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I was born under a lucky star . . . I think - Life after surgery

June 24th 2008 7:29 pm
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Hello to all my Dogster friends! Here I sit with mom, burning up the keys. This is an update to how I've been for all my friends and others who might be following life for me after IMTP diagnosis. So - I've had 5 million blood tests since September. I am finally off of prednisone - at this moment in time and have been through the surgery I was supposed to have in September of last year. The surgery who's tests changed my life forever. So far my blood tests have turned out well - my platelet count continues to be up where it should be. My mom thought this would be a good time to have my surgery to remove the polyps from my gums. That was supposed to happen in September when I got sick . . . only problem was that between then and now . . . I've collected a few more skin tags (little extra spots of skin), one mammary cyst and a mast cell tumor. Needless to say - I was on the surgery table for a bit. The mammary cyst was benign and the mast cell was a stage one - which I guess is pretty good or so mom heard from my doctor. The worst parts for me are that I haven't been able to go swimming - too many owies, including one big one where my cyst was removed.

Mom got really scared the day after my surgery. I was doing really good because I made it through the surgery with no major bleeding. Except the next day mom noticed a big lump on my side - right over my ribs. It was on the side that I layed on when I had surgery. Mom got scared because it grew overnight and the next morning when she felt it - it was warm to the touch. She called my vet who wanted to see me right away. She checked it out and put me on prednisone again:(.

She said it would be for a short time. She thought the lump was an inner bruising caused by complications with my blood problem. It was from where I laid on my side during the surgery - kind of where the blood pooled while I slept. We got past that - and then I decided I couldn't wait any longer. . . . . that weekend I tricked my mom into playing throw the rope toy for me. I looked really sad . . . and she fell for it. She was swimming in the pool . . . I brought the toy to the edge of the pool and she threw it to the other end of the yard. . . .

Silly mom! The fastest way to my toy was to jump in the pool. All of sudden she was yelling at me. I'm not sure, but I think she was saying - "get out." She looked really upset and pulled me out of the pool. The next thing I knew I was covered in a towel and she was drying me off like crazy. I didn't even get to retrieve my toy. Sometimes she can be no fun. . .

So . . . life has been really boring. No swimming. I have this cone like thing around my neck again. I got my stitches out yesterday, but I still can't go swimming. My doctor said I had a reaction to the stitches and I have lots of owies on my tummy from where the stitches were taken out. But the best part of all is that mom is babying me like you wouldn't believe. So is my big human sister. She took a picture of me a couple days ago sleeping and sent it to my mom. Something about wanting my mom to feel okay and not get all worried about me. . . it's posted on my page . . .

I'm feeling pretty good again, but mom had a worried look yesterday at the doctor's. Even though I could tell she was happy she was sad. They were feeling me and said something about finding another cyst. Mom told the doctor that if it was okay - we'd watch it real close for a little bit. Something about me not wanting me to spend the summer in stitches and not being able to swim. She knows I love to swim. . . . I sure love my mom! And she loves me!! Betty Boo . . .


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