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Ariana's days

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Ari's Thoughts from the Bridge

May 2nd 2009 3:29 pm
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Oh my, I have been looking down and watching after my brothers and my new little big sister. I am just not sure that girl will ever learn.

Momma told her it was ok, there is not a chair monster on the patio, Prissi's leash and harness just caught the chair and pulled it across the cement.

The chair did not growl at Daddy, Daddy has terminal gas honey!

Nicco - C H I L L - you were once a wild man yourself, cut Prissi some slack, you look ridulus in her pink crate!

Spikey, I miss sleeping with my head on your butt, is it still so comfy?
I know some day we will be sleeping together again.

Later all Raffles and Callie have something fun planned for us!!!


My Friend Dillon

February 5th 2009 7:11 am
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I have been telling Raffles and Callie we might need a bigger place, my cousin Dillon has come to the Bridge.

Dillon fought a hard and brave battle with a sickness that is unheard of in Boston Terriers, but common in a few other breeds. He battles for a year and is now going thru processing, I want to be sure to be there to meet him.

He did the same for me when I came to his Momma as a rescue.

I am happy to have him here with me and sad at the same time, sad that he left his Momma and fur siblings.

I think I will bake him a cake, he has been on a very strict diet - so I am sure he will welcome some goodies.


Learning New Tricks

October 28th 2008 1:08 pm
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Oh I have been so busy making new friends her at the Bridge!!

Working with Raffles and Callie and living with them too!!

I am learning some new tricks, like how to make my presence known to my parents.

OK so maybe I am finding not quite the right ways to do it, but Mom fgured it out today.

First I made the clorox bottle leak. When "natural causes" got the blame for that. I left clorox paw prints on a newer pair of my daddy's dress pants. That was still confusing Mom, since she hardly ever uses clorox and never or the clothes they wear to work and I really messed with her, with some help from all my pals here, I closed the shower curtain before she could do it this morning!

So was it me or "natural causes"? you decide!


At My Daddy's Request

September 12th 2008 10:49 am
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Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there. I do not sleep
I am a thousand wind that blow.
I am the diamond's glint in the snow.
I am the sunlight the ripen grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the mornings hush, I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft star that shines at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there. I did not die.

author unknonwn


Gone to the Bridge

August 23rd 2008 10:05 pm
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Tonight I went the Bridge, it is such a beautiful place.

I crossed over in my Aunt Patti's arms, she rocked me and held me and was pleading with me to come back, I have always had a mind of my own.

Aunt Patti called my Daddy in tears, his heart is breaking. Momma was trying to be strong for my Daddy, but I know she is hurting too!

I thought if I crossed at Aunt Patti's I could spare Momma and Daddy the pain, Aunt Patti feels gulity she could not save me, she tryed CPR and mouth to mouth, I hope she understands it was my time no matter how many more years my loving humans wished I could have had with them.

I know this was not the next diary entry she was planning for me, it was more upbeat and happy I am sure.

I am hoping my pals Raffles and Callie can hep show me around, I know I act tough, but I am really very insecure.

Princess Ariana


Spikey and Other Gripes

August 10th 2008 6:49 am
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So Spikey went with My daddy for a car ride again yesterday. He gets more car rides than Nicco and I combined. I know they say he needs his sugar checked, I personally think he is scamming the 'rents to get extra attention and more car rides!

So my other problem is the last few days Mom and Dad have been talking about Princess P. I am the Princess and my name starts with an "A". I am a very good girl and I do not pee in the house so it is not reference to that. Who ever this Princess P is, is possibly coming to our house in December. They have also been saying that we will be at Aunt Patti's the day Oliva has her sonogram, so we will know before they do. What's a baby sister anyway?




August 7th 2008 8:54 am
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So every summer we have a problem with bettles in our yard, they drive Momma nuts, that's because they really like the basil that she plants eash summer.

So last Saturday when Mom got home from work (Saturdays are early because her office in only open three hours), Dad was outside washing our vehicles and Mom went to check on the plants.

Well the beetles were having a piggy feast on the basil and since it was pretty much dead, she decided she would just cut it all down and get rid of it. I was enjoying thr show of Mom swatting at the beetles, cursing at the beetles and running to Dad to save her from the beetles.

I did not think the beetle were so funny last night when one got into our living room some how and I thought it was food. It STUCK on my bottom lip.

Thank goodness Mom saw me acting weird and made Daddy chase me and get it OFF of ME even when she didn't know I had a beetle attached to my lip.

I guess I should not have laughed at her on Saturday, since they were in her hair, down her blouse and attacking her head.

On the good side of the experience, Mom and Dad felt so bad for me that they both gave me some chicken from their dinner to make me feel better.


Sunday Morning Pug Torture

July 8th 2008 10:18 am
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She cleaned my ears and said the left one was really NASTY, that they were bad pug parents.

She cleaned my wrinkle and said it was gross.

He got out the dremmul and "cut" every nail I had on every paw I have.

Then they said they did these things because they love me!

What kind of sick humans do I live with?



Not BEing Treated Like the Diva I Am!!!

June 30th 2008 10:52 am
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Ok so let me tell you, I am so mad, oh I just do not have the words for it.

I got a car ride yesterday, alone with my daddy, but we went to the gas station and to Grandma's house.

If that isn't enough it was in Mom's car!!! Not Dad's Jeep!!!! Spike has been for a ride in the Jeep, but not me!!

Grandma's house, I had to be on my best behavior, I was afaird to shed and....and.... dad left me alone with her. She just had her arm operated on so she couldn't pet me very well. Dad went to get her dinner so I got no food or treats from her.

After all that, I get home and Mom and DAD, both tell me to chill and quit being a drama queen.

I ask you is this how you treat a Diva.

I ask you is this how you treat a Princess.

I think not!!!



Got Time Out Again

June 17th 2008 7:35 am
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Ok so I was a bad puggie gurl this morning and I got my big butt in trouble.

You'd think I would learn, but I just can't help myself.

Here's how it went down; we were eating our breakfast and Spikey was taking too long cleaning up his kibble he pushed out of his bowl, so I snapped at him and told him it was mine, he disagreed and growled at me. You get the picture from there.

So since Dad was outta town, Mom was there to refree. She picked me up, smacked my butt and threw it on the sofa for time out.

Once Nicco and Spike were done eating, Mom came into the living room and talked to me about why it is so important that I not steal food from my brothers, especially Spike because of his diabetes and being frail; ok but also because I am too fat and its not good for me.

I quit poutting and told Mommy I love her too and I'll try better, I just don't understand why I just can't eat EVRYTHING.


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