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A Short But Important Life

Lil Pee 25 April 07 - 29 June 07

June 29th 2007 10:12 pm
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We want you to know that you have a new angel watching over you today. Our Lil Pee went to Heaven at 0530 today. We got him to the vet at 0400 but she couldnt save him. He had mesenteric root torsion with no symptoms until he went into shock at 330 am. Bandit Jr raised the alarm to get us up. He was so worried about his little brother.

We had a post mortem done immediately so that we would know if Hilde and Bandit Jr were in danger. They are not. This is a type of torsion most common in German Shepherds, Great Danes, Goldens and other deep chested breeds. We have no idea why it happened to Lil Pee.

It is almost always fatal as the intestines become necrotic. This is due to a ceasation of the blood supply to the intestines thru the mesentery. Our vet was kind enough to sew him up after the autopsy and prepare him for burial with Onry & the other 2 small pups.

Our Lil Pee fought the good fight all 8 weeks of his life. He was half the size & weighed less than 1/2 of what Hilde & Bandit Jr do but had an indomitable spirit. He was the first to do everything and he did it all with immense pleasure and pride. He learned his name first, barked first, ran first and found out what toys and balls were for first, and ate solid food first. The only thing he did last was get teeth. He was 11 days behind the others.

Each moment was magical & precious to him. You only had to see him move to know it, Lil Pee pranced more often than he walked. We are grateful that his short life was filled with love, accomplishment and a zeal for life.

We had many wonderful people want to adopt him and give him that great forever home. However, we had just come to the conclusion that we had to keep him. He was what we imagined Onry would have been like as a pup. We thought we couldnt bear to see him go. We are grateful also that he was held in loving arms when he passed, just like his Gramma Onry.

We love doing our small part for rescue, as we love our rescues, with all our hearts. We are still committed to loving another rescue, probably a senior, but our hearts need time to heal. We have been blessed with many years of love and reasonably good health in our canine and human family, but I guess this year is our time to pay dues.

Sapphire, Banditand the Onry/Snugglebunz Pack

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