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Bonnie and the bunny

January 13th 2013 4:20 am
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My furless sister wanted to go visit a friend of hers this weekend so she dropped off Bonnie to stay with us.

Bonnie loves to stay over but she has managed to get herself in trouble a couple of times when she visited us. Twice she escaped from the yard. The first time she did that, she wanted to go to a party at the house next door to us, so we found her quite easily. The second time she went over to the Junior High school (about a 1/2 block away) and a very nice boy helped her get home.

Tonight mom let us out after dinner and when we came through the doggy door into the enclosed porch Bonnie was carrying a big dead bunny in her mouth. Mom screamed (she screams loud) and told Bonnie to drop it. Bonnie dropped the bunny and mom got us both inside the house.

Now she is trying to talk dad into going on the porch to pick it up and get rid of it. He told her he will do it after the football game! I don't know what all the fuss is about!

After football game #1 and before dad got settled in for football game #2, mom talked dad into helping pick up the bunny! Friends on Facebook were warning mom about fleas and other things that the bunny could be leaving on our porch. I will not say they looked like The Three Stooges picking up the bunny, (since there are only two of them) but they were having trouble. Dad put on gloves and got my pooper scooper and mom held the trash bag. He kept picking it up and dropping it but finally they got the poor bunny inside the bag and off the porch. Then mom began scrubbing the floor where it had lain.

We were now free to use the doggy door to the backyard and mom let us out for potty time before bed. She wiped our feet before we could come in but apparently did not get Bonnie's paws very good. Bonnie then jumped on the cream colored couch in the living room and left mud prints. Mom said some bad words, cleaned that up and we went to bed.

Today is another day! I wonder what adventures we will have today!

Barked by: Cleo (In Memory) (Dogster Member)

January 12th 2013 at 8:24 pm

I am sorry but I am laughing alot !!

With Cleo... it was a chicken. NEVER did find out where it came from !!

Then there was several bunnies too.....

Sigh.... Memories........
Barked by: THE BOYZZZ (Dogster Member)

January 13th 2013 at 2:44 am

BOL! Sorry we are laughing too! Imagining your Mum screaming really loud and your dad watching the football!! BOL!
Bonnie is now POP'S heroine! we only have mice here but he brings them in alive, plays with them and then kills them and daddy has a phobia of them, so its always left upto Mum to do the disposal!! BOL


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