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February 25th 2009 10:56 am
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I woke up at 3:30 am Bahrain time ( Feb 26) (GMT +3). It was not like I had slept much. I hadn’t been sleeping much for some time now and after Lassie’s passing sleep was getting increasingly difficult to come by. The most difficult times of the days are when we wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night. You see Lassie was always there to greet us when we woke up. Dada almost always wakes up first and gives Lassie massage (belly rub) and gives her the medicines, then showers and prepares the coffee.

In the meantime Lassie waits outside the room waiting for me to wake up. When I finally wake up and am out of the bedroom, it’s like her world has come alive, her eyes light up and she follows me to check the balcony (weather), I put on the TV, puter and then her most awaited part of our routine the "KITCHEN" to prepare her breakfast "FOOD" and she follows me everywhere but, now it’s just the memories.

Today was different though 3:30 am Bahrain( Feb 26) is 4:30 pm (PST) Feb. 25 Dogster Time. My Dear friends and Admins Maggie and Cody had organized a memorial at Doggie Connection in Honor of Lassie. I lit the candle where Lassie is resting next to my computer table, I can smell the candle and the flower we bought yesterday. I sat in front of the computer screen watching silently and reading with teary eyes all the tributes paid to Lassie.

It was truly overwhelming, the love that was shared, the support that was rendered by all the pups. I am forever grateful to all for everything they said and did to support us in our hour of grief and pain. Although, I was there, I just couldn’t say a word .The heartaches were back again.
I wrote down a note to thank all of you and posted it at the end of the memorial service. At one point Alabaster posted this: Do you think Madz and Dada are here with us? Maggie’s response : Al, I would like to think Madz & Dada are here with us... I can hear myself answered yes! Al …I’m here and lassie too in spirit, oh How I wish I could touch /hold them . Oh, Maggie you are right sweetie.

I didn’t wake up dada as he had to be at work in the morning and I didn’t want him not to be focused during the day. I can only imagine what he is going through. He gives me a lot of support and love, tries his best not to appear weak and down. But I know his heart, sometimes I see him emerging out of the bedroom, red eyed. I know he is grieving and there are times when he can’t take it and just breaks down.

Dada got ready for work and before he could leave, he went to the store and brought in the GULF DAILY NEWS - GDN (our local English newspaper). *We had put in an obituary for Lassie. It was one small way for us to give her tribute and acknowledgment for being such an invaluable part of our lives.The other reason for the newspaper obituary was because it was a newspaper in Kuwait that had brought Lassie into our lives. Lassie was in an newspaper Ad which read-puppies need a loving home. When we reached the address in the ad, there were only two puppies remaining, one was Lassie and the other one was Angel (who was taken home by my brother-in-law)*

I said bye to Dada as he went to work and it was me again alone at home. The loneliness however is merely related to the physical state I guess …Lassie is always present on my mind and heart. I talk to her as if she were there as I always used to do. Everything reminds me of her. Every activity was associated with her sometimes I asked myself is this normal? Am I obsessed with Lassie. Then there is the muffled sobbing or the outright loud crying.

Lassie Memorial Card ( September 10, 2004 – February 22, 2009 ) Thank you Cody for the lovely card.

My Friends ...My family Our Heartfelt Thank You!!!

The last few weeks leading up to Sunday February 22, 2009 were not very easy for us here. There were rays of hope intervened with waves of despair. There were hours of joy and countless minutes of heartaches. The road has been very hard but the journey only made possible by the strength, love, compassion and support each and every one of you has given us. You are not just my friends but are my family.

I am immensely humbled by everything you have done for
Lassie and for our family. My deepest gratitude goes to The family of Buddy, Maggie and Peanut a.k.a. Stretch and The family of Cody ♥ DC, TJ and Riley ♥ DC who has planned this memorial for my Dearest Darling Angel Lassie.

I also would like to convey my humblest of appreciation to our Honorary Officiator:
Minister Misty for the beautiful and kind words and for the Lovely Music provided by Josie .

To all of you that have gathered here today to honor Lassie, also those who have supported us throughout. I thank you and salute you my friends, my family.

Lassie's cremains are home now and I know she is watching over all of us from the Rainbow Bridge. Someday we will meet again, but for now she will always be with us in spirit, constantly giving us her love.
Life goes on, one day turns into another.

Dearest Darling Angel Lassie will forever be our ray of sunshine, our beacon of hope and our ever zealous and loyal companion. I cannot imagine a day going by without her name being mention or her thought crossing our minds.

Your love, support, prayers and friendship are amazing and appreciated more than we will ever be able to express.

We love you all!
Madeline ( Lassie’s Mom)and Dada


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