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Christmas morning

December 25th 2008 6:38 am
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We woked up this morning and before we could do anything Grammy grabbed hold of me and putted me in her lap. She started singing to me in a real soft voice and then she started telling me that my Daddy was very close today coz she could feel him. She told me that he was watching over me and he wanted to make sure I had a good Christmas. Then as we always do, we pups got to open our presents first. We had opened our Secret Santa gifts yesterday, but we had prezzies from Grammy and PawPaw to open today.
We each got a BIG yummy ham bone!!!!!!!!! AND we EACH got a huge bucket of PUP CORN!!!! Man, we LOVE that stuff!!!!

I tooked my ham bone down the hall so I could be alone to chew on it in peace, but I felt a presence there in the dark hall with me. I wasn't afraid because I KNOW that presence so well. It was my DADDY!! He was watching me and grinning. He told me he can't believe I'm old enough to chew a real ham bone this year and then he laffed real softly. He asked me if I'm a happy puppy and I told him that I am the happiest puppy in the world (well, 'cept for when I can't sleep in Grammy's bed for some reason), but other than that I'm very happy. He told me he was very glad for that. He also told me how proud he is of me and what a good girl he sees that I am. He told me to keep loving dogs and people alike, and to ALWAYS give kisses before anything else, because kisses generally always make everything better. He says from what he hears I'm almost as good of a kisser as he was, but not quite as fast.................yet, bol. Then he told me he loves me very, very, very much and he will be back again but he had to go back to the Bridge to celebrate Christmas there. Today some humans will be coming for their pups and it's always such a big deal at the Bridge when humans come.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas. And if your Daddy or Mommy or Grammy or PawPaw aren't with you this year just close your eyes and FEEL them in your heart. They NEVER leave your heart. And they NEVER stop loving you.

Merry Christmas everypup.

Sadie Bug


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