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Shining Gratitude From the Bridge!

April 24th 2008 3:44 pm
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I just want to thank everyone who has sent my family so many special and touching messages to keep spirits high. Especially my wonderful "Auntie" Nancy! Nancy and the Pants Family have really helped mommie to heal. Such a wonderful family with a hug-gantic heart that loves everyone and everything so unconditionally (well, Howie needs to learn that sharin' is ok, but he rises to the occasion when needed! Typical puggy!) Winnie and I are watchin' down on them right now, sendin' subtle little signs that we are alright. I'm rockin' the robe and shiny shoes that Winnie found for me and my tummy is so full of treats that I have to nap on my fluffy cloud lots, but I still have an abundance of energy to fraternize with all of my other friends!

Today has been tough for mom and dad, the first full day...Dad surprised mom with a little tribute area to me in the bedroom (where I spent so much of my time sleeping the day away!) with my bowl, diva shirt, picture and collar. It is very nice! I have got my own Granny-Shelf above the bed, always watching over the crew to make sure no one is misbehavin'!

Thank you again to everyone for the thoughts and prayers and all the special gifts! They are very much appreciated and cherished. It is wonderful to have so many caring, wonderful friends!


Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

April 23rd 2008 9:05 am
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Well, today was to be my last day upon this earth. I crossed the bridge this morning around 8:05 am with mom and dad standing close by. Mom held my little arm and dad cradled my head. The doctor said that it would be quick and painless, and I guess she was right, I went right to sleep for the last time. I watched for awhile in the room at how heartbroken and sad mom and dad were and tried to give them a signal that I was ok. I could see clearly again, I could run so fast and jump around without any pain, without falling down, I am breathing as normally as a pug possibly could, and most of all I knew who I was, where I was, and where mom and dad were. Mom and dad know I'm in a better place right now. I tried to tell them not to cry, Mason and Eliot would sound out my signature dinner song for me after I was gone, everyone would be there for each other to pull them through...

These last few days were hard, really difficult. It has started to heat up and I started to go south, more quickly than anyone imagined. I suddenly forgot who I was, where I was. I was constantly running into EVERYTHING!!! I could not get comfortable. They always said there was a "honeymoon" period before, and I was rockin' the Granny Vibe through the winter, but humidity is not my friend and it finally took a toll on my little precious body. Last night was decision time when mom and dad stayed up all night holding me and telling me that everything was alright, for I could not get comfortable and go to sleep, I finally slept and this morning, I just could not hold myself up, not even to eat!!

I had a difficult life, but it ended wonderfully! I had a huge loving family and wonderful parents that nurtured my every need and want! A spoiled diva puggy couldn't ask for more in her golden years! Now I am at peace, watching over my family, makin' sure that everything is ok and that they will be alright during this traumatic time.

I had a difficult life, but it ended wonderfully! 15 years ain't bad for a diva! I had a huge loving family and wonderful parents that nurtured my every need and want! A spoiled diva puggy couldn't ask for more in her golden years!

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