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I'm in my new forever home!

May 26th 2007 12:34 pm
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It has been a bit confusing for me the last 5 days, but I think everything is going to be OK. I was just hanging out at the Nor Cal Aussie rescue santuary in Grass Valley with the 19 other Aussies there when, again, someone stopped by for a vistit to look for an Aussie to adopt. I was getting kind of use to this. Everyone was always nice to me, but, never seemed interested in taking me home. You see, I am 14 years old. This lady was really nice too--even though she had this silly dog with her named Wesley(I will call him the "meat missle"--now go figure why!!??). Then I noticed it---she wasn't looking so much at all the young dogs---she was actually looking at me!!!! She stayed for a couple of hours, but then she and the meat missle left--and as usual--she left without me. The next day Kim, who runs the shelter where I live, loaded me and 12 other dogs, into her van and headed for a place called Donner Lake. At the beach, we all jumped out of the van and started playing in the lake--we sure got alot of looks from everyone cause we were all having so much fun! But wait, suddenly there were 14 dogs---the "meat missle" was there too! And with him was that nice lady who had come to see me. When it was time to go, everyone was loaded into the van--except me?? The nice lady took me and put me in her car (with the meat missle) and took me home to her cabin--yes--finally a home, she did fall in love with me that day, and I have my new forever home!!!!! My new brother Wesley is actually very good to me---and I guess I was like him in my younger days. We came home from "the cabin" last night and I just found out I will have 2 cat siblings too (Smudge and Sissel). I think they like me!! Wow, I just said "I came home"--that sure feels good. Yes, I think everything is going to be OK from now on . . . .


Just in the "Autumn of my Life"

June 7th 2007 2:41 pm
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I met my new vet yesterday, Dr. Diane. She knew I was a little scared and gave me lots of treats to keep my mind occupied. The news was mostly good. I do have some arthritis, but am now on medication for it. My "senior labs" all came out normal and Dr. Diane said my heart sounded very good for a "dog my age". Now, there was the question she really could not answer except to say that I was probably older than 12, but younger than 16. Now her and mom did laugh about something when Dr. Diane commented on my beautiful new collar with lots of fall maple leafs on it. Mom said "I got it because I think Sunny is in the 'Autumn of his Life'. She also mentioned they had some collars with snowmen on it--but mom said she didn't think that would be appropiate for me just yet??!! Now what was so funny about that?? Mom did add that what is most important, is that I am young at heart and I now have my forever home . " Forever home", that sure sounds good to me . . .


Going on Vacation!

July 31st 2007 10:07 am
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I am so excited because we are getting ready to go up to our Donner Lake cabin and spend some fun time there! My former foster mom Kim from Nor Cal Aussie rescue is coming up for a visit with some of her foster dogs. It will be so good to see her again and some of my foster brothers and sisters. I just hope they can all find wonderful forever homes like I did. I will miss my Dogster pals til we are back---but sure look forward to all the fun I am going to have!!
Bye for now,


We're back!!

August 23rd 2007 8:11 pm
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We are home from our cabin and sure had a great vacation! One of the best parts of our vacation was meeting up with my former Foster Mom, Kim, of Nor Cal Aussie Rescue. She brought 12 of the foster dogs to meet us for a long hike and swim at a local ski resort. It sure was good to see everyone--and kind of sad to see that some of my former foster brothers and sisters had not found their forever homes yet. I know, that like me, they will be well taken care of by Kim until they find their homes. I sure am glad that Nor Cal Aussie resue found me a wonderful forever home . . . If by any chance you are reading this and might have room in your heart for an aussie, please visit their website at


My Salute To Shelter Workers

September 20th 2007 1:03 pm
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My human mom is an oncology nurse, and so often people say to her, "that must be one of the most difficult and sadest jobs in the world". She often replys by saying, "Yes, it can be very difficult at times. But the most difficult and sadest jobs she has held, is that of an animal shelter worker." The cancer journey is most often made with the support of loved ones, with dignity, and with as much comfort as is possible. On the other hand, the dogs and cats a shelter worker often encounters, have never known love, dignity, and the comforts that all animals deserve. It is often the shelter worker who is the first one to provide these homeless/unwanted pets with these much deserved comforts. And it is often the shelter worker that holds these precious pets in their arms when they take their last breath---for they are the victims of the pet overpopulation problem. So called "no kill shelters" are a great concept. But just remember, somewhere down the road from that "no kill" shelter, is another shelter, often a city or county shelter, that has to deal with the reality that there are just not enough homes for all the surplus dog and cats in this country. Sadly, not every dog and cat, through no fault of their own, are adoptable. The number one answer to this problem: SPAY and NEUTERING. Please, encourage spay and neutering , and of course, adoption, to all that you can. The wish of most shelter workers, is that someday, they will be without a job---because there are no more unwanted dogs and cats in this country. Until that day, we salute these people for putting their hearts into this most difficult job. Special thanks to Susan at the South Lake Tahoe Animal Shelter because if not for her, I would just be part of the statistic of pets who are put to sleep each day in this country.


7 months in my new forever home . . .

December 22nd 2007 5:01 pm
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Wow, today is the 7 month anniversay of my new forever home and I don't know who is happier, me or my new mom. I know what she must have been thinking that first day she saw me with my grey muzzle and crooked little arthritic legs. I was sure that she would pass me up like so many others had. But I guess she saw something special in me and knew that I was "the one". For that, I will ever be thankful. And yet she always says that she is the thankful one . . . What a very special Christmas this is going to be.


9 months in my forever home . . .

February 27th 2008 12:24 pm
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It's hard to believe that it has been more than 9 months since I was adopted into my forever home. Mom says it still makes her sad when she remembers how scared and sad I looked when my foster mom (Kim at Nor Cal Aussie Rescue) pulled away in her van after she dropped me off at my new mom's cabin. I have never told her how worried I really was. I thought for sure I was being abandoned again. But it didn't take long for me to realize that everything was going to be OK. I love my new family (even those silly cats Smudge and Sissel), and thanks to taking medications for my athritis, I feel so much better and this time I know for sure, I will never be abandoned again. I just wish that every homeless pet could find a forever home like I did.
Kisses to all my friends here on Dogster,


My Name Is Sunny!

April 21st 2008 5:14 pm
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For the last year of my life, everyone who meets me calls me Sunny. At first it was kind of confusing because "my people" never used to call me that. But, those people who used to call me another name, are no longer in my life. My foster mom at Nor Cal Aussie Rescue named me Sunny because she said I always had such a sunny dispositon despite the bad hand I was delt when "my people" left me on a busy road to fend for myself. But that was the past. What I do know is that everyday of my life is now full of love, runs at the beach, toys , a warm bed, a full dish of food, and all the things that every dog deserves. My mom always tells me what a bright spot I am in her life. That makes me so happy . . . .so happy to be her "Sunny". !



May 7th 2008 5:49 pm
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It's not so easy when you are an older dog to find yourself a forever home. Fourteen months ago when my people abandoned me, I was sure I would never find someone to love this grey faced, crooked legged, little old man. I was so lucky that my first foster mom, Nancy at South Lake Tahoe Animal Shelter thought enough of me to take me home with her when my time was up at that shelter. She then called my next foster mom, Kim at NorCal Aussie Rescue, who took me in because she thought, that despite my age, I deserved a chance to spend my last days in a loving forever home. And when my forever mom saw me on Kim's rescue site, she saw my sweet face and beyond my age, and knew that she would have to bring me home. I know at my age that I may be with you for 2 months or maybe 2 years. But when I do go to the Bridge someday Mom, I just want you and my foster moms to know what your love meant to me the last years of my life. Happy Mothers Day to all of you . . .
Love from Sunny


Celebrate My Adoption

May 12th 2008 11:20 pm
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There is no way for my forever mom to know what my real birthday is--or what my real age is! So, May 22 is the first anniversary of my adoption and we have decided to celebrate my birthday that day too. And as far as my age goes, lets just keep saying I'm 13 years old--maybe that way I can stay in my forever home for many more years!

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