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Age: 11 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 26-50 lbs

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Dite (pronounced Dye-tea), Love-bug, Dite-do-do,

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not playfulvery playful

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Quick Bio:

Running around the yard chasing squirrels, jumping in the pond behind my house to cool off, playing fetch, and relaxing on the couch with my family.

When there's SQUIRRELS outside to be chased, and I'm stuck in the house!!

Favorite Toy:
Mom's dirty socks! (yuck! says Mom) heehee! And the new Kong Mom got me!

Favorite Food:

Favorite Walk:
Walk?? I like to RUN!

Best Tricks:
Jumping HIGH.

Arrival Story:
My father got Dite for me when I was a senior in high school as a surprise. He went to an auction for Pheasant's Forever one night in September, and when he came back I was watching TV on the couch with my back to the door. He came up behind me and slowly lowered Dite onto my lap, at which point my mouth dropped open in a huge gaping smile. She was one of two dogs who were being sold at this auction; the other dog was larger and a male, and for some reason everyone wanted him, and no one wanted Dite. My dad felt sorry for her - sitting there all scared - and decided to bring her home. She's been loved with every piece of my heart since then. Unfortunately since I'm in college, I'm not able to have Dite with me since she is a rather rambunctious dog who needs a large yard to run around in, but I'm looking forward to having her back once I finish my degree and buy a house.

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I'm a love-bug!

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June 28th 2007 More than 8 years!

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A Day in the Life of Dite

I got busted by the cops!

January 10th 2008 12:14 pm
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So normally when Gram and Gramps are at work Juno and I have outdoor kennels to play and run around in. Recently though, it's been waaaaaay too cold for us to be outside (it makes me feel like the little pup in that movie about all those dalmatians--'my nose is froze! my tail's froze! and my toes is froze!'), so we've had to stay in our other kennels in the garage. Grandpa only works a few blocks away so he comes home and lets us out to go potty every few hours.

Well....I just gotta say, I can't be held in such small places for so long. I need to be free! Run! Sniff! Play! Chase! Jump! That night when dad took us out for our last walk before going to bed, I'd had enough. Before he got the leash on me I took off (Gramps said I took off like a streak of....well, a word I can't repeat). It felt so good though! For a few minutes that is. Then I remembered why I was in my little kennel all day to begin with--it was FREEZING outside! And all that white stuff Mom calls 'snow' was blowing all over the place. It was so thick and windy I couldn't see OR sniff my way home. I was getting pretty scared, but after about 30 minutes of running around trying to find my house two guys came out of one of those things people get around in. Cares? Cars? Eh, whatever. All I know is I don't like them! All moving around, but you're not really moving....creepy. Well anyway, yeah, what was I saying? Oh yeah, two guys dressed in all black got out of one of those car things with flashing lights on top and took me to this place (not my house!) with some other dogs in cages. After a few minutes of being here I realized I might be in some big trouble.

Well, I guess Grandma and Grandpa were out looking for me for four hours (ahh such love)! They left the side door to the garage open a crack and hoped I'd find my own way home during the night. When morning came and I still wasn't back yet, Grandma said she started crying and she was trying to figure out how she was going to call Mom at school and break the news to her that I'd ran off and been hit by a car or froze to death!

Well Gramps had the idea to call the police and see if they'd picked up or seen a white English setter last night. They had (of course you and I know this already). They had taken me to the vets office, so that's where Grandpa went. When he came to pick me up he had to pay $100 before they'd let me go back to my family! Gramp said the majority of that money was because the police (the guys in black) picked me up, and I was now in the system as "A Stray" so I needed to be microchipped before I went home. Grandpa tried to defend my honor, and asked how I could be a stray if I had a collar and ID tags, but the vet office said they had to pay to access that information on my ID tag so they didn't do it (Mom was a little mad about this once she heard the news).

So Grandpa handed over the $100 and I got microchipped. Turns out that's not what I thought it was. I thought I was going to get to eat little potato chips or something. NOPE! They stuck some little metal looking thing under my skin! Gosh. I feel like such a felon now--I'll be tracked everywhere I go!

But at least I'm home again! That was enough adventure for me for awhile. Mom's afraid I'll do it again (she knows me too well), but Grandpa and Grandma said they're going to train me with an invisible fence that'll go around our yard. Mom sounded a little suspicious of this fence thing. And really, I am too! How do they think an INVISIBLE fence is going to keep me in??


Read this please

September 27th 2007 9:34 pm
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This story is so horrible and sadly true. Please read and pass this on so no more of us pups have to go through this.

I don't remember much from the place I was born. It was cramped and dark, and we were never played with by the humans. I remember Mom and her soft fur, but she was often sick, and very thin. She had hardly any milk for me and my brothers and sisters. I remember many of them dying, and I missed them so.

I do remember the day I was taken from Mom. I was so sad and scared, my milk teeth had only just come in, and I really should have been with Mom still, but they wanted money and were sick of the "mess" that me a my sister made. So we were crated up and taken to a strange place. Just the two of us. We huddled together and were scared, still no human hands came to pet or love us.

So many sights and sounds, and smells! We are in a store where there are many different animals! Some that squawk! Some that meow! Some that Peep! My sister and I are jammed into a small cage, I hear other puppies here. I see humans look at me, I like the 'little humans', the kids. They look so sweet and fun, like they would play with me! All day we stay in the small cage, sometimes mean people will hit the glass and frighten us, every once in a while we are taken out to be held or shown to humans. Some are gentle, some hurt us, we always hear "Aw they are so cute! I want one!" but we never get to go with any.

My sister died last night, when the store was dark. I lay my head on her soft fur and felt the life leave her small thin body. I had heard them say she was sick, and that I should be sold at a "discount price" so that I would quickly leave the store. I think my soft whine was the only one that mourned for her as her body was taken out of the cage in the morning and dumped.

Today a family came and bought me! Oh happy day! They are a nice family, they really, really wanted me! They had bought a dish and food and the little girl held me so tenderly in her arms. I love her so much! The mom and dad say what a sweet and good puppy I am! I am named Angel. I love to lick my new humans!

The family takes such good care of me, they are loving and tender
and sweet. They gently teach me right and give me good food, and lots of love! I want only to please these wonderful people! I love the little girl and I enjoy running and playing with her.

Today I went to the veterinarian. It was a strange place and I was frightened. I got some shots, but my best friend the little girl held me softly and said it would be OK. So I relaxed. The Vet must have said sad words to my beloved family, because they looked awfully sad. I heard severe hip dysplasia, and something about my heart… I heard the vet say something about back yard breeders and my parents not being tested. I know not what any of that means, just that it hurts me to see my family so sad. But they still love me, and I still love them very much!

I am 6 months old now. Where most other puppies are robust and rowdy, it hurts me terribly just to move. The pain never lets up. It hurts to run and play with my beloved little girl, and I find it hard to breath. I keep trying my best to be the strong pup I know I am supposed to be, but it is so hard. It breaks my heart to see the little girl so sad, and to hear the mom and dad talk about "it might now be the time". Several times I have gone to that veterinarians place, and the news is never good. Always talk about congenital problems. I just want to feel the warm sunshine and run, and play and nuzzle with my family.

Last night was the worst, pain has been my constant companion now, it hurts even to get up and get a drink. I try to get up but can only whine in pain. I am taken in the car one last time. Everyone is so sad, and I don't know why. Have I been bad? I try to be good and loving, what have I done wrong? Oh if only this pain would be gone! If only I could soothe the tears of the little girl. I reach out my muzzle to lick her hand, but can only whine in pain.

The veterinarian's table is so cold. I am so frightened. The humans all hug and love me, they cry into my soft fur. I can feel their love and sadness. I manage to lick softly their hands. Even the vet doesn't seem so scary today. He is gentle and I sense some kind of relief for my pain. The little girl holds me softly and I thank her, for giving me all her love. I feel a soft pinch in my foreleg. The pain is beginning to lift, I am beginning to feel a peace descend upon me. I can now softly lick her hand. My vision is becoming dreamlike now, and I see my Mother and my brothers and sister, in a far off green place. They tell me there is no pain there, only peace and happiness. I tell the family, good-bye in the only way I know how, a soft wag of my tail and a nuzzle of my nose.

I had hope to spend many, many moons with them, but it was not meant to be. "You see," said the veterinarian, "Pet shop puppies do not come from ethical breeders." The pain ends now, and I know it will be many years until I see my beloved family again. If only things could have been different.

(This story may be published or reprinted in the hopes that it will stop unethical breeders and those who breed only for money and not for the betterment of the Breed. Copyright 1999 J. Ellis)


New Home

August 23rd 2007 3:26 pm
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Well, my family has moved their den to another town faaaaaaar far away. I think we were traveling for a month in dog time! We got in a wreck on the way there. Grandma and Grandpa are both fine, but G-pa was a little mad that the new truck got banged up. I was in the crate so I got jumbled around a little, but no bruises or broken bones! Everyone is safe and sound and that's what matters!

The new place has it's goods and bads.

-No more pond for me to jump in when it gets hot.
-Not as many trees (Grandma says that will be changing quickly though!)
-No more woods!
-Mom's an extra hour away. =(

-There's a pool! Maybe if I'm clean Grandma and Grandpa will let me jump in that!
-No annoying neighbor dogs so I can be the cool cat [er...dog] on the block!
-There's a basement! I like to run around outside forever then come in and lie down to cool off. The cooling off is SO much better in the basement! And it happens faster so I can go play again. =)

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