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Goldie's World

Chocolat "finds" Goldie

October 12th 2005 10:05 am
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Just have to let Goldie know this. My little pet cemetery is outside my yard several yards from my house. I had put a nice bench there so I could sit and commune with my babies once in awhile. One day Chocolat, her cat friend, followed me down there. She discovered Goldie's collar hanging on her headstone and evidently it still smelled of Goldie as Chocolat had a fit rubbing and purring on the collar. She was so glad to have found her friend!


Goldie's last day

June 18th 2005 7:37 pm
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Goldie did not drink any water all day Thursday (it is 110 degrees) and she would not drink still on Friday morning so we decided it was time to go to the Vet for the big sleep. I did not want her to convulse from dehydration and she had not been eating well for several days either so it was time to go. I regret I forgot to have her say goodbye to Chocolat who had been such a good and loving companion for her in her blind and deaf state. Goldie is now buried beside Blickie in a beautiful spot under a mesquite tree with a view of the mountains. The birds sing there and it is very pleasant. I think I will add a bench to the spot to spend quiet time with them as it is so nice there. It is very lonely in the house without her and it is time to look for a new companion. Sasha, one of my guard dogs spends some time in the house with me now but her heart is in the outdoors.


Chocolat is patient with Goldie

April 26th 2005 3:38 pm
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Have posted a new photo of Goldie taking a nap while Chocolat is a patient pillow. Chocolat is very kind and loving with Goldie. All the dogs are good to her - it seems as if all her family senses her handicap and her good nature. She bumps into everyone at least once in awhile but no one snaps at her and they don't even snap when she gets into their dishes for a snack. Chocolat loves her and plays with her nearly every day and often lets Goldie nap against her.


Goldie Doing Very Well

March 8th 2005 1:07 pm
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Goldie has been on a diet of sharing pet pig Emaline's vegetables every day and she is doing very well - her coat is shiny and she has a lot of energy. She is still a little confused at times but I really never have to go find her when she goes out - she always finds her way back in.


Update on Goldie

January 15th 2005 9:20 am
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She fully recovered from her eye injury and is her usual cheerful self. I always marvel at how little trouble she is with her blind/deaf handicap. She asks out and takes care of business and returns in by herself. I have taken to giving her a stroking when she comes in and she always stands and waits for it. She requires so little attention that this gives me a way to make sure she gets special attention several times a day. She likes vegetables and have added carrots, sweet potatoes, and tofu to her daily fare - none of the other dogs like these (ugh) things so they don't steal them from her and it keeps Goldie healthy and frisky and at a proper weight.


Update on Goldie's condition

October 29th 2004 4:11 pm
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Last week Goldie ran into something and injured one of her eyes - it became infected and is being treated with eye drops. She can now open her eye and is feeling better. She was suffering quite a bit and I almost decided it was time for her to cross the Rainbow Bridge but thankfully I didn't act on it and she is nearly fully recovered today and the tail is wagging constantly again. Posted another photo of her better days

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