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The life of Molly Saran!

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Happy Howloween !!!!!

October 31st 2007 9:14 am
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Hope everyone has a fun, safe howloween !!!!

I can feel it in the air , the ghost , goblins & witches getting ready for the most exciting night of the year...... Max & i are watching the house accross the street put cobwebs in their tree & a grave in the front yard , how creepy !!!!!
We are not very fond of the whole comming to our door in costumes , it scares us , so Mommy has it organised that our uncle is going to pass the treats out on the porch & we can watch with Mommy from the window , that way we don't miss anything .

Last year Max found a sucker & managed to unwrap it & mommy found him walking around the house with the sucker in his mouth just like a hoooman would was really funnny ,but Mommy said no suckers for you this year buddy !!!! Mommy is giving out little tins of playdough & chocolate bars this year , we try to give something a little different every year...Last year we gave packs of hot chocolate , the kids really seemed to like it ...

Well i better go now , want to watch the neighbors decorate their yards ...

Hope your night is full of fun & excitement

Molly Saran


Happy Friday everyone!!!!

October 26th 2007 7:31 am
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OMD it's friday again!!!!

This morning Mommy was getting ready for work & i was in one of my nutty moods , sometimes i can be very unpredictable ...BOL...I found the corner of the sheets & made my way under them & decided to play between the mattress & the sheets ...Mommy was watching me from her makeup table & laughing ..... it was soooo much fun till i realised i did not know how to get out & i started to panic....Mommy ran quickly by my side to rescue me from the evil sheet, but she was not quick enough because i got sick ( mommy thinks it was because i was nervous ) .... soo mommy spent the next half hour taking everything off the bed & cleanning the mattress.... She gave me kisses & cleanned my face ...Mommy never gets mad at us (i think it's because we a soooo cute ...BOL...)

Hope everyone has a happy friday & watch out for the sheet Monster !!! BOL !!!!

Molly Saran


How was your morning ????

October 25th 2007 8:56 am
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I woke Mommy up this morning by Licking her nose & looking into her eyes & wagging my tail... She loves it when i wake her up that way, she says it makes her day sooo much better.... To thank me for the pleasant wakeup call she made me & Max oatmeal for breakfast ... it was yummy & warm , it's a little cool here today ....

She has now left for work , but she made sure we have all our toys to play with , some food & water & a blanket on the couch in case we get cold .... we usually spend most of our day in the front window , the storys we could tell you about the people on our street !!!!! BoL.....

well, i better go now , i have several toys to play with before Mommy gets home & i might even shred a flyer or two if i can find one ...BOL

hope everyone has a great day

Molly Saran


Mommy is @ work

August 21st 2007 10:06 am
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Mommy just left for work again today, i don't know why she does not just stay home & play with max & I ???? When i ask her this, she just says something about having to buy kibble ...I don't care if she does not buy kibble I will gladly eat people food instead !!!! YuM !!!!

Mommy has been moving furniture & stuff all around the house lately & she even painted a room...Max & i have been helping unpack a plastic tub that is in the living room, there is some neat stuff in in , an old wig from halloween, a pencil case, a candle holder...a pair of mommy's winter p.j.'s (Max has been dragging them around the house he said they smell like mommy) it's been soooo much fun pulling things out of & knocking over this tub , we've done it 3 days in a row now ...BOL... I hope Mommy does not sort through it & put it in the basement like she says she wants too.... hey !!! a scarf how neat, Max & i can play tug of war!!!!!

well i better go now i have not finished emptying this tub yet , it's sooo much fun!!!!!

LOve MOlly


max is soooo hyper !!!

July 5th 2007 4:30 pm
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Today max is feeling alot better ,he would not stop bothering me & wanted to play all day ..... it was fun to play again ...



I have to take care of Max

June 30th 2007 1:46 pm
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Mommy took max to the vet a couple of days ago & he is really not himself.... I am staying by his side till he feels better.... then we can play again ....


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