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Day one - sort of

Mud, I love Mud..........My Name should be Mud

June 4th 2008 6:42 pm
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actually my name is mud tonight. In the not so nice way. Mom took us all for a walk at her brother's and well, I know how to get to the spring and I love to tramp around in the weeds and the wet, soft mud. SO I DID. And then the others joined me and mom then had four muddy and very dirty dogs to put in her car and return home. HM was not very happy 'bout that(especially since she had JUST brushed me), but, hey, it's the celebration of my first full year with my new family today and that's how I celebrate.

She forgave us quickly and gave us fish treats in our peanut butter bones, so all is right with the world. But I hear rumors of something called a BATH coming soon. Seems the shelter where she volunteers is having their Furry Friendzy (whatever that is) and I'm to go along with Jesse and get bathed in nice warm water along with a zillion other dogs while HM takes photos for the shelter newsletter. Hope I get a hotdog.


I'm in love with.........SNOW & Rabbits

January 11th 2008 1:46 pm
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Could there be anything - anything? - better or more fun than chasing rabbits through the snow and into their burrows??????? I submit there is nothing to compare. I am driving my mom absolutely nuts these days. All I want is to go out and then I return when she calls, only to scratch at the door wanting out again. We repeat this little "routine" innumerable times daily well into the evening hours. She says if she didn't REALLY, really like me so much and if I weren't so darned CUTE, she'd.....well, she never finishes that sentence, so I don't know what she'd do. What do you think she's thinking? I was born a snow dog, what can I say? Zoe, on the other paw, would rather curl up on the couch next to Mom and wile away the evening hours as Mom reads or watches TV. I prefer to interrupt her so she can open the door. She needs to get a doggie door, but says she can't toatlly "trust" all of us yet. Yeah, sure. Excuses, excuses...............She says we need careful watching over. Another overprotective mom! Anyway these rabbits sit about 10 yards awayin front of the sliding glass door and taunt me; Mom opens the door, I burst through and the chase is on. They always go to the same places to hide and I have yet to get one. But I'm trying. Dusty isn't interested and Jesse is on guard duty against possible invasions, so he's no fun, Zoe's lounging on the couch and it's all up to me to prevent an overabundance of these critters. So far it's Rabbits = MANY and Me = Zip. But one of these days...........


Tagged - you're it!

June 30th 2007 5:20 pm
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I've been tagged by my new pup pal, Georgie

RULES OF THE GAME: (copy and paste)

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their diary the rules and their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose some dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

1 I sleep with daddy, but never mom, every night, but wake up Mom first. She's not happy about that.
2 Mom takes me over to meet Carrot, the horse, sometimes. My hair raises - that's a very big dog!
3 Mom and Dad have never had such a light colored golden.
4 I'm still in the "bitey" stage and I keep getting told No Bitey a lot!
5 I love getting muddy and dirty.
6 I am food-oriented.
7 I don't yet know what to do with balls they keep throwing. Am I supposed to bring them back or what?

The seven pals I tag are:
Georgie, Olivia, Bailey, Chloe, Squirt, Nutneg, Bradey

Thanks for being my pals and playing tag with me!


Day 2 and a half

June 6th 2007 2:27 pm
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Hi everyone,

So far, so good. Getting on fine. They sure go outside a lot here. We walk to the mailbox, then the other direction to get the paper, then outside multiple times to hang and take down laundry, then out to play. Gosh, I'm a tired pup.

Right now my mom is typing this for me as I recline quietly on the new sofa. I okayed the new background with the butterflies - my former grandmom said I liked to chase bubbles, so I liked the fluttering butterflies.

I like my new food, too - they put cheese on top. Wow! And in the mornings, Dad has this thing about dry toast. He toasts a couple pieces until they're crisp and dark, calls us all into the living room and proceeds to break off little pieces and feed them to us. The other three are ga-ga over this stuff - are they nuts or what? But I joined in, too. Might as well. I can't recommend the taste, but the anticipatory chaos is a lot of fun!

Zoe and Dusty were really mad at each other today and Mom has no clue why. She says maybe misplaced anger over me upsetting the order of things. She gave them both a stern lecture and it's been okay since. Ya see, Dusty is Alpha Dog and Zoe is Beta, but I'd kinda like to best Zoe and take over that spot. (Oh,yes, Jesse. Well, it seems he's oblivious to everything around him except the location and locomotion of tennis balls. I mean nothing gets through to that boy but TBs. Anyway, maybe my trying to one-up Zoe a bit caused the problem, but we'll sort it out, Mom says, and meantime, she's there to restore order and sense and decorum.

Other than that small dust-up, things have been really great.

Gotta go, I hear my new dad coming in.

Love to all, Dylan and CO.


On the Road ..........where am I goin'?

June 3rd 2007 8:09 am
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I was picked up early this morning in PA by friends and we're heading west to Colorado and my new home. I've never traveled this far so far and I'm probably a bit confused. More later on my experiences through the Midwest and arrival in the mountains of CO. Jess, Dusty and Zoe, plus Aunt J and Uncle B are waiting to welcome me............hope we all get along.........I hear Dusty is the Alpha, so I best be on my bestest behavior. More later, back to heading west..........

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