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A Second Chance With a Terrific Family

My Tail of Devotion for Sir Frankie

January 26th 2008 4:51 pm
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Little Sir Frankie you are a sweet and loving Chihuahua I just can not image anyone not wanting you I just love you so much. Your old momma said you were coming for a "play date" with my Nickolas. She never came back for you and moved away. You were very underweight and frightened of everything. Even when a feather fell off Henry the canary you would only run and hide in your kennel. You hardly had any hair and ate nothing at all. No toys, treats, blankets,for such a tiny darling you were treated so harshly.

Well we changed that immediately! boiled chicken breast and wild rice became your favorite meal. I think you were surprised that it was for you and you ate it like a tiger, BOL. That was a happy day!!! It was about three months before we could convince you that you were here to stay and we were not going to let you go.

When you were first here at our home I know how scared and homesick you must have been. It was a really hard adjustment for you. I am glad though we were able to get to know each other and you were able to understand that we just wanted for YOU my sweet little friend to have a happy and loving home for all your life. This was your furever home!

We were happy when you finally figured out it was okay to trust us and our couch was not only soft and warm but the safest place where now you find yourself all the time. Thank heavens too that now running to bed is something you find joyful and not scary. I love to watch you prance and dance and see your beautiful eyes light up with happiness. Your soft kisses mean the world to me, momma MaryEllen.

I love you little Sir Frankie and I am so glad you came into our life because you brought more Joy and fun with you to play with Nickolas. It is enjoyable to watch you both play like brothers it just warms my heart and soul. Momma loves you thank you for sharing your life with me.

Thank you.
Love Momma MaryEllen


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