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I'm 5 Today

October 4th 2008 9:09 pm
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I turned 5 years old today, wooo hooo. It is also The Feast day of St. Francis of Assisi,(the most well known)Patron of Animals. It was a cool sunny day that I enjoyed with my family. A Big Thanks to Dogster HQ for my Birthday cake greetings, All My Pals who sent Good wishes,songs and gifts. It really made my day extra special and made Mom teary. My family can't believe I am 5,seems like yesterday I was a scawny sick year old pup. I've really come a Long way baby!!;) They sang to me,said I love you a million times and all those mushy things. I got yummy Tripe for dinner,Bully sticks and goodies and a nice walk. My family is extra grateful to have me in their lives. I am glad to have a furever home and the treats are icing on the cake. Mommy said she will try very hard to keep up my Diary as so much has happened and not noted. :-/

My Aunt came over with my babygrand cousin and took me and Mommy to The Blessing of the Animals at the Church yard in the village. They Blessed lots of different type pets , gave us Certificates and A Pets Bill of Rights List. They had a Memorial for Lost Pets and those who have passed. It was really nice and most all the pets were really well behaved. I loved seeing all the furs and people. I wish we could have mingled more,bol. Mommy lit a Special candle today for All Animals and their rescuers . It is for all my pals as well as for special thoughts for those who are sick,Homeless,hungry, abused and dying all across this country and world. I send out a special love and hugs for my Dogster pals & their families who are sick and those who have lost beloved members of their family. Keep you all in my heart and prayers each day. Thanks for being such dear pals,it really means the world to me. Happy Fall ya'll!!|$|


Daddy's BD is National Homeless Animals Day

August 16th 2008 9:14 am
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I just found out that August 16 is National Homelss Animals Day. It is also My HuDaddy's BD. I just wanted to post this to thank all those who work rescue, shelters and do the jobs that are a result of human negligence and abuse. I always think of the millions of our "fur kin" who are homeless, trapped in shelters and those who are "put down" when time runs out or just because of what they look like. This is just a note to set aside some time to pause and say a pawrayer for them and those who try to help them. If you can donate time,a few dollars or other items that might help them out that would be great too. I have another post in my diary about how we all can help in some way, that my Pal Tiggles gave me. The numbersof homeless pets are growing as the economy goes down, even in areas where there are no-kill shelters. Sadly,This is reality for Millions of pets in US. I stop to remember you all. This is a link to Dogsters Dog Blog. Thanks to Bo's Dad Horst for making note of it. Give your furs an extra hug and treat for me.

The Power of One

I am only one, but still I am one.
I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.
And because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.
-Helen Keller

National Homeless Animals Day homeless-animals-day/


Oooh The Smell..........

August 4th 2008 2:37 pm
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Its The Fragrence of Love and friendship!!!! It is wafting through Dogster first as the Best in Show ribbon and These past few days it is shown by a Blue Febreeze colla. It is being sent from friend to friend,to those friends we are yet to get to know as well as by the beloved Anonymous Rosette givers. :) Thanks HQ!! It gave us a way to send our love , support, congrats to many we might not have the rosettes to send to. I want to tell you Furs all how much your friendship,love,support and fun mean to me. I also want to Thank Each and Every pal who has sent a Collar of love ,pmails,the pretty rosettes and all the smiles they bring. It truly is appreciated and means so much to me always especially of late .

This past week or so has been a tough one for my family. In short Poppa(moms Dad) had Septicimia and Renal failing) but has rallied and is home in Fl. . It really stinks not being able to be with family in such trying times. Grampa(Dads Dad,) 83, who has been visiting, had a heartattack the day before he was to return to Fl. He was released Thurs and celebrated a 56th wedding anniversary with Grama on Sat. Amazing isn't it?? This AM he had another heart attack and has Congestive heart failure. Make that call,visit your loved ones,smile at a stranger you never know what it might mean to them or even you.Me I sit close and bump my family with my bum,it always make s them smile and give soft kisses. :O)

On top of these things the water heater went and the fridges condenser is on last legs or circuits . Mom says she wishes she could chew up a shoe or two BOL The woman is losing it I tell ya. ;)SOn a lighter note I lost almost 2 lbs at my Vet ckup Sat. Mom was pleased,bol. I'm not a chub but must watch my weight with these short legs and long back. Please know my dear pals I keep you all in my thoughts, sending love, prayer,Power of the Paw and support to you all. Congrats,happy Birthdays & annifursaries etc that I might miss as I pop on an offline. Be well and take good care pals. Arrroos ,pokes and hugs to all....


Grama and Grampa are here

July 22nd 2008 12:14 pm
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Wow its been busy with lots going on. Mom thought she posted this but didn't. Mom was so excited. My pawrents went to a bbq and ran into my foster Mom!!! She was so happy to hear how well I am doing and told Mom about some things that went on when I was a little. She cried when she heard how much I have grown and improved but also how I have changed my Mom and families lives so much. This little dog who was afraid and abused helping out humans. Mom said I am still a bit quirky but a really good girl who has made great strides. My one foster brother is still with her and hopefully we can get together soon. The other pups thtat were there with me have good homes. Mom said I would love to see My foster furbrother again as I LOVE other dogs sooo much. He had his back broken by a real mean person but he is a Big loveable Bully hunk of sloppy kisses enjoying his life with family who loves him. He loves everyone and everything typical pitte type personality. Paws crossed we meet up soon. Mommy almost forgot that Aunts dog Princess ,A Bichon Frise, was running around with a baseball in her mouth. Daddy laughed and said I have trouble even holding a reguar size tennis bal in my mouth and this little dog holds a baseball no problem. Yup I have trouble with frisbees too . I can hold the smaller size no problem.

DaddyOs parents are here visiting. I love Grama and Grampa. I enjoy Gramas cooking and Grampa shares his Ital bread and cheese sometimes. I am enjoying lounging on the porch with Grama and the family. I allowed off leash as long as Mom or dad is there. I don't try to run off or leave the steps which Grampa says is really good dog. I will not like when they leave to go home. It has been a heatwave and I am missing my walks. It rained some this morning so tonight I hope to get big walk to the park. I also ate a few bites from my bowl while alone last week. A really big accomplishment as I really hate being left alone at all. I wouldn't eat anything not even a raw steak when alone as I get so anxious. Nothing could tempt me,I wait and wait. I hope to catch up with you soon pals. I am Missing my comp and Dogster time. I keep you all in my heart and pawrayers each day,even when I can't be on or post. Arrrooos and pokes pals.....


4 Years Ago Today....

July 4th 2008 8:31 am
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4 years ago todayon July 4th ,2004 I came home forever. I've come a long way Baby!!! bol. I most certainly have. I was a scrawny scared 12lb 10 mth old pup and now I have filled out nicely. Mom is always saying I have to watch my figure, something about us short legged chesty gals having to be careful of gaining to much weight.Pffft. I am loved and cherished like all furs should be. I am the best dog in the world according to my family. Biased I know,bol. I still don't like fireworks and thunder . I would prefer celebrating quietly with a nice bone. Hint hint Mom. ;) I still have my quirks but that's what makes me Me. I hope you all have a happy,fun and safe holiday weekend with your family. Sending some 'Nila Ice cream out to all my pals. Thanks for the Gotcha day wishes,picture and all the pretty rosettes. My page is looking quite festive!! I have my paws crossed for all my pals in need especially those who are Missing , like Regal and Blue. Please keep you furs inside and safe from all the ruckus. I do not want to see anymore pals families suffer this kind of loss. I send extra Love and prayers for my dear pals Plott n Pibble Pitties their dad has been very sick and they have been going through alot . They are always there for all their pals. We Love you PnPs and keep you and all our pals in thoughts and prayers each day. Come Home Regal, Blue and All lost furs!! Lots of love to you all. Happy Birthday America!!! Celebrate Good Times Come On....Thankful for Our freedom and thinking of all those who are not so lucky furred and human.


101 Ways to Help Pets in Need-Compliments of My Pal Tiggles

July 1st 2008 3:22 pm
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*I saw this in my pal Tiggles Diary and her Mom gave me permission to copy it here. We all want to help out but sometimes are not sure what to do or feel we don't have money so can't help. This is very thorough and shows we all can do something. Thanks TnT for sharing this info and all you do to help furs in need. We salute, give thanks to all rescue and shelter workers for the work they do each day as well as the citizens who help out any way they can Thanks for taking the time to read this too.

When Darkness Turns To Light
101 Ways to Help!
March 7th 2008 2:18 pm [link to this entry]
If you cannot adopt or foster a dog, could you help:

1. Transport a dog?
2. Donate a dog bed or towels or other *bedding* type items?**
3. Donate MONEY (collect your change for a week or a month and donate that!)?
4. Donate a Kong? A nylabone? A hercules?
5. Donate a crate?
6. Donate an x-pen or baby gates?
7. Donate a food dish or a stainless bucket for a crate?
8. Donate a leash?
9. Donate a collar?
10. Donate some treats or a bag of food?
11. Donate a harness, collar or a gentle leader?
12. Walk a dog?
13. Groom a dog?
14. Donate some grooming supplies (shampoos, combs, brushes, etc.)?
15. Go to the local shelter and see if that dog is the breed the shelter says it is or go with rescue to be a second opinion on the dog?
16. Make a few phone calls?
17. Mail out applications to people who've requested them?
18. Provide local vet clinics with contact information for educational materials on responsible pet ownership?
19. Drive a dog to and from vet appointments?
20. Donate long distance calling cards?
21. Donate the use of your scanner or digital camera?
22. Donate the use of a photocopier?
23. Attend public education days and try to educate people on responsible pet ownership?
24. Donate a gift certificate to a pet store?
25. Donate a raffle item if your club is holding a fund raiser?
26. Donate flea stuff (Advantage, etc.)?
27. Donate hw pills?
28. Donate a canine first aid kit?
29. Provide a shoulder to cry on when the rescue person is overwhelmed?
30. Pay the boarding fees to board a dog for a week? Two weeks?
31. Be a Santi-paws foster to give the foster a break for a few hours or days?
32. Clip coupons for dog food or treats?
33. Bake some homemade doggie biscuits?
34. Make book purchases through Amazon via a web site that contributes commissions earned to a rescue group?
35. Host rescue photos with an information link on your website.?
36. Donate time to take good photos of foster dogs for adoption flyers, etc.?
37. Conduct a home visit or accompany a rescue person on the home visit?
38. Go with rescue person to the vet to help if there is more than one dog?
39. Have a yard sale and donate the money to rescue?
40. Be volunteer to do rescue in your area?
41. Take advantage of a promotion on the web or store offering a free ID tag and instead of getting it for your own dog, have the tag inscribed with your Club's name and phone # to contact?
42. Talk to all your friends about adopting and fostering rescue dogs?
43. Donate vet services or can you help by donating a spay or neuter each year or some vaccinations?
44. Interview vets to encourage them to offer discounts to rescues?
45. Write a column for your local newspaper or club newsletter on dogs on dogs currently looking for homes or ways to help rescue?
46. Take photos of dogs available for adoption for use by the Club?
47. Maintain web sites listing/showing dogs available?
48. Help organize and run fundraising events?
49. Help maintain the paperwork files associated with each dog or enter the information into a database?
50. Tattoo a rescued dog?
51. Microchip a rescued dog?
52. Loan your carpet steamcleaner to someone who has fostered a dog that was sick or marked in the house?
53. Donate a bottle of bleach or other cleaning products?
54. Donate or loan a portable dog run to someone who doesn't have a quarantine area for quarantining a dog that has an unknown vaccination history and has been in a shelter?
55. Drive the fosters' children to an activity so that the foster can take the dog to obedience class?
56. Use your video camera to film a rescue dog in action?
57. Pay the cost of taking a dog to obedience class?
58. Be the one to take the dog to its obedience class?
59. Go to the foster home once a week with children and dogs to help socialize the dog?
60. Help the foster clean up the yard (yes, we also have to scoop what those foster dogs poop)
61. Offer to test the foster dog with cats?
62. Pay for the dog to be groomed or take the dog to a *Do It Yourself* Grooming Place?
63. Bring the foster take out so the foster doesn't have to cook dinner?
64. Pay a house-cleaning service to do the spring cleaning for someone who fosters dogs all the time?
65. Lend your artistic talents to your club's newsletter, fundraising ideas, t-shirt designs?
66. Donate printer paper, envelopes and stamps to your club?
67. Go with a rescue person to the vet if a foster dog needs to be euthanized?
68. Go to local shelters and meet with shelter staff about how to identify your breed or provide photos and breed information showing the different types of that breed may come in and the different color combinations?
69. Go to local businesses and solicit donations for a club's fundraising event?
70. Offer to try and help owners be better pet owners by holding a grooming seminar?
71. Help pet owners be better pet owners by being available to answer training questions?
72. Loan a crate if a dog needs to travel by air?
73. Put together an *Owner's Manual* for those who adopt rescued dogs of your breed?
74. Provide post-adoption follow up or support?
75. Donate a coupon for a free car wash or gas or inside cleaning of a vehicle?
76. Pay for an ad in your local/metropolitan paper to help place rescue dogs?
77. Volunteer to screen calls for that ad?
78. Get some friends together to build/repair pens for a foster home?
79. Microchip your own pups if you are a breeder, and register the chips, so if your dogs ever come into rescue, you can be contacted to take responsibility for your pup?
80. Donate a small percentage of the sale of each pup to rescue if you are a breeder?
81. Buy two of those really neat dog-items you "have to have" and donate one to Rescue?
82. Make financial arrangements in your will to cover the cost of caring for your dogs after you are gone - so Rescue won't have to?
83. Make a bequest in your will to your local or national Rescue?
84. Donate your professional services as an accountant or lawyer?
85. Donate other services if you run your own business?
86. Donate the use of a vehicle if you own a car dealership?
87. Loan your cell phone (and cover costs for any calls) to s/one driving a rescued dog?
88. Donate your *used* dog dryer when you get a new one?
89. Let rescue know when you'll be flying and that you'd be willing to be a rescued dog's escort?
90. Do something not listed above to help rescue?
91. Donate a doggy seatbelt?
92. Donate a grid for a van or other vehicle?
93. Organize a rescued dog picnic or other event to reunite the rescued dogs that have been placed?
94. Donate other types of doggy toys that might be safe for rescued dogs?
95. Donate a roll-a-treat or Buster cube?
96. Donate clickers or a video on clicker training?
97. Donate materials for a quarantine area at a foster's home?
98. Donate sheets of linoleum or other flooring materials to put under crates to protect the foster's floor?
99. Donate an engraving tool to make ID tags for each of the rescued dogs?
100. Donate frequent flyer points so that rescue can fly a dog from another area to safety?
101. Offer to be a rescued dog's flight escort, especially if your work requires you to travel frequently or you work in the travel industry?

Charitable Gift Giving: What Animal Shelters are in need of
January 19th 2008 9:15 pm
By donating a few items to your animal shelter (or your favorite veterinarian's office), you'll be making a huge difference... and you'll feel GREAT about doing it.
The best part: No one will judge you for the type, quantity, or value of items that you choose to drop off at the shelter.
Most animal care facilities are in need of so many basic necessities just to keep the place running, that most places would be thrilled to receive just about anything that's dog or cat related!

So, let's see what may on your local animal shelter's "Wish List" ...

For The Dogs & Cats:
*Dog food and cat food - unopened bags & cans
*Dog crates - all sizes
*Cat carriers
*Dog beds/pillows (new or gently used)
*Cat litter
*Stuffed dog toys
*Chew toys for dogs
*Blankets, towels, comforters (new or gently used)
*Sheets & towels - all sizes
*Bowls - all sizes (plastic or metal)

For The Facility:
*Laundry detergent
*Dish washing detergent
*Paper towels
*Bleach, bleach, and more bleach
*Clorox and Windex wipes
*Brooms (bleachable)
*Metal dustpans
*Postage stamps
*AA batteries

*Gift certificates to feed stores, pet stores, or office supply stores

And don't forget... you can always give the gift of your time and expertise by volunteering at the shelter!


Acronyms for Me

June 23rd 2008 11:22 am
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Mom has seen some pups who have acronyms of their names on their pages. She decided to make one up for me. Here goes:

D- Devoted, Delightful, Daffy, Dignified

A- Aloof, Attractive, Amiable, Amazing

R- Regal, Refined, Responsible, Resilient

L- Loyal, Ladylike, Loony, Loving

A- Awesome, Alert, Adept, Appealing

M- Matchless, Mystical, Magnificent, Motherly

A- Amusing, Astonishing, Above Average, Accepting

E- Exotic, Entertaining, Easygoing, Enjoyable


One Year Ago....

June 19th 2008 9:54 pm
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I chose to poke my nose and sniff out this place called Dogster. Never did I think I would become part of a community that has become so much a part of my life. I want to thank HQ for coming up with this wonderous site. A place where we all can share, laugh,learn and help each other out when in need. Thanks to each and every Dogster for all the fun, laughs,tears,comfort,friendship and advice. I hope that I have the joy of being part of this communityfor along time to come. You have made a difference in our lives. You help renew my faith in the goodness of others each day as well as help me to grow and learn. A big shout out to my kitty pals over on Catster too. You ALL rock. To each of you-Thank You for being you. Remember The Power of the Paw is Truly Phenomenal. Where we join together we have the power to help change things big and small. ARK- Acts of Random Kindness. I see them here every day,little things do mean alot. Arrrroos and pokes to All. I am off to enjoy my Annifursary Bully stick....


Good bye My Dear Cousin

June 17th 2008 9:55 am
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My pup cousin Shelby who was the Queen of the family passed to the Bridge Saturday June 14,2008. She was about 16 or 17 yrs old and had a wonderful life with my Aunt,Uncle and human cousins. She was loved by all who met her and will be missed terribly. She was an adult when they adopted her so her true age is guestimate. She was abandoned on a busy highway and thankfully found a great loving home with my AUnt and Uncle. She now is pain free and running once again at the bridge. I know she is watching over her family and friends. She was the whole families dog and her passing truly affecting us all.

We got to play a few times. She was already an advanced Senior when I came into the fold. She would like to play with me but it over excited her and it was not good for her breathing or heart. Sadly we could not see each other again but she had a mean hip check for an old gal,bol. She sent me flying across the deck last time we saw each other. Aunt said she was like a happy pup with me. Her human brothers have never known life without her as she was there first. They are very sad. We love you Shelbs and always will. Thank you for all the love you gave my Mommy and all the family. I hope you are enjoying all the food and treats you so loved to eat. You took part of our hearts with you and we never will forget you. You were the epitome of a great family dog. Dogspeed dear cuz......


Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!!!

June 10th 2008 9:33 am
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Hiya Pals,
And my name isn't Buster or Poindexter,bol. Sorry I haven't been on much.Well it has been a several day heatwave here.It wreaks havoc with Mommy. She is busy cooling me and worring about daddy and brudderman working in this very hot and humid weather. Over 100 with humidity and it was over 90 Inside.The fans just not cutting it and our small old house has poor cross ventilation. Daddy filled up a baby pool for me under the pear tree. I drank from it and he put me in it ugghh water. Mommy has been filling up the watering can and wetting my feet and body down. Uh Mom I'm not a plant, despite my lounging around.I don't think I am going to grow any! hehe;) Psst it did feel good though. Gotta keep cool with all this dark furry fur.

Daddys cousin gave us 2 small acs last night. Thank dog it takes some humidity out of the house but still quite warm. I lay in front of the air purifie, it blows cool air out Mommy made me frozen broth pupsicles. Thanks every pup for the rosettes and love. I send it back out to you all. I keep each of you in my thoughts and prayers every day. Love ya pals, hope to catch up with you all soon. Keep cool and be safe please. Anyone for a trip to Snoqualmie Pass, Washington?? They have SNOW!!!!Yes you read it SNOW! Woo hoo snow cones for every fur!

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