They even bought me a pretty blue harness. If Cleo's Mom and Dad are home they let me out of the kennel during the day while my Mom and Dad are working. I like them a lot. They throw me treats from their balcony and sometimes I go upstairs to visit. That doesn't happen too often because they have two kitties and I probably look like a big horse to them. But that doesn't keep me from trying. I love people.

A couple of years ago I got sprayed by a skunk when I was in my kennel. My Mom came home from work and could not believe how bad I smelled. They bathed me in red water (which I later found out was tomato juice). But it didn't really work. I had 3 baths that week and was not allowed in the house. I couldn't understand it. I smelled okay to me. About 2 weeks later Mom made me go to the groomer, as she said I still had a residual odor. She warned the groomers, but they didn't get the full effect until I got wet. They kept calling me stinky and were really relieved that Mom picked me up right away.

I've got my eye on Mom all the time now because I think I heard her say the B word yesterday. BATH! I can usually escape from her when she trys to bathe me and I have her running all over the yard. That's fun to watch. Last year she fooled me. She took everything out of my kennel so she could clean it and give me new straw. Well after she cleaned it out she called me in there and put our pool in there and locked us both in. I knew something was up. She had my shampoo and the hose and heated water nearby, and I was trapped. The upstairs people watched us and laughed a lot. Mom is pretty tricky sometimes. She got me all cleaned up. But it doesn't last long, because I have special dirt holes that I lay in to keep me cool and I get all dirty. But Mom says at least I'm her clean little Lika Face for awhile.

I'll keep you posted on who wins next time.



Never Mess With Your Elders

July 20th 2007 8:35 pm
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If you read Raffles, Callie's and Chewtoy diaries, I guess I'd better tell my side of the story of the "Big Fight". It's simple. Mom gave us rice krispees, I tried to eat as many as I could and I ended up with my mouth on Callie's pile. Callie is pretty mellow but she doesn't like you in her space, and I got way too close, I admit it. She snarled, I pushed and before I knew it we were in a skirmish. Mom tried to break us up verbally but that didn't work and she ended up hauling me off of Callie. I ended up with a couple of scratches under my eye and Callie had some scratches and bites on her ear. I've tried to apologize to her but she won't let me get near her. She's a bit older than me and I'm way bigger so I feel bad. Iwill try to stay out of her way for awhile until she forgives me.



Mom Made Me A Slide Show

July 29th 2007 2:51 pm
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Yay! Mom made me a slide show just like Callie's. I feel special. My boyfriend George is in the slides. See how handsome he is. Mom tells me to play hard to get. But I just love Georgy Porgy, he's my pudding pie. He's just my size so we always rough house and no one gets hurt.

It's very warm again today. Winter can't come too soon for me. My coat is so warm. I've been laying in one of my dirt piles all day. I think I'd better ask Mom to turn over the dirt again so I can cool off.



I'm Not Stinky

August 4th 2007 7:10 pm
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It was a nice quiet morning. Callie and Raffles were at the groomer. But all good things come to an end. They came back. Everyone said how nice they looked and how great they smelled. I think people forget that there are thousands of different smells out there, look at all the different perfumes they sell. So who says they smell better than me. It's just a matter of preference.

Do you think Mom will buy that and forget about my bath. I didn't think so either. I'm going to have to outsmart her.



I Have New Photos

August 7th 2007 6:36 pm
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I'm excited, Mom just put more of my pictures on my page. She even got a copy of my dark side. Check me out.



Mom Gave Me A Bath - Argh!

August 12th 2007 2:02 pm
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I told you guys she said the B word earlier this week. I knew she had this evil plot hatched. At least this year I knew what was going on when she took all my straw, and blankets and pillows (yes I have it rough) and my doghouse out of the kennel. I watched her from afar. She put the pool , towels, shampoo, hose and buckets of warm water in the kennel. Callie and Raffles were out there by the kennel and I told myself "do not go back there she wants to give you a bath". Then she was diabolical. She gave Callie and Raffles "Chicken Jerky", my most favorite food in the whole world. I couldn't control myself, I ran inside my kennel, because that is where Mom gives me treats right before she leaves for work. I ate my treat and then looked up and knew I was in trouble. Mom had locked both of us in the kennel with bungee cords. I was doomed. And to make matters worse Callie and Raffles were sitting in the hosta garden watching me like it was a show or something.

My kennel is over 10 feet long and as soon as Mom took off my collar I got as far from her as I could be. Can you imagine she thought I would get in the pool and calmly sit and be bathed. Oh no, if she was going to torture me I would make her run around. First she put something that smelled like apple on me and then another something that smelled liked oatmeal. Was she going to eat me? I got Mom wet too, that made me feel better. Finally the ordeal was over. She not only bathed me, but also brushed me. Then she toweled me down. I actually liked that part (don't tell her). She finally let me out. I ran back and forth across the yard from dirt pile to dirt pile. Okay she won, but I wasn't going to be clean for long. I sat in the dirt, she knew I would and didn't scold me. My tail is so fluffy. I can't wait for my boyfriend George to see me. I have to admit I do smell better. Daddy came home from golfing and said he couldn't call me stinky anymore - at least for today.

Mom washed out my kennel and put in new straw. She washed my blanket and pillows. I have a couch with real cushions for visitors. I haven't been back in my kennel since my ordeal, as I don't trust Mom right now. She might have something else up her sleeve. I'll go check it out when she's not looking. Well after all that you know I need a nap.



I'm Still Clean

August 18th 2007 8:11 pm
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You won't believe it, Mom doesn't. I'm still clean. Mom gave me a bath last weekend, and I looked so beautiful I decided to try to stay clean. So it must be working because Dad hasn't called me Stinky since my bath.

Big excitement this morning. My Grandma and Grandpa from Montana came in to town and stayed for the whole morning. We only see them about once a year, but I remember that Grandma thinks I'm gorgeous with my big blue eyes. Mom always makes french toast when they come into town. And of course we are included. It was yummmmmmmmmmmmy.

It rained most of the day. I hung out in my kennel on my blankets. It was a good sleeping day.

I suppose I should congratulate Raffles on being dairy of the day last week. He was very excited. He gets me in more trouble, but I still like the little guy. I'm so much bigger than the little peanut that he barks to compensate and then we both get in trouble. Brothers!!!!!


I Love Parties

August 31st 2007 7:34 pm
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I love when Cleo's Mom and Dad (who live upstairs) have friends over. They hang out on the balcony upstairs. I make sure I position myself in the yard so they can see how gorgeous I am. I figured out how to look so adorable that they want to throw me treats. If that doesn't work, I sing. Sometimes they come downstairs to use the grill and hang out and I get to mingle with them. I love that. I'm a people dog. Once in a while I snag a soda and one time I grabbed a beer. Boy did I get in trouble for that, but I sure did sleep well. Mom says I'm too young for beer. Did I mention that Cleo's Dad is a chef? Yummy stuff.

Yay the weekend is coming up. Mom usually cooks on the weekend so I make sure I hang out near the kitchen so I can be her official taste tester. It's funny but sometimes I need to taste it about three times so I can give her an accurate review. Unfortunately Callie and Raffles horn in too, but Mom's usually generous. Callie said we're running out of dog treats, so I hope Mom remembers to buy peanut butter and wheat germ tomorrow so she can make homemade treats. She makes them in different shapes. The hearts are my favorite because it reminds me of how much Mom loves us.

Uh oh, I've got to get back to my post. My nose just picked up a whiff of something upstairs. Time to look adorable again.



I Smell Trouble Brewing

September 11th 2007 7:46 pm
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We are having a cool spell. Yay. I love this weather. Of course I have to go in the house once in awhile just to make sure Callie and Raffles aren't up to mischief or getting treats. But, I love to stay outside. I was built for this weather. Snow come on down.

I think I heard my name mentioned by Mom and Dad. It could have been the wind, but I think they said appointment on Saturday. That is very bad. That means I'm going to the vet. Mom has us all signed up on the Banfield Health Plan. That means we have to go to the vet twice a year for an exam and we're not even sick. We stay there for four hours. Sometimes I think she takes us there just so it will be quiet in the house for awhile. Oh, I suppose I can bite the bullet and go. Mom just wants to make sure I'm okay. I just hate going there. I'll have to ride in the "CAR". I love to be in the car, I just don't like to be in it when it moves. I've gone to drastic measures to make sure they don't take me. I'll just say that the car doesn't smell to fresh when we get home. It's my way of getting even. Oh well, maybe I'll meet some cute boy dogs this time.

I'll let you know how I survive.


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