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As the cookie crumbles

Going to the Moon

January 18th 2008 6:44 am
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Well Emma had her operation yesterday.......and she came home looking like an astronaut....with her plastic helmet and all.......I'm not allowed near says I can't be around her for a's afraid I'll lick her booboo, which I would..and moms afraid she'll want to jump around and play....and she was throwin up a lot last mom and Emma are all penned up in the computer room, moms even sleepin on the floor with her cause Emma cries if mom leaves her and poor mom...Emma kept hitting her in the face with her space helmet.........and I'm left all by myself......kind of stinks........I never thought I'd say it, but I miss my sis....alls she is doin is sleeping and it's hard to not feel sorry for her while she's walking around with that thing on her head bumping into everything, especially mom.......and she just has to be way embarressed going out in the backyard wearing it.......I think that's what's bothering her the most....... I hope mom keeps giving her those pain pills for a long time cause when she finds out mom took her picture and put it on her page...she'll be madder then a hen........I hope Guinness doesn't see it and tell her, she'd just die.....I'm not going to be the one to tell her about the pictures, that's for sure.....oh well it's going to be a boring week......


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