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As the cookie crumbles

My best friend

February 26th 2008 11:19 am
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Emma went to the vet today to see why she's limping......the news wasn't good. Seems she has severe hip dysplasia which is normally in an older pup, but can also be a defect, a gene passed down from her pup parents.....the doctor was surprised to see an x ray showing how bad it was in a little pup like her......and surprised she's moving around as much as she is........she will need to take anti-infammatories / pain pills everyday, and also glucosamine tablets...and after her first birthday in July...she will have to have surgery, maybe on both hips but definetly on her left......and she's not allowed to do any jumping anymore or play wrestling with me......mommies cryin..just because she knows Emma's in pain....and feels so sorry for her......I'm feelin guiltly......been harder on her then I should have...who cares if she likes to cook and clean, and who cares if she doesn't want to growl and bark at anyone..and who cares if she wants to stay out and have fun a little later then I think she should.........or wears pink bunny slippers.....or goofy hats.....
***wipes a tear away*** what's more important is that she's not only my lil sis but she's also my best friend....and I'm going to help dad make her a ramp to get in and out of the car and steps so she can get on moms bed...and in a few months when she has her surgery...I"m going to spoil her rotten and hold her paw........


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