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Spikey Spike Days

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A Note From the 'Rents

February 4th 2011 5:43 pm
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Today has been a very sad day in our house as we helped Spikey cross over to Rainbow Bridge.

A long hard decision that was made easier by friends and pals and their advice and love, but still has our hearts aching.

We had known for the past few weeks he was declining more quickly and the last few days he made it known he was not the happy camper. He was a trooper to the end.

Thank you all for love and support, listening and advice and for reading his diaries over the years. Thank you for the kind words and the gifts.

I will try to bring his humor over from the Bridge, I am a cryer so it will take a while.

I know he is at peace and playing with all of his pals, doing the Spikey Strut once again and sitting next to his Grumpypap getting his ears rubbed the only his Grumpypap could do.

Thank you all and God Bless!!


What I Am Thankful For

November 25th 2010 12:52 pm
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Well this year my health has declined, but I am still hanging in there and having more good days than bad days.

I am more vocal when I am home alone with Momma than when the Big Guy is home. So I am really thankful that I have not driven Momma to the funny farm yet and that she has not killed me for screaming at her for HOURS on end.

I am also thankful for my Aunt Joy who sits with us sometimes when Momma is working, so we can keep our schedule.

I am thankful for my doggie diapers, I yes I rock the diaper!!!!!!

Happy Thanksging to all!!!


Thanks for the Prayers - I am Doing Much Better

August 26th 2010 6:52 pm
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Hi pals, I just wanted to thank everypup for their prayers.

My sugar was EXTREMELY HIGH and I was almost comatos, yep almost no more me.

Thank goodness we were staying with my Aunt Patti while Momma and Dad were on vacation, if I had been at 90% of the kennels out there, I would be a goner.

Mom and Dad came home today and I will be getting my sugar rechecked tomorrow.

Momma noticed how great I looked right away and I have to tell you I am so glad to be home.

PS Thanks to my brother Nicco for looking out for me while I was so sick and confused at Aunt Patti's and to Aunt Patti for taking such wonderful care of me.


Vacation Prayers Please

August 23rd 2010 6:20 am
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Mom and Dad are at the beach with Ruutu. Prissi, Nicco and I are at Aunt Patti's and I am not doing well there.

I will not eat for my Aunt and I need to eat to take my insulin. Going to the vet to get sugar checked today, but please all keep me in your prayers, I mean I want to pay Mom and Dad back for not taking me on vacation - but I don't want a repeat of their last vacation, we were all just toooo sad after Ari passed to the Bridge.

Momma and Doc I agree I know how to play her, but Aunt Patti I just do not know how to get her to do want I want!!


Check Out My Cousin Kobe

July 8th 2010 6:11 am
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Hi pals!!! I have to tell you my cousins Kobe and Julz now are playing on Dogster. Here's Kobe's link

You can find his sister Julz from his page.

I am hoping everyone gives them a warm Dogster welcome. Momma's neice is doing their pages for them and I think she is doing a wonderful job. Ok, so she thinks black pugs are really cute and she really likes me, so ya know I think she does great!

Kobe's picture is coming, soon, he is a little camera shy, but their house is worse than ours for cameras flashing all the time.

Ok, so now that I did some nice PR work for Kobe, do you think I can get him to share some of his birthday ice cream with me?



June 27th 2010 4:32 pm
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Frosty - our weather? Nope!

Frosty - from Wendy's? Nope!

Frosty - what the big giys calls my white hairs? Yep!!!!

See he was doing my nails. finally, I was getting ready to sell them to Momma, and he told me how gray I was. Then he said no, you are frosty.

I like it and I think I will keep referring to my fur as frosty.

I did do something extremely amusing while the big guy was doing my nails. You know that postion the 'rents get you into to do your nails? They are on the floor, legs straight out and you are in between with your back to their belly and all four of your paws are out like their legs.

I kept my one hide leg out as far as I could and then did some exercising. Just some one legged leg lifts but every bit counts, right?

Momma thought it was so funny she ran for the camera, but before she got back with it, Dad was doing that leg.


I Miss All the Good Stuff

June 6th 2010 5:49 am
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So yesterday every fur but me went to Aunt Patti's with Momma and Dad. They said it would be too long of a day for me.

Well when they were leaving I guess the Momma got her paybacks as she fell in the mud. Nicco was being held by Momma and went down with her, he has been quiet about the whole story, but Prissi and Ruutu were telling me how funny it was. Nicco does have a detailed diary about the incident.

I guess Momma, who HATES to be dirty, fell on her big butt in a BIGGER mud puddle, with her legs up in the air. BOL!! I did not think she could even get her legs u pin the air.

Poor Nicco had to be embrassed, I was embrassed myself seeing Momma walk into the house in that blanket. I highly think she needs to leave a spare set of clothes at Aunt Patti's. This was definately the worst dirty she has ever come home from there but it is far from the first time been really dirty coming home from there.

So I was the only one with any energy last night or this morning and I have been taking advantage by punshing Momma and Daddy with taking me out and having "accidents" in the house for them to clean. I have to teach them somehow!!!


Not Enough Cuddle Time

May 29th 2010 5:39 am
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First let me just say that I want to thank everyone who is sending us rosies. We love 'em! Especailly the food ones. Momma is working on sending back to every pup, but she is still learning the new dogster and she suspects that not all of our pals are showing up on our pages, she says it just seems like furs are missing.

Those meat treats will come in handy tomorrow as the 'rents are going to Uncle's house for a swim picnic. We are not invited. Like I would want to go anyway, too many kids, too many dogs and too many other critters. Momma calls her brother's house Riley's Starter Zoo. Riley is her neice.

I am just hanging out today and Prissi is touching me with the tip of her paw and it is annoying me.

Momma has been busy planting and going to the dentist. The other morning Dad warned me before he left for work that Momma was in pain and to be on my best behavior. Momma is NOT a nice person when she is in pain or sick and it seems the temporary crown she got on Wed was causing more pain than the root canal. I was really glad she went back to the dentist on Thursday and they made her pain go away. We have been getting along well and I wasnt to keep it that way. But my point is I have not had enough cuddle time. Yo! Mom sit hold me and do nothing else!!!


My Momma is a Redneck Woman

May 15th 2010 7:20 am
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It occured to me this morning that my momma must be a Redneck Woman, just like the one in the song.

The difference would be she may or may not be barefoot and she is usually standing in the front yard with a black pug (me or Ruutu) on her hip and she is usaually in her PJ's when this occurs.

And I am pretty sure she does not shop at Victoria's Secert either -since she says lose skinny barbie dolls that work in there act like she should be shopping at Omar the Tent Maker.

My old brain cann't remember much of the other redneck things from the song, but OI think I have enought to prove my momma is a redneck woman. And that is ok with me, because I am prettty sure I am a redneck pug!


Making Peace In the Mornings

May 11th 2010 7:06 am
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It is not a big secret, but Momma and me have not had the best of mornings on a number of occasions. Some days I am just so mad at her, I keep doing things to upset her. And somedays I have her so stressed she is about ready to toss me out.

We are finding the key to better mornings is better communication between us. Ok so I already knew she would never just toss me out. But we are having an understanding.

I let her know when I need to go outside and she takes me right away. I tell her I want held and she holds me. She has wanted me to cuddle and be held for a long time, but I was too stubborn, now that I know what I was missing I want it more.

You see she has been giving me the most wonderful full body massages when she holds me, I just love them, so much that when she stops, I have been telling her more more more!!! By the way, we all get the massages but mine are EXTRA long and I get them everytime I cuddle, the other furs don't;)

It's all about adjusting our attitudes towards each other. I realized Momma loves me and wants to treat me like the other furs and I let her. Momma has adjusted to hearing me bark just because I feel like and just talks to me. Dad on the other hand comes running to see what is wrong when he is home on the weekends in the morning, for some reason that makes me stop barking.

She is even figuing out what to do on days I am not wanting to eat so I can have my shot, if she gives me canned food I just can't refuse.

Prehaps today has been the biggest stride we have made, it is another rainy ugly day and I have taken the attitude that Momma did not cause this rain an dI should not take it out on her for the weather we are having. WOW!!! This is so big!!!!

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