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Good Deeds Tag

May 9th 2008 4:52 pm
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I was tagged by my lovely fellow CorgiMix pal Ruby:

You can copy this and paste it to your diary then fill in with your answers.

"Everyone who gets tagged tells three things they've done to help dogs, or any furbaby. You list them in your diary, then tag seven friends and tell them to go to your diary to see how it's played. (I know Lots of you pups and pawrents have done a bunch of good deeds)."

OK - Here I go...

(1) . I helped my old neighbors get their Puppy back 3 x. She was a frisky little puppy who ran out the front door and did not want to come in. I saw her from my window, down a few houses and started to cry so My Mom took me outside to help. She came back when I walked out then she came over to me to play. They knocked and asked for my help the next time she did it. The neighborhood Dog Mother thats Me.Bol.

(2) I helped another neighbor who was Dog phobic due to being severely mauled by a dog when she was little. I helped her to overcome her lifelong fear of dogs. She saw me for a year walking with Mommy or brother ,playing outside etc. She said she thought what a nice dog. She came up to Mom outside one evening after we had a tidal flood in the area. She told Mom how she watched me for so long, what happened to her as a kid and wanted to say hello. She pet me and Mom explained how to approach a dog,etc and we met their family. They could not believe she was near me, let alone petted me. They thanked me and Mom. It was so so nice for all of us. This helped her and other dogs by changing her reaction to them. It made Mommy happy to hear a loving responce not a mean reaction.

(3) My Dad saved an abandoned dog near his job. It was in winter,during a blizzard and this Older Very big dog A Rottie-mastiff type Mix (110+ lbs now)walked up to where My dad was working in the job lot very late one night. The area is away from any homes and it is very very unlikely this dog just wandered there by himself. He came up to the shack stared in the door.Daddy thought he was seeing things since he was without sleep for some time. He seemed to want to come inside so he did and layed down to warm up. Dad fed him some of his dinner,gave him some water and called Mom. Well to make a Long story short they could not find his "owner", a friend at work adopted him and he is living the good life and is spoiled rotten for many years now. He even sent my Dad a get well gift when he was in the hospital,bol.

That was fun. Now I have to think who to tag....

OK, here I go:
Boo, Zelda, Bernadette, Aria, Billie Jean,Clover


Adopt 08 Contest

April 25th 2008 5:21 pm
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My new life began July 4, 2004. My Mommy and Daddy were at a 4th of July BBQ where I was back in foster care AGAIN. I was in foster several times due to my quirks(very shy, not trusting) and my health. One person thought I was "diseased" and contagious due to my skin. They said I couldn't walk on a leash, and refused to go in the elevator. I was not cut out to be a Big city dog as I did not know what most things were. I also do not respond to being "forced" into things, I freeze or run. I actually was very good pup Mommy said, considering how scared I was. I was also a pound pup , possibly found with stray dogs,not certain. I was tied in a backyard . I did not know how to play with people or toys. I did and still do truly love other pups,cats, rocks and bugs. I was aloof but a real cling on at the same time. It Makes my kisses and trust all the more special Mommy says.

I to this day Have a strong dislike of sharp objects, used as a weapon and any type of percieved "fighting". I would grumble when I heard the word "K- I -L -L" . My pawrents had no plans of getting a dog as they rent their home. It is hard to find good housing and most don't allow pets. Mommy always looked on Petfinder every night dreaming of one day having a dog. I was in foster with 2 big AmStaff foster brothers,1 tiny Mighty Moe foster sis, 1 teeny abandoned Kitten that I was Mothering. I was very quiet and I stayed near my now human cousin ,the little kids or hid in my bed with my kitten. Mommy talked about the dogs and how much we would like to get one someday. Well after a long day of fun for the humans ,they were talking very serious talk. Daddy said she is in need of a home and would be a good match for us and our situation. Mommy worried about this and that as Moms do. They decided to go for it and give me all the love they could. I was put in the car to go home furever with my blue bear and other toys which I still have 3 years later! I cried for my furblings all the way to my new home. I met my human brother and gerbil sis and liked them immediately.

I was very skinny only about 12 lbs with sparse fur. The F home and vets thought I was about 10mths old and would get no bigger. It did not take Mom long to realize that the other pups probably ate much of the food before I could get to it , for the short time I was there. Who knows how I was fed or lack there of in my other living situations. I am very well mannered with food and would not force for my share. I was and still can be leary of taking food from handsand will not eat if under Any stress. I am not a typical chow hound, quite self regulating for most part. I know WEIRD,bol. I had Demodex and needed special shampoos and meds from the Dr. I gained over 10 lbs in the first month by my spay surgery. I suffered allergies and other issues due to poor start in life. The addition of regular food,vitamins, lots of patience and loving care from my Mom and family has led me to be a healthy, happy but still quirky 35 lb short legged now furry girl. I have improved greatly from the fearful scrawny girl I was to the beautiful Brindle babe I am. I was from day one a very sweet girl, excellent on walks, with kids, other dogs big and small and other pets. I love life and have helped my Mom with her health issues. I can make her laugh even when she does not think she will. My family takes good care of me and says I am worth every penny and more. Good food, treats,exercise,vet care for every need and love unending every day. Every furry should have it so good. My quirks are part of what make me the me they love, so not all are bad!

I have been feared and bad mouthed for my color and appearance. To Know me is truly to love me . I have also been complimented and helped turn neighbors with true dog phobia due to a very severe dog mauling into friends. I am happy to have my Furever family and they are even more happy to have me in the family. I did not have a nice start like far too many pets. If my Foster Mom did not save me or those other adopter people did not give me back I would not be where I am today. I ask everyone to please STOP and just listen with your heart. If you really listen you won't go wrong and will be able to help pets in need . Please help Stop BSL, it does affect All dogs and their families. My Poppa always had the family get their pets from the Pound, way back beore it became popular. Mommy's family always went that route. Remember "Your best friend is Waiting Adopt today". If you can't adopt ,Please donate,volunteer in some way and Please Click at The Animal Rescue SITE each day. Every little bit helps more than you know. Thank you to my rescuers and ALL the wonderful folks who give so tirelessly for pets in need. Bless you all and All the creatures who are waiting for their furever homes still.


Spring Tag '08

April 24th 2008 9:22 am
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I was tagged by My pretty Pittie pal Clover!

The rules to this game are: copy this to your diary, put in your answers and then tag four other pups! So here goes:

Name four jobs that you've had.

1. Neighborhood Dog Mother: Saver of lost pups,keeper of the street comings and goings-I know if you belong,, on watch every day. Helper to Dog Phobic neighbor. I am The Silent Sentinel until I need call the alarm.
2. Quality Control- food: Ongoing position.
3. Sky Watcher- If its Up there I Care!!
4. Bed warmer and Quirky girl who Loves her family and friends Always.

Four places you have lived.
1. 3 different place with Myfurever family.
2. Foster family.
3. OtherAttempted placements that sent me back. At least I found my Real furever home who understands Quirky me! Usually that is, bol.
4. Shelter and street . :(

Four places where you have been.
1. Pet Supplies Plus- Food and Goodies galore
2. The park - I Love it whichever one it is
3. The Dock in summer Looking for those crabbies
4. Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff's I Love them soo much

Four places you'd rather be.
1. Playing with other pups,I Miss my pal Zoe and her family
2. Chewing a nice meaty bone for Clean sparkling teeth ;)
3. Playing with My Little Human cousin he's lots of fun
4. The Big Park I went 2x in the past week woo hoo I love it!

Friends I choose to play tag:
1. Millie
2. "King" Louie
3. MojoMan
4. Jeb


Getting Whites Whiter.........

April 17th 2008 8:45 pm
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Well I have avoided this for far too long. Daddy went to the store and got a special sprayer for the faucet. Hmm he hooked it up and called me. Its been awhile so I did not think too suspiciously as i usually do. Mom got my slip lead and walked me to the bathroom!!! Up and over Daddy put me. He wet me down with the shower spray and washed me really good with my special shampoo. I tried to steathily slip over his shoulder but no good. I was good for him considering I HATE a bath. I was so fluffy my hair poofs out when it gets even a little wet. It is funny as you would not think I am so fluffy to look at me or my pics.I lost so much hair, Daddy said It would make a great hairpiece,bol. I More work for them to clean up for putting me in tha tub hehe. I ran around like a loon. He even ran the blow dryer on me for a very short bit. Mommy and Daddy said I looked Sooo good almost like my old self. I just hope they dont go abck to giveing me more frequent bath again ugghh! Mommy said hey she is shining, "Her whites are whiter and her Brindle is brighter!!! "BOL. Arrroos and pokes .....


Keep on the Sunnyside For Angel Sammy J

April 12th 2008 6:32 pm
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My original entry was lost somehow,so I will rewrite it best I can again. This has been a heck of a week. As many of you know Dogster Samuel Jacob made his trip to The Rainbow Bridge April 4,2008. He was Loved and admired by many here. He fought so valiently after many setbacks. He lived life for today. A pal to All ,he is loved and will be greatly missed by all whose life he touched. Run fast and free as the wind Sammy J with your furblings and Dogster pals!! We send our love,prayers and hugs to his Family human and furred. Thanks for being you.

I will never forget my first meeting with The Crew or should I say "Children of the Corn"!!! Bol. I had recently joined Dogster and thought what in the heck is going on here??!! I soon learned how great this community is and became a Dogsterholic too! I have had the song " Keep on The Sunnside" in my head since the day Sammy passed .Actually since just before we found out. Why I do not truly know but it fits with how Sammy Lived each day. I think he had some part in it as it is not a radio song. I again vow to Live for Today . I will Try to "Keep on the Sunnyside"! Hey its warm and happy there.... Join Me won't you?
{{{{{RIP Sammy and All Our Bridge pals!!}}}}}


Thanks HQ for being in Diary picks of the Day

March 21st 2008 9:01 pm
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Wow thanks HQ for me being in diary Picks of the Day.Thanks Pippin for the news and wishes and Angel Daisy And Miss Ella for the pretty rosette. I am blushing, I just love Dogster and all my pals so much! I never imagined being part of such a great group of pups and kitties! Muahh to you all. Fun,info,support Dogster has it All! Thanks to all of you who make it so great.

This really was a Sunny spot and made our day. Mom got a call back from my Vet today, my latest tests did not come back as they should have. I must be because we are in "Space", Vet said I need More Gravity?? I have to go see the Internist Vet on Monday for an abdominal sono and some other tests. Umm Mommy is buying A Lottery ticket for sure this weekend,bol! I gotta keep them on their toes. thats what us pokey nosed herder types do isn't it!!! ;O) Happy Easter and Spring to All!!! Enjoy each day with your families and friends to the fullest !! Hop hop hop,Arrroos and pokes, DarlaMae and her humans too


Plastic Cups Are following Me.....

March 19th 2008 8:05 pm
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I now have a nice big yard to go out and Do business in,Off my leash!! Last few days Mom has been taking me out on leash and she carries a small plastic "cup" again. She skoots it under me, How RUDE!! I have tried to evade this Thing. I won't go, and make her wait and have to go out every 15 minutes. I made her walk through some leftover "stuff" from last night in MY section.bol! That did not deter her. She looked funny with her walking stick, that Cup thing and trying to keep her balance on this cockeyed lawn. The neighbors must be Bol at this kooky woman.

Today the vet called Mommy back. Mommy said I had to go out pouring rain or not. I kept standing and staring at her and would not go. Sad puppy eyes did not work. She said I had better go or they would have to take some with a needle!! It took 3 1/2 hours to finally catch some! She made Daddy go in rush hour traffic in blinding rain to bring this Cup to the Vet tonight. She called it liquid Gold??? She didn't even let me go in to say hello to the kitties and pups. I had to wait in the truck with Daddy and watch through the window. :(( Mom has to wait for Dr to see if it Gets more gravity or something. This is the earth not the Moon right? I am giving her grey hair like my brudderman. Please No More cups, I see them following me in my dreams. I thought they were for Food hmmm. Arrroos and pokes.....


There Were Green Alligators....Happy St Patrick's Day!

March 14th 2008 8:32 pm
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I want to wish You All A Happy St Patrick's Day! Mommy says she has green blood all year,bol,even if her married name is Italian!;) Her whole family is from Ireland. I wish you Miles of smiles and All Blessings to you and yours. My rosettes were depleted quickly this month and me being sick cost them quite a bit. Here and I thought Money grew on Trees!!!! Just like my bruddaman,BOL! ;)
We send wishes for Blessings to you and yours and thank you for all your good wishes and friendship.

My Gaelic/Irish name is Aisling nee Malone. Mommy's is Fiona Kirling,bol She always LOVED the name Fiona, How Cool! You can get yours here,its fun.

Get Your Irish Name


Blessing For You


Chest Deep ....Oh Snow..

February 22nd 2008 1:46 pm
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Well ItFinally Really Snowed Last Night and Today. Lots!!! Mommy woke up and said Ohh Its snowed alot and is still coming down. I ran to the back door. Mommy opened it and it was deeper than she thought. I looked left and right and ran out only to realize ther was something around my legs??? Hmmm what the heck. It was deep slushy bottomed snow. I was confused for a second. I needed to do my business. I moved ahead then back. I tried to lower oops not on the patio. I moved off into chest deep snow. I finally just sat in the snow . Man to be a boy pup for one day would have sure come in handy,bol!!! I realized my legs did not work as usual in this stuff so I started to Hop yes hope like A Kangaroo or that Pepe Le Pew guy. Boing boing boing I went. Mommy started to laugh so hard the people next door peerd over at her. She sure wished she had a video camera,it was a hoot. Ahh such fun.


Call Mulder and Scully I've Been Chipped!!!!!!!!!

February 16th 2008 1:19 pm
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Its was a sunny and cold morning here. Mommy and DaddyO said wanna go for a ride??? So off we went drivng down the Parkway until we go to my Vets!!!! I LOVE to see all the pups and kittys there, even if I am scared of the Room! I saw big dogs,little dogs,cats in carriers. One pup was like a Pony! really sweet boy. Mommy said to the desk ladies"She is here for A chip:. Hmmm I Love Chippies!! Where are those yummy crispy crunchy things!!

Well the Nice tech called my name and said I will walk her back. Off I went slunking down the hall like the pawrents were sending me away forever. They placed a CHIP in my NECK with a needle!!!! Hey I like my chips by mouth please, how am I supposed to taste them that way??!! Daddy thought I was getting something like GPS (Global Puppy Spotter I think it is). No such luck but it is an International chip though and universal. I can go on the Space Station maybe,bol. Mommy and Daddy said "Oh No!!! She is like Scully, she has a chip in her neck!! " Better Call Mulder we need the X Files!!!""
I am weird and quirky but do they really need to do that?? Humans are such weirdos ......I think Mommy just likes that Fox guy,geez.......;o)

Just a ps note.My pawrents wish people would not pull away from me when I walk past. Why do they do that?? Is it because I am a Space Alien??Mom says they just don't understand but Daddy gets even more hurt by it. I'm just my happy lovey old self. I would never hurt them or their furries.Oh Well I'm Off for some goodies and to play outside. Yahoooza........

Mommy said" A chip IN the Neck is better than Having a Chip ON your shoulder",hmmmm, I Just Love Chippies though. :O) Arrroos and pokes.....

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