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Occasional Musing Howls by Zakai

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Thank You All.....

May 11th 2008 8:50 am
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To actually wake up to see these gifts on my page made me completely
beside myself in doggie happiness....really, BOL!!!

But I have to thank personally the ones who gave me the gifts:

KJ & Family: Thank you for the cupcake, I totally loved it besides the 7 pupcakes I ate before....and the real cake......which I'm still trying to finish was a Frosty Paws cake and it was yummy!!!

Suika: Thank you for the hat, it was totally pawsome. I wore it throughout the pawty It made me brother Vincent's hat look bad, BOL!! Even when Vinnie's was quite shiny.

The Chicago Crew: Thank woo for the balloons. I promise I didn't pop not even one.....for real. I even smacked Tiger in the face for trying to pop one.....the spiteful little poohead.

Axel, Casper, & Family: Thank woo for the blue ribbon. I loved it I wore it through the pawty. You guys are quite the blue ribbon
pooches yourselves.

Bodie & Kiara: Thanks for the pretty birdie. I didn't eat him and I made sure Tiger didn't either.....I loved his songs too, he even sings
Happy Birthday!!! How cool is that?

Husky Heaven: Thank woo all for making my woofday known. I feel like a celeb now, *ducks paparazzi*, BOL!!!

Tinkerbelle & Natasha, Sparda, & Ginger: Thank woo four for the awesome kites. Now I have one in my favorite colors...They will fly higher like our friendships. And to you Ginger, I hope your woofday was the best ever!!! Here's to many more!!! I couldn't have asked for a better set of friends.

Dante: Thank you for the birthday pic. I totally lurved it. For reals. You are quite the handsome dude and you crack me, Vinnie, and Mom up with your daily musings. You have us rolling with laughter. Keep on with the comedy. If I had the zealies, I'd give you a shining golden star or a
rainbow golden star for your efforts. I wish I could write cool diaries like
you. Only my brother Vincent is an ace at it.

But thank you all for making my birthday really pawsome...


Lots of Ruvies and Hugz,


Happy Birthday To ME!!!!

May 10th 2008 8:54 am
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Oh yeah!!! Today I am one years old. I'm so happy. Now Vincent can't call me
baby no more, BOL!!! I woke up to be showered by birthday kissies from Mom
her Mom, and her Daddy. It's soooo awesome!!! Mom's now trying to make
me a nice cake and she's even putting stars next to my name!!! How cool is that? I'll put some of my birthday pics up when she starts taking em'.
I'll bark back at you later.


OMD, I'm sooo excited!!!! (Sorry I haven't been in my blog- for so long.....)

May 1st 2008 12:51 pm
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May 10th is my woofday!!! I'll be 1 years old. Hooray!!! Now Vinnie can
stop calling me a baby. I'm finally getting some respect here. Hah, now for
my birthday Vincent, I want you to eat those words and shower me
with gifts.

Vincent: If I had the money to do it......

If you HAD the money to do it? What about your wallet?

Vincent: Gone.

Darnit. Well can you stop calling me a pup or kid?

Vincent: Fine by me, If I can call you "shrimp"

Argh....I'm not a shrimp!!!

Vincent: Okay then....little pup....

No way!!! No age challenged names okay?!

Vincent: Well you can't have your cake and eat it too.....

Yes I can, on May 10th that is....

That just a saying.......

On my woofday it isn't........


Dude!!! I've been tagged!!!

April 8th 2008 12:42 pm
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My good friend, Nikaya (love the name btw) for tagging me! I am so honored. Thanks a million!!! Love you dude!!!

I have to answer the 4 questions below and post them in my diary. Then, I have to tag four furiends. Dude, sweet!!!
Here goes:

Name 4 jobs that you have:
1. Vincent's look out (when he countersurfs and doesn't want to be caught....then again, it ain't hard to spot a nearly 5 foot on two legs black and white Mal standing up either.)
2. Landscaper Extrodinare (It's the husky in me.....I'm sorry Mom, oh yeah and for the hole you fell in too......ooops.)
3. Kitchen Vacuum.....I love mom's 8 year old brother, he drops food :)
4. Bed Hog Extrodinare.....Yep, mom and Vincent and I share the same bed.

Name 4 places you have lived at (or stayed at):
1. Grandma's House, she bakes awesome doggie cookies
2. Mom's Uncle's House, he has a HUGE backyard
3. Doggie Daycare, It was a sleepover, teen dog owners and their dogs (it was a pawsome time I might add :))

Name 4 places that you have been:
1. Summer Camp with mommy
2. Mom's old Elementary School for "learning about dogs" week (the 1st graders loved me, and so did mom's old teacher)
3. Minneapolis, MN, for Christmas with Mom's relatives
4. Charm City skate park (went skateboarding with mommy)

Name 4 places you'd rather be:
1. In Alaska, Let it, snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!
2. The Beach, sun, water, sand, Girls........just kidding.
3. Away from my cat brother Tiger......far...far...awaaaay.....*cringes* The claws.....
4. By Mom and Vincent's side as always....we're never apart.

Name 4 furiends you wish to tag:
1. Nika
2. KJ
3. Tehya
4. Lil' Miss Mya

Have fun guys!!!

Paws out,
Zakai :)


The upcoming stud............

January 3rd 2008 11:48 pm
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Ah, such memories when my mom walks me about the neighborhood. I'm nearly a year old and lookin' very becoming. Heh, I just love my smile. It's a real heart-breaker (and heartmelter.....wink-wink). So, mom takes me on that usual walk and I can't help but to hear all those magnificent comments about me being "Handsome", "Gorgeous", and "Beautiful" person mentioned studly.........My dog, this woman is on the money. I am studly. Uh-oh. Maybe studly enough to compete with Vincent perhaps?

He is the "original stud" of the house. Competition. I love it. And I love racing circles around those shorter dogs. One greyhound competed against me to see who was faster. And I ran. Ran like crazy. Around the field. Like a Siberian Indian Dog version of a cheetah. And dusted his hide. Muahaha, I'm a speed demon. I thrive on energy. It's like the new hype. But I let Vincent dust me. Oh, don't think just because this Mal weighs over 125 lbs. doesn't make him a rocket. He can take off just like a Border Collie with a nos injection.

But I digress. I'm still studly. Even in Vincent's shadow..........I'll step out of the shadow and show him who boss. But I'm still a "neophyte" as Vincent says.
I'm a bit suave (Like Vincent) and sophisticated (Like Vincent) and daring (Like Vincent) See? I can match him. But it's the 'tude. He has an outstanding 'tude. The only one who has more wit, muscle, and guts than I do.
Cool as the finest wind in Alaska, and wit sharper than mom's meat knife.
He has taken me under his Malamute arm as a older brother in teaching me how to be like him. I idolize my brother. He has more 'tude than I'll ever have.

But I'll learn. I'm quick to pick up stuff, even things that even the most experienced dog sees. Heh, if you can't beat the true studs, join them. So if I can't as good a rockstar and stud as Vincent, then I'll learn to be like him.

Imitation is the sincerest form of it not?


Tryin' to be a better Snow Dog........

December 29th 2007 8:00 pm
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Well.....*sigh* since I can't visit my human auntie (Arrrgh!!!) I have to sit and endure training with Vincent. But I am not alone. My fur-friend who is an Alaskan Husky (Black/White piebald) named Dante, is here too. He's about 7 mos. like me!!! Vincent is the "expert" so he is gonna teach us how to become a perfect he is (He wishes).

Vincent's takin us to this place only exclusive to canines called Aeriol Dog teach us how to become a better snow dog. Sheesh with only 2 trainees, why should we go. I wish we had more people with us. Now Vincent is starting what we call a "Week of Advanced Snow Dog Training". Great. I asked for a vacation, not torture.....*Sad Face*.....



December 27th 2007 9:11 pm
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That is me. I'm going to spend some good time with my hu-aunt who lives in VA. That means I get to play with her Aussie Shepherd Roy. He is a fun guy just like my brother. When I come back, mom fortunately will get her camera fixed. I hope so. She's been pining over that digital camera her brother broke for nearly 2 months now (Geez isn't that alot?). So when she fixes it..........the paparazzi mom will rise again. And you guys get to see me all grown up. But for now, enojy some pics her grandpa took of me.......

I look a lot different from the 2 baby pics on my page......I really do. I look more husky-ish now. I became piebald, when my adult fur grew over the baby fur........BOL. How do you become piebald...I thought you were born with the markings. They did one of the traits of the Native American Indian Dog was the change in fur color. What was once very light red (nearly white) turned white. Cool....I'm like a butterfly......It's called, poopsicles I can't spell......I know!!! I'll grab that dictionary.......Oh, crap. I don't have thumbs......Drat!!!

-But I promise to be home in time for New Years.........that I'm not gonna break........


I'm royalty too y'know.......

December 20th 2007 10:46 pm
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Zakai: Hmph, If Vincent can get a cool title, so can I. Mine is "Imperial Majesty Zakai the Subservient of Fritterton on the Marshes". Hear that Vincent? "Imperial" meaning almost the same as Emperor. Hah, beat that.

Vincent: Yeah, but you're.........still a n00b.........

Zakai: And you're.....still fat........

Vincent: For the 250th time, I'm not fat. I'm big boned.

Zakai: Riiiight. Says you.

Vincent: And why am I letting you sit on the chaise.......*kicks Zakai off the chaise* I'm the Emperor. You ask for my permission to sleep on the throne. Sleep on the floor, peasant.......

Zakai: *smacks Vincent in the snout* Over my dead body........

*Vincent and Zakai wrestle for another 5 mins.*

Tiger: This is getting to be very annoying.........

*Tiger sticks his claws in Vincent's butt*


Tiger: Now I have the chaise......

Zakarov: You share too.....

Tiger: Yes, my feline comrade. These pups will have to learn to obey the feline.....

Vincent & Zakai: *puts their behinds to Tiger and Zakarov* Obey our butts........we'd rather eat spiders than obey you two........Losers.

Vincent: How about we both just share, okay Zak?

Zakai: Fine *chases the cats from the chaise* Now we sleep........

*10 minutes later*

Vincent: *with one eye open; to self* "Yeah, sharing makes the world go 'round doesn't it?" *kicks Zakai off of the chaise onto the large cushion below*

Zakai: *in his half-sleep* What the?!

Vincent: Sike!!!

"And this what you humans call "Brotherly Love" don't you?"


Summer Dreamin'

December 16th 2007 9:32 am
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Mom found that picture of me going boating in November.......that was a good bright sunny day...........and rather warm for a November....heck well it was 70 degrees in October one time......that was totally pawsome!!! But My fur has darkened now since Winter came in December........I want my summer back........
Maybe lady summer don't wanna lose to old man Winter.....I mean summer rules!!!! Not only for swimming, ice cream and what not, It's my mom's birthday season.........All Hail Queen Summer!!!! Take that Winter.......


Interview with your host.......Zakai!!!

December 11th 2007 8:18 pm
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It's a quiz on getting to know your friend. Or in this this case, getting to know me. So here's the ME Quiz, BOL. From an interview perspective......

Q:What's your name??
A: Zakai (pronounced Zack-eye) My full name is Zakai Ashkii Elu......means "Innocent Boy Full Of Grace" Fitting for an Innocent boy like me....
Vincent: More like "Innocent Boy Full Of Crap" to me *laughs*
Zakai: Oh, shut up turd burglar.......hahaha.

Q:What's your mommy/owners name?
A:Well, mom won't let me say....but her nickname is "Bree" as in Breezy, because she loves the AC in the summer.

Q:What breed are you?
A: I'm a hybrid, A Native American Indian Dog-Siberian Husky or otherwise known as the "Siberian Indian Dog".....a new breed.

Q:How much did you cost??
A:$1050.00 I costed more than Vincent....But I'm worth every penny with my love I give you.......

Q:What's your favorite toy? stuffed Dragon I play with he's my best stuffed friend 'cause he always listens.....unlike Vincent...his name is "Bandit"

Q:Tap water or bottled water?
A:Icy cold tap's refreshing

Q:Do you always walk or are you always carried?
A:My mom's very strong. She can lift me, so she sometimes carries me. She carried me all the time when I was a pup or sick.

Q:How many pounds will you weigh full grown?
A:55-75 pounds

Q:Do you wear clothes?
A:Yeah, sometimes. Bandannas? Oh yes, a lot. I want a hoodie just like Vincent's though.

Q:Long or short hair?
A: Long hair

Q:Do you sleep with your mommy or in your own bed?
A:I sleep with mommy, yes I'm a big baby......just kidding.

Q:What's your fave color?
A:Red, like my blazin' fur

Q:Do you chase cats or get along with them?
A:I get along with them and chase the ones I don't Vincent does.

Q:How old are you?
A: 7 months old

Q:Do you like to go swimming?
A:I've only swam once, but am a little apprehensive when Vincent's in the pool....I swear he's tryin to drown me........Just kiddin Vinnie. I know you mean no harm.

Q:Are you fixed?
A: Not yet......I hope she doesn't do that.....that would be horrible......

Q:What color are your eyes?
A: Blue. All blue. Icy blue to be exact

Q:What color is your hair?
A: Red and White with a darkish streak down my back. You can see it sometimes. And a parted red and white head....I'm partially Piebald. I love piebalds.....they rock.

Q:Do you get groomed?
A:No, not yet. I want "rockstar hair" like my brother

Q:Are you potty trained?
A:Yes. That was one of the requirements mom had to teach me when I was brought from the breeder.

Q:How much do you bark? A lot. But I howl like my brother.

Q:Have you ever bit anyone?
A:Yes. I bit my mom by accident when she fed me from her hand.

Q:Are you friendly with ther dogs or go you just attack?
A:I am very friendly, I'm a complete mama's boy and a lap dog.....I'll just hop in your lap and lay there all silent.

Q:Does your mommy/owner have a carrying bag for you?
A:Dude, I'd lurve to see that bag you're talkin about.........Ditto,Vincent.

Q:Do you do any doggie sports??
A:Wrestling and Track and for Animalimpix with expertly stealthy countersurfing. Zoomies count too?

Q:How cute are you from 1 to 10?
A:If I took one look in your eyes, your heart would melt....if you were a girl.
I'd say a 10 just like Vincent......hehehe

Q:Mom Question: What is your favorite snack?
A:CHEESE!!! I lurve cheese. Worship the great Cheez Whiz...he knows everything...BOL!!!! Oh, and Peanut Butter too.

Z:(My Question to mom#1)How tall are you?
Mom: 5'1" 1/2
Zakai: You are so short........not to be mean
Mom: But I can still kick butt at this height. I can knock down my 5'9" brother.

Z:(My Question to mom#2) If you can be any dog ,what would you be?
Mom: Like I said with Vincent, A Saluki. Because they are beautiful, like me.......And they're cool. Sighthounds and Snow Dogs rule!!! Now stop interrogating me please.......

=========This concludes the quiz........See you next time!!!===========

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