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The turtle

May 27th 2008 11:59 am
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This morning it was raining (again) so none of us pups were very enthused about how our day was going to go. We knew it meant MORE time in the garage and LESS time INSIDE the house with Grammy and The Girl. Oh, and for your information The Girl is on SUMMER BREAK from school which means she and I will get to spend LOTS more time together. I'm so happy!! But I'm off the subject...................

Grammy and The Girl went to the store to get some stuff and when they comed home they had something with 'em. It was small...........The Girl was carrying it. It was brown on the outside, but on the inside it was yellow and bright orange. Grammy said it was called a "turtle". I'd never seen a turtle before so I was very curious as to what I could do with it.

The Girl put it down in the garage and all of us pups crowded around it to get a good look. Mommy was scared of it and she hopped sideways to get away from it, and then stayed a good distance away from it and just watched. Aunt Miley sniffed at it and then walked away totally uninterested and so did Uncle Sammy. But I WANTED to see what this thing was all about so I sniffed every square inch of it, which didn't take long because it wasn't very big. Then I sat down and stared at it and guess what happened?

The front of the turtle opened and it's head popped out!! It was bright orange and brown and had beady little eyes and when it saw me it HISSED at me. Well, that didn't stop me, no sir; I got up and went over to it and sniffed and then it's head went back INSIDE!! I thought that was totally cool. I sat down in front of it and waited for it to come back out again. It took a long time but it finally stuck it's head out but this time it's four legs came out too and it started moving away from me. I jumped up and started sniffing it again and I put my paw on it and spinned it around. It's head and legs went back inside, and Grammy said, "No Sadie, you can't spin the turtle. Play nice."

About this time Aunt Miley decided she wanted to get a better look at the turtle so she came over and put her dainty little foot on the back of it's shell and made it raise up a little bit. She sniffed the underside of the shell for a second then walked away. I don't know how she could just walk away from this interesting creature!! I mean, it's head AND legs can pop in and out..........isn't that totally cool!?!?!?!?!?! AND it hisses too!! So cool.

I laid down next to it and patiently waited to see what it would do next. It was a while before it opened it's shell a tiny little bit and I could see one eye. I tried to lick it but it closed up too fast and I ended up licking the hard shell. I have to say that turtle shell is not the tastiest thing in the world. Then it's legs came out and it turned away from me real fast and headed away from me. I tried to stop it with my paw, but all I did was turn it around and it hissed at me again, but it didn't go back in it's shell at least. Maybe we could be friends? I tried to lick it again to show it that I'm very friendly, but it wasn't having any of it. It opened it's mouth real wide and that's when Grammy and The Girl both screeched real loud and The Girl grabbed me up and said, "Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, that turtle is gonna bite you Sadie." Then Grammy started laughing real hard. She walked over to me and petted my head and said something like "Turtle 1. Sadie 0" I don't know what that meant, but Grammy told The Girl to take the turtle down the hill in the back and turn it loose in the woods.

The four of us pups ran outside and watched as The Girl walked down to the woods with the turtle held out in front of her with it's head sticking out. She told Grammy it was hissing again. That turtle sure was mad about going back to the woods. I think it wanted to play some more with me. I hope it comes back soon.


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