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Vet Visit

September 25th 2007 9:58 pm
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Well I thought we were going to that Pet Store or Maybe The park but NOO!
When we got off the parkway uggh there it was-THE VET Clinic!
I LOVE to see ALL the dogs and Kitties. I waltzed into the waiting room with daddy.Mommy checked me in. Its busy ther but when they spoke to Mommy They said it would be soon. They called my Full name as usual. I dragged my butt and Daddy guided me on the scale. I am 38lbs yikes!
Off to the room we went.

The Lady Vet heard seizure, she said that precedence over the itchy bumpy paws. She wrote down everthing Mommy said.She examined me from head to toe and inside out. Took my temperature -eek! SHe kept telling me how good I was and how pretty I am. I shook like a leaf and tried to climb over Daddy. I left enough Hair for all the hairless dogs in the country.Mommy made me stand . MY vet is worried that the Ant bait might have set off these things if I had some kind of predisposition for it whatever the cause may be if even known. She took me off to the backroom. They poked me and took blood and "Samples". The Tech Nurse was so nice I tried to follow her back when she took me back to the exam room. There was a big Kitty back there who talked and talked to me. They said I was so good sniffing and not trying to get him. Mom said thats why I liked it back there.

Well I have to wait for some of the bloodwork to come back tomm. Pins and needle Mom says. The Vet couldn't give me any medicine until they rule out stuff as it could be toxic or side effects. I have some strange reactions to some things. I got only my Betagen spray for my feet. I likely have to go to the internist Vet for more tests. I growled a little at the new Man Vet when he accidentally walked in the room. Mom said NO.I must be kooky notlike myself. I have a quirk about sharp pointy objects no matter who holds them.

Some test names they told Mommy were Erlichia, Heartworm re test,Lyme,coccidia, liver, diabetes, and Alot more things . I also have swollen lymph nodes especially noticable behind my ears. It could be infection,metabolic,head injury from my bad past,other things or unknown. Well we are keeping paws crossed. The pawrents are worried.


Shaking and Quaking

September 23rd 2007 12:17 pm
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Well I have scared the heck out of my folks some more. I have had what seem like brief seizures. I had one when Mommy and daddy came home from a Dr appt. I was standing and started to go towrds them and seemed to freeze. Mommy saw that I looked like I was shaking and came over. She asked Daddy did a loud noise scare me. He said no she will be ok. I was staring and shaking really bad but did not fall all the way down? They checked me all over. They thought maybe I was over excited as I don't like to be alone.

I had another one in middle of night. I was laying down sleeping 230 am. Mommy felt the bed shaking and saw me staring ahead. The most recent one was also in bed. I went to get up and tried to get closer to Mommy. I froze butt down front leg partially up . I was shaking and smacking my lips. They kept stroking me and when mommy waved her hand right to my nose I did not flinch. They did not last long but scared The pawrents alot. The Vet is seeing me Tuesday for exam and tests. They told Mommy if I had a long one or more than 3 in 24 hrs go right to the ER vet. I have been ok since. They are watching everthing and writing stuff down.


They Took My Yummy Food Away

September 23rd 2007 12:03 pm
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Hiya Pups! I have not been on as much as like. Mommy has been busy with Daddy, her stuff and now me too. I have ben eating that yummy Canidae ALS.I love it sooo much!!! I have been chewing my feet up real bad. I was also taking this stuff called ProZyme to help me get more nutrients from my food. Well We think it made the allergy stuff in food more pronounced. I can't have my yummies or the supplement any more. Boo hiss,grumble grumbles.

I have been zippier, even shinier and almost no eye boogies but this foot stuff is really bad. I have sores now and hide to chew them. The Nice Lady At Canidae told Mommy that I should not have any of the food. She said that it could be the one of the meats, possibly alfalfa or we read in forums the oil even.:( . Mommy has been crazy looking for minimal ingredient food. The high end stuff has alot of "good" additions that might cause a problem. I did not eat my dinner. The temporary food is not like my good stuff.We would highly recommend it to others though it really is a quality food for a decent price. My experience is a bummer for me but no reflection on a good product. My medicines at home have not helped. Ughh.
The other reason for the Vet is in next post.


My" Special Frisbee"

September 17th 2007 6:42 pm
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Last night my Dad had an old plastic coffee container . I was sniffing around. So he took the top and said Here catch. I caught it. He did it over and over again and I kept catching it. I was laying down too. Why waste enery if I can play that way! Daddy and Mommy were laughing. I have a hard time holding regular size Frisbees. My bruddaman thought it was really cool. It was alot of fun. I can't wait to play catch again with my "special" frisbee. bol. I can run really fast so the running catch will be easy cheesy! Mommy always says I get the most fun out of simple things!


The Monster in My House

September 17th 2007 12:57 pm
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Well its been crazy around here( more thanusual,bol). The landlord has been renovating downstairs and we lost power. We had no electric for comp or tv until electrician came to fix it. They painted and used some kind of sealant and it smelled something awful especially for Mommy. She was nauseous and headache. Daddy had windows opened and the door too. Its been alot cooler here lately.

Well the smell was still icky. DaddyO went to the towel closet and there it was. The Monster shook and rumbled and the ceiling opened up.. It is nosiy and opens up the hallway ceiling. Mommy was in the kitchen trying to cook some dinner. Well I REALLY did noy know what was going to happen. I hate it. Well I ran down the stairs and out the door. My pawrents did not see me. Dady did not know I was terrified of the big house fan. They were calling me and looking under beds where I usually go but I wasn't there. Mom grabbed the slip leash and they came outside. They were calling and calling. Good thing they looked in the back from both side of the house. Dad found me in the backyard behind the cans near the walk. My neighbor dogs live on the other side of the fence. Mommy and Daddy thought I tried to get closer to them. They were so worried. Thankfully I didn't go out of the yard into the street or further.

It goes to show that a scared dog will do stuff they never do. Fireworks and thunder are really bad but so is that darned monster in the ceiling! I thought Mommy singing that cutesy Song named for my Cousin,The Cuppycake song, was annoying and scary.;O) Keep singing Mom just don't Let that Monster out again! This week Mommy will be busy with Daddy's Dr Appts so I get more practice being alone. Yippee.


The Ant Bait Incident........

September 14th 2007 5:06 pm
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Well I did something you might expect a puppy to do. Wed night I went out for my nightly constitutional. I came in checked on everyone and went to lay down or so Mommy thought. About 11 pm or so Daddy was getting ready for bed and I nudged him and jumped on the bed and nosed the conmforter.. He waved me over. Mommy looked and saw little bits of something. She said no it wan't paper and picked it up. It was sharp little bits of plastic. With the color of it she knew what it was. She siad " Shes eaten ant bait!" daddy said no maybe its a toy or pen like that. Momm checked all around and found evidence in brothers room too. She then looked in the far corner behind the bed. IT was missing.

I got hold of the Combat ant bait trap.I chewed it up into bits and swallowed it. She posted on dogster and found another trap. Brother read the phone number off and serial number. Thankfully Mommy listened to the WHOLE message as they had dedicated lines for human and animal ingestion issues. The lady was Really nice and took all info and looked into it. Well thankfully the stuff isnt poisonous per se for dogs but the plastic could possibl blockage issue . I had to eat bread and didnt want to take it . Who Knows Maybe there was a pill in in. I kept spitting it out but finally Mom smushed it and I ate some. Have to watch me for 24-60 hrs see if I had any problems. I have passed some and its is small sharp pieces. Yikes. I am ok thankfully. Mom and daddy are checking on me all the time now again. I have been doing puppy things lately why?? Not sure. I give myself up when I do something Im not supposed to! I really am pretty good usually.
Puppy proofing redone. Ps DaddyO got a Qtip stuck in his ear that night.We Make poor Mommy crazy. She said we make her hair turn gray,bol.

Thanks to all the dogsters who gave us help and information. Great website Zoe thanks again All. Dogsters are the best!!!!!!!!!


No One Wanted to Play-Part2

September 6th 2007 5:10 pm
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I heard my Aunt and Cousin at Aunt Mary's gate so I ran over to say Hello. They made it from Georgia hooray! What to my surprise was there but my little Human cousin holding a little ball of fur. Hmm what was it that he had in his hand. It barked and yipped but I couldn't reach it.. Why my dear boy had turned on me and had a new best friend could it be? Mommy said "Oh thats Cupcake?? Isnt she so cute". everyone Cooing and ahhing. SO this was the OTHER girl!Mom asked them to let her down so we can sniff and meet each other. This little brown furry creature ran under the chair, growled and yipped. I couldnt understand. She is like a soft cotton ball and can only weigh maybe 8 lbs. he is a toy poodle. She looks like a Hostess cupcake thats how she got her name.

I tried so hard to be nice. I ran so she could chase me, she ran the other way under the chair?? I let her try to sniff she growled and show her little teeth. I know to play different than with the big dogs. She eventually lept through the air right into Grandmas lap and snarled down at me. SHe would be great in the circus. She made this high pitch yipping sound whenever she thought I was coming near her and I didnt even touch her. Well I never! When my Aunt heard the snarling she asked what was that .Mommy said Not darla it was Cupcake. I think she is much Smarter than they think. She tried to make it look like me No sound like that could come from a cute little pup. hehe./

They said oh She is not used to other dogs and just moved 2 days in a car carrier. She must be scared. So I left her be and played with the human cousin. All night I kept trying to be friends. We ate sort of near each other. This adorable little pip squeek ate all her food and then tried to sneak over to mine since I eat slow !! She ate her food in a second. I licked her belly and feet and neck after she kept snarling. Mommy said it look like she was going to be the Big Cheese. Whatever that is!!! I love Cheese too but I thought this was a Cupcake?? Uh whatever food is food! I love my cousin no matter what.

Later on I was snooping around the yard and by the gate. Cupcake saw that her human brother was near me and came closer finally. He said "oh Cupcake,SHe doesnt listen too good." I really love my Aunt and cousins. I really hope Miss Cupcake learns to play nice and stops being afraid. Mommy said its very important that she learns to be with other dogs. She is 6 months old and it was a big move for them all. She is such a cutie pie . Come on Cuz' I just wanna be Your friend. You will always be a Georgia Peach, but you are An Empire State girl now. We will have alot of fun here.
I really Love ya , Ya Little Cutie !! I hold out hope we will play the next time.


No One Wanted to Play-Part1

September 4th 2007 12:48 pm
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Well It Was An Interesting Labor day. My Aunt(Moms Sister), Grandma and my cousins moved back from Georgia this weekend. They had a very long trip. Daddy and Uncle Jeff helped them unload the truck. Daddy came home smelling like another girl!!?? He said oh that Cupcake is so cute! Well what kind of food is cute?? Do tell DaddyO. Speaking of food,We all were invited next door for bbq.Yummo!

I went over with Mommy and was running around. Mom went to get something from Daddy near the fence . All of a sudden A big Ginger cat came out of Aunt Marys side porch. That big Cat Slapped me in the face and hissed at me with sharp teeth before I knew what was what. Wow A cat friend! I play bowed then Geez that Big Old CAT took off toward the street. I ran after it. Mom was screaming "Darla stop". (Not very Cool mommy!)That darn cat tried to KILL me, by trying to trick me into running into the street. I was too quick on these little legs, I can turn on a dime. It weaved back and I was right behind it. Mom was wiggin' out. I came back when we got to the next house.That cat stood by the fence and Wouldnt play any more.

Hmm and he got fed by Aunt Mary too. I could have caught him if I wanted, chase was just really fun. Mom and Dad were not pleased. The humans all thought someone was being hurt when Mom yelled.hehe;o) Heck I came back didnt I?. I just wanted to play. Adventures To be continued...


Wow and Double Wow Thanks Dogster

August 27th 2007 12:37 pm
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THANKS Dogster!!! For Me being in the Diaries List today. Man I am just zipping around this time from Happiness!!!!. I thought Mom was just happy to see me when she came home. I was so good today when Mommy took the human brother to the teen Vet(hehe) for his school checkup. Yes I whined and did race back and forth and waited looking out the window for 3 HOURS! How dare they. Mom was so proud of me ,Bruddaman was too. He gave me treats. I didnt tear up anything but the wood floor from my pacing., bol. ;o)

This is a Big accomplishment for me, Im trying hard. I just love being with my people. They do come back for me though so I got to learn to be a Cool Cat Uh I Mean DOG. It is way to hot to run around like a banshee and crying so pitiful the neighbors look over to see what is wrong.

This is so pawsome. I LOVE reading other pups diaries so interesting, funny sometimes sad but always a priveledge . I must keep after Mom to type ,but they Always Say "No Poking allowed!!"
I have to be reminded all the time especially when I get happy. Its a herding thing people! Mom DaddyO and family tell me they are NOT sheep or cows. DUHH........I AM Smarter than you think !! Remember I have Selective hearing on occasion! Bark at Ya Later Pups!



August 25th 2007 1:29 pm
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Agghh I have found a new LOVE. Its Fresh fish. DaddyO's friend goes fishing on the big boats around here and gave him some Fluke fish. He wrapped it in foil and put it on the grill. Mom couldnt believe how much I loved it. Her dog Pepper when growing up loved fish more than any other food. Well I polished off all of it . Delish as that cute girl on tv says! Pepper knew what she was woofing about.

As everyone was relaxing later that night. My brother started laughing and said Mom hurry, come here. Well I was busted!! The little rat fink.
I had gotten into the garbage bag!!!! No I didnt tear it up. I picked the foil packets and paper towels so slickly out of the trash from a tiny opening on top with my pokey nose. Here I was enjoying my find, just laying on the rug in front of the sink. Licking up all the remnants of any fish. Man it's good stuff.

I didnt notice Mom had come in. She swooped up that foil and said NOO!! I took off. Mom was so shocked as I never was a bin picker before! She said we all would have to watch more closely. I was always so good to leave anything alone that might be around. I always wait until they say go ahead to eat.
3 years and all I've ever pinched was some tisuues,paper towels and the like. She said well I am a dog and the temptation just got the better of me. Oh and brother got it too, he was supposed to have taken it outside right away. So heh brudda man you take out the trash! Tonight fish but no scavenging allowed! ;( I LOVE FISH!

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