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Scare ....Safe and then S Monster in One Week

May 24th 2012 8:01 pm
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Hiya Pals. It has been an eventful week. As some know I went in to see My Internist Specialist last Saturday. I have a little teeny bump on my lip. Mom & MY hubro thought my Booby area felt firm where I had Mammary glands & tumor removed for MCT last Summer. Dr H said the Thickness is mY Muscles,AHEM and well defined Periformus. He said I was in good shape and good muscle tone. He also said It is probably my unique build that help develop it more than average pup. I am no OLympic Ahtlete but I can do 0-60 in a split second & cut corners like nobodys business,even at almost 9!. If I don't want to Exercise I will not,bol. I usually prefer to scope things out before exerting myself. Mom said I am looking bit floopsy and gasp I gained almost 3 lbs. She thought 4 to 5/9 on my Medical chart post meant I was deficient or something??? he said NOooo it's very good. Poor DaddyO got a what for though for too many goodies,bol. I am getting more walks in our new place and my new yard also getting me toned again.

Well after all that worry turns out I am A Ok and to keep watch on it. Dr said because I am a bad candidate/high risk for sedation we will keep close watch. I had VERy hard time with my MCT surgery and my spay too years ago. They do not want me under unless I MUST be ,only one drug they can use. Dr H is the BIg Dog & we love/trust him so much. We have seen him in past for the cancer and seizures we said WHeeew Ok will do and Thank Dog. Anywho Sooo Mommy has been very sick migrainey all week and all its wonderful(NOT) side effects. Guess she was Way more worried about My MC CAncer returning than she realized.;)

Sooooo next news late Last night just as Mom was about to post for me here. I was resting on MY Throne(known as the Very Wintage comfy Brown Club Chairs Auntie Margie had custom made back in the 50s,shhh) In my Front "Parlour". Mommy looked and saw I was buggy eyed and drooling. SHe thought I was scared of something as it has been stormy. WELL I did not repsond and couldn't Move at all. Mom then thought OMD Bloat as my stomach was tight and buckets of drool(for me that is). She got all buggy herself, not her normal repsonce and called Brother & GF who had gone out. He rushed home and I was coming around. Well It is that I had A Seizure,its been several years and worse than my last ones. It took me awile to come around but I am ok. I got cool down wipes and ice cream from DaddyO. It is good for my sugar Mom remembered. ALot to look up again as most of my Seizure info was on old comp . I have to keep track of all going on and so forth. I am a nervous Nellie Mother hen so Mom thinks it is all the stress this week and lots of storms/barometric pressure changes lately. I really hate storms, getting worse with age it seems. They made her head sick too. I was scared and shaky but later chased a Posum/raccoon from my yard in the early AM. Praying I do not get another visit from the S MOnster againand the MAst Celle Monsters kep at Bay. Oh they now want to give me a B_ A _T_H!!! I smell from rolling in the perfume it left on grass. Hope I can milk more time before they torture me....... Over and Outtta here>>>>>


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