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Bailey's Tails From The Bark Side

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Bunny Nest

May 24th 2012 5:51 pm
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I heard Dad tell Mom I kind of got in trouble today.

First of all the kids came over to swim and I was the lifeguard as I always am. I watch them real good when they are in the pool and run up and down the side of the pool so I can watch them. I really don't like when they separate in the pool. I want them to stay together. When I get hot I jump in and swim with them.

Later I found a hole in the ground with baby bunnies in it. I was taking out all the bunnies from the hole so I could see them better. I had them all out on the lawn and the kids told on me. Apparently the baby bunnies did not do too well when I took them out! I just wanted to play with them. I don't know why that was so wrong!


I was tricked

February 29th 2012 10:14 am
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When mom or dad take me to the vet, I know as soon as they pull in where we are and I try real hard to pull them away from the place and not to go in.

I forgot that we changed vets last fall. Today we pulled up to this nice place and I could not wait to pull mom in so I could look around. I did not remember this place.

I started to get an idea that this might not be as much fun as I was expecting when I had to get on the scale to be weighed. When we all went into an exam room, I realized where I was but it was too late to leave! I was examined and they took my blood from me and I was given SHOTS!!!!

As I pulled mom out the door, I heard her tell dad to schedule my dental for next week. This time I will remember what this place is and not be so happy to go in there! Hmmmmppph!


Home again!

February 26th 2012 3:11 am
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The parents came home from their vacation yesterday and picked me up! I have been spending the last two weeks with my furless sister and her dog Bonnie

Now I will tell you diary, that I had a very good time with Tracy and Bonnie. We both went to daycare when Tracy had to go to work and we were together there. I did get groomed one day too, but aside from that it was fun. I don't want mom and dad to know that I was having a good time because I want to keep this guilt thing going.

I was sitting on the chair that gives me a good view of outside. I love to sit there and look out the window when I saw dad's car pull up! Tracy said I knocked everything off the table next to the chair because I was so excited. I ran back and forth between mom and dad and could not wait to jump in the car.

I sat in mom's lap all the way home and then did zoomies in the house when we got there. It is fun to go on vacation but good to be home again!


My Birthday

November 1st 2011 5:15 pm
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What a great birthday! I had a birthday cake and special dinner. I got to open my pressies today and all my Dogster and Catster friends were so wonderful to me.

This is my 6th Birthday. I was 1 and 1/2 years old when I started on Dogster, so starting with my 2nd Birthday, I have celebrated all my birthdays here, too.

Thanks to Georgie and Duffy for the great gifts that they gave me in St. Louis. Mom finally let me open them tonight. I will be posting pictures!

Thanks to Buttercup, Jazzi, Harley Diva Girl, George and family, MerryBelle Noel and family, Woody, Willey T and Dog Park, FancyPants Cafe, Fancy and Reba, Gypsy Belle, Coty, Riley and Izzi, Nina, Abbie (who is also celebrating a birthday today) River, Shaki, Ringo, Webster, Dusty The Puppycat and Iris, the family of Hershey, Kaci, Angel Bosco and Angel Bailey, Angel Rocky, the family of Rocky, Duchess and Lucy, Sunny, Prince and Snickers, the family of Max, Jake, Lola and Perry, the family of Ciao-Li, Weezer, Bizkit, Sheba, Katie, Arlo, Sneakers, Emilio and Sluggo, the family of Hershey, Sonja, Jasper, Miss Scarlett and Sumo, Abby, Dallas, Sassy Girl and the Critter Alley Crew, Hershey, the family of Walker, Alexandria, Pookah, Molly and all the kitties, The Boyzzz, the family of the Divine Miss B, Holly, Crystal, Zak, Jade, Ali, Cat and Chloe, my big sister Muffin, The Girls Next Door, Buddy, Maggie and Peanut, Moshe and Levi, Jewels, Cisco Kid and Star, Josephine and Jolanda, Lexi, Monnie and Roscoe, Raja, Jakie, the family of Daphne, Holly, Noel, Tia, Maxie, JoJo, Krickette, Lord Pippin, Georgie and Jackson, Maizy, Kiwibits, Gomer Puggins, Molly Woggins, Goober, Muffin, Curtis and Maynard, Lucy, Little Emma and family, Prin-cess and Gigi, Avalon, Scrappy and everyone who was so nice to think of me today. I will be getting back to thank you all personally for making my day so special.


Our day in St. Charles, MO

October 18th 2011 10:30 am
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We stayed overnight at the hotel on Sunday night after spending the day with our friends at Purina Farms. I was so tired that I did not even eat my dinner until 9:30 that night and I did not even want to bark at the people that made noises in the hotel.

The next morning after breakfast we packed up and checked out of the hotel and drove to St. Charles. We love walking around there. There are nice shops and restaurants and they are dog friendly.

Georgie and Jackson and their parents and Duffy and his mom met us there.

We went for lunch at a very nice restaurant and ate on their patio. All the dogs managed to get treats out of the moms and the waitress brought us water bowls. Some of the shops also put out water bowls for the doggies walking by.

After lunch we walked around and looked in the shops. Georgie and I are known as power shoppers and we poked our heads into all the shops. We particularly liked the Dog Bakery there.

About 3PM it started to rain a little and we said goodbye to our friends until next year and drove home. I napped some and I always enjoy stopping at the rest area to sniff around.

I can't wait for my next visit!


My day at Purina Farms with my friends

October 16th 2011 3:25 pm
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Last night we arrived in St. Louis and spent the night in a hotel. This morning after breakfast we drove to Purina Farms. I was so excited to get there! I remember going there before and knew I was going to have a fun day.

We met Pepsi and her sister Cindy Sue, Georgie and her brother Jackson and Duffy there and we went right away to our favorite event: the lure coursing. Pepsi and Cindy Sue did not do it, they do not like it as well as we do. I chased that white thing all over the field! We also did the agility event, obedience, race the wind and I tried pulling a cart this year. There was the annual costume contest and Duffy and his bubble bath costume won first prize and rightly so! He looked adorable!

After Purina Farms we all went out to lunch and we were very good while the humans had lunch. We had some water to cool off and some snackies.

Now we are back at the hotel for one more night. Tomorrow if the weather is good we will go walk around in St. Charles and meet most of them for lunch again and then drive back home.

Right now I need a nice nap!


I am in St. Louis

October 15th 2011 6:34 pm
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Well, after many hours of driving and some pretty terrible traffic when we came near downtown St. Louis, we are checked into the hotel. Mom and dad picked up some dinner for them to eat in the room and put out my dinner too. I am pretty excited so I have not finished it yet. I ate the good stuff out if it! Blue monkey is here, my ball and my blanket. I saw another dog checking into the hotel too. I hear that there is a swimming pool, but I guess I am not allowed to use it! A little white fur never hurt any pool filter, dad could vouch for that. He removes fur regularly and the pool is still going. Tomorrow we meet Georgie, Jackson and Duffy at Purina Farms. That will be fun.


Packing for my trip

October 13th 2011 8:13 pm
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Checking over what mom is packing for my trip to St. Louis

food dishes - good
blanket - good
Brush and comb - take that out and substitute toys
Toothbrush and toothpaste - put it back and take a bully stick
food - yep, we better bring some of that
Halloween costume for parade - I would rather bring treats

Looks good so far!


Getting ready for my trip to St. Louis

October 12th 2011 5:36 am
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Yesterday I spent the day at Tail Waggers getting groomed for the big trip this weekend. They made me smell funny so I will have to look for something outside to roll in to get a better smell on me. Mom and dad think I look good and like this smell. I have to decide what to pack for the trip.


Missing So Many Friends

October 11th 2011 4:35 am
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Many of my friends have made their way to The Rainbow Bridge lately. I have been on Dogster for over 4 years and have lost so many Dogster and Catster friends during that time. Even if I never met them in the fur, they touched my heart and my life and leave an ache when they go.

We read this poem and printed it in PDPC and STAFU's monthly newsletters and thought it was beautiful.

Pet Canvas

When we adopted you into our life our pet canvas was blank. With every lick of your tongue a portion of the canvas was cleared revealing part of a picture underneath. At first I thought it was strange. Instead of painting new memories you seemed to be unveiling a picture already there. But what was it of? I would understand later. As each wonderful year passed, our love for one another grew deeper. Every time we'd play, or go for a walk, or cuddle, more of the picture would be revealed.

When you grew old I started to see a pair of hands on the canvas. I assumed it was our hands petting you but I couldn't make out the rest of it because it was still fuzzy. We knew you were nearing the end and we loved you all the more. We prayed that God would take you in your sleep so we wouldn't have to make that awful decision. But He didn't and I was angry. I asked Him why would He put us in this situation? A soft voice answered, "If you truly love your pet it will all become clear".

When you became too weak and frail to finish the picture I knew it was time to put you to sleep. With all of the courage that God could give me I took you to the veterinarian. As I held you when you passed away my heart broke and rivers of tears streamed down my face. Then I heard His voice, "Look at the picture now". I did and it was crystal clear. He then said, "A pet canvas can only be completed with tears of compassion".

The picture wasn't of our hands petting you, they were God's hands holding all of us.

James A. Ruma

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