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The life of Molly Saran!

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I have to take care of Max

June 30th 2007 1:46 pm
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Mommy took max to the vet a couple of days ago & he is really not himself.... I am staying by his side till he feels better.... then we can play again ....



max is soooo hyper !!!

July 5th 2007 4:30 pm
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Today max is feeling alot better ,he would not stop bothering me & wanted to play all day ..... it was fun to play again ...



Mommy is @ work

August 21st 2007 10:06 am
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Mommy just left for work again today, i don't know why she does not just stay home & play with max & I ???? When i ask her this, she just says something about having to buy kibble ...I don't care if she does not buy kibble I will gladly eat people food instead !!!! YuM !!!!

Mommy has been moving furniture & stuff all around the house lately & she even painted a room...Max & i have been helping unpack a plastic tub that is in the living room, there is some neat stuff in in , an old wig from halloween, a pencil case, a candle holder...a pair of mommy's winter p.j.'s (Max has been dragging them around the house he said they smell like mommy) it's been soooo much fun pulling things out of & knocking over this tub , we've done it 3 days in a row now ...BOL... I hope Mommy does not sort through it & put it in the basement like she says she wants too.... hey !!! a scarf how neat, Max & i can play tug of war!!!!!

well i better go now i have not finished emptying this tub yet , it's sooo much fun!!!!!

LOve MOlly


How was your morning ????

October 25th 2007 8:56 am
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I woke Mommy up this morning by Licking her nose & looking into her eyes & wagging my tail... She loves it when i wake her up that way, she says it makes her day sooo much better.... To thank me for the pleasant wakeup call she made me & Max oatmeal for breakfast ... it was yummy & warm , it's a little cool here today ....

She has now left for work , but she made sure we have all our toys to play with , some food & water & a blanket on the couch in case we get cold .... we usually spend most of our day in the front window , the storys we could tell you about the people on our street !!!!! BoL.....

well, i better go now , i have several toys to play with before Mommy gets home & i might even shred a flyer or two if i can find one ...BOL

hope everyone has a great day

Molly Saran


Happy Friday everyone!!!!

October 26th 2007 7:31 am
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OMD it's friday again!!!!

This morning Mommy was getting ready for work & i was in one of my nutty moods , sometimes i can be very unpredictable ...BOL...I found the corner of the sheets & made my way under them & decided to play between the mattress & the sheets ...Mommy was watching me from her makeup table & laughing ..... it was soooo much fun till i realised i did not know how to get out & i started to panic....Mommy ran quickly by my side to rescue me from the evil sheet, but she was not quick enough because i got sick ( mommy thinks it was because i was nervous ) .... soo mommy spent the next half hour taking everything off the bed & cleanning the mattress.... She gave me kisses & cleanned my face ...Mommy never gets mad at us (i think it's because we a soooo cute ...BOL...)

Hope everyone has a happy friday & watch out for the sheet Monster !!! BOL !!!!

Molly Saran


Happy Howloween !!!!!

October 31st 2007 9:14 am
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Hope everyone has a fun, safe howloween !!!!

I can feel it in the air , the ghost , goblins & witches getting ready for the most exciting night of the year...... Max & i are watching the house accross the street put cobwebs in their tree & a grave in the front yard , how creepy !!!!!
We are not very fond of the whole comming to our door in costumes , it scares us , so Mommy has it organised that our uncle is going to pass the treats out on the porch & we can watch with Mommy from the window , that way we don't miss anything .

Last year Max found a sucker & managed to unwrap it & mommy found him walking around the house with the sucker in his mouth just like a hoooman would was really funnny ,but Mommy said no suckers for you this year buddy !!!! Mommy is giving out little tins of playdough & chocolate bars this year , we try to give something a little different every year...Last year we gave packs of hot chocolate , the kids really seemed to like it ...

Well i better go now , want to watch the neighbors decorate their yards ...

Hope your night is full of fun & excitement

Molly Saran


Sorry , we are not around much this week ....

November 9th 2007 10:01 am
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It has been quite a week here , Mommy has just signed in for a few minutes to update my diary so no one gets worried....

on Tuesday, Mommy had to go to a funeral for a family friend , Mommy has known the woman since she was 5 years old , she spent most of her time volunteering for the special olympics, which would tell you how much she will be missed not only by our family but by our whole community ....

On wed Mommy was lifting boxes at work & hurt her back & sitting at the computer hurts right now , so she is not spending much time online ....

on the lighter side , thrusday after work Mommy found me stuck on the kitchen table , instead of being in the rec room where there was a light on, i was in the dark kitchen stuck on the table , as soon as mommy came into the room & found me i jumped into her arms ..... we laugh about it now ....

as for Sheba daddy is getting a second vet to look at her , the first one we went to had never delt with a dislocation before ... we are waiting for the New appointment... She is comfortable but is finding it a bit awkward ...

TGIF ..... after this week Mommy is glad it's a 3 day weekend... Mommy is going to rest her back & hopefully next week we will be around more ...Mommy did promise that we would pop on here & there during the weekend ....

Hope everyone has a great weekend

Molly *the table dancer* Saran BOL


Sorry we have not been around much ..Part 2

November 14th 2007 7:36 am
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Mommy Let me sign in long enough to update my diary , we got 5 cm of snow over the weekend & Mommys back was getting better , till she slipped on the ice in the driveway & fell flat on her back as she was going to work ...She is very sore now & has a few bruises.... We spent last night cuddling in bed with the heating pad ...If mommy moves over to the side of it there is just enough room left for me to lay on the other side ...when we woke up this morning i was scratching at the side of it to get mommy to turn it on ...that made mommy laugh so she tuned it on for 20min just for me .... ( i love the heating pad, because i get cold very easily )

Mommy says if i'm good maybe Santa will bring me a heated doggie bed for Christmas ..... oh boy i can't wait ....

I really miss Barking with all my friends here & hope we will be able to spend More time with you in a few days ....

your friend

Molly Saran


I have such good friends here !!!!!!

November 16th 2007 6:59 am
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TGIF everybody !!!!

I want to thank everyone for the thoughts , prayers & gifts sent to us while Mommy was recovering from her Back injury & fall on the ice .... She is feeling alot better today because of all of you !!!!! She says maybe we'll go dancing tonight !!!! O.K. maybe not dancing but she is alot better ...BOL

Mommy was a little surprised a couple of days ago , she came home from work sore & ran a bath , Max always sits on the side of the tub with her , to make her feel better i sat there too & stayed there even tho she turned on the jets... I really don't like the sound the tub makes & i usually run away , but like a good girl i stayed to make Mommy feel better ...Max wanted to jump in the tub with her ,he often does that but i told him not too ... BOL

Hope everyone has a great weekend !!!!!

Hugs & Lickies

Molly Saran


I have been Christmas tagged !!!!

December 18th 2007 10:14 am
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Ive been tagged !!!!
Here are the rules: send a short letter to Santa telling him the five top things you want most on your Christmas list, then tag five friends and let them they have been tagged by paw mail or by sending them a Rosette.

Dear Santa Paws

I Have been a good girl all year ( well , as good as a Diva like me can be )

When thinking about the 5 top five things i would want for Christmas this year my number one wish is not for myself...

1- I wish for a speedy & complete recovery for our buddy Tico so he can be home with his family for Christmas ...
2- for all my friends to have the best holiday ever !!!!
3- a light snowfall on Christmas eve
4- For Max to realise all the toys are MINE !!!! (The diva in me took back over )
5- a heated dog bed

Please Santa do your best to to grant all my Christmas wishes , especially #1 & 2 ....

Love Molly Saran

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