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She's A Golden Doodle Dandi

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Favorite Toys

July 13th 2012 1:18 am
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Well, Momma went to bed but now she's up again :0( She's hurting so she figured she could play on Dogster. She got her shot in her hand to try & get her finger not to lock down, it still sticks but she does't have to use her other hand to pull it up & it's not as painful as it was. They didn't know if this was going to work, but it looks like it is gonna help enough to get through the summer before she has to have surgery on all 4 for her fingers. Surgery has to happen, but not until fall cause when they did the other hand she couldn't use it for weeks & then she had very little mobility with it for months. But this way she can still help Daddy with the siding and painting. Daddy works hard at work, then comes home & they work till dark outside. When the bad weather comes then they work on the inside. They want to get the remodeling, inside & out, done before Daddy retires in a couple of years.

Wednesday evening Momma & Daddy went & picked up one of most favorite toys...Pamela! Pammy is almost 9 & is one of the sweetest, most loving kids I've ever been around. When she was younger she was bitten by their dog who had some issues. Poor Pammy wasn't doing anything but walking by & wham the dog got her. So, she was scared of dogs after that. It took a little while to show her that I wouldn't hurt her for anything, but she came around & now we're the best of buddies! Momma loves havin the grandkids come & stay. On Sunday another one of the toys are coming over too, Gabrielle, she loves to shoot me with her finger so I lay down & play dead. She thinks it's the funniest thing in the whole world. She also loves to give me treats!! The kids know they have to ask if they can give me one, but ususally Momma says ok. I love to run & play outside with them & then come in & snuggle over a movie. The grandkids all really love me very much & they are some of my most favorite toys. Having the toys here makes Momma & Daddy slow down the work cause they want to spend time with the grandkids, another reason to love the toys!

Well she's off to see what's goin on in our groups! I keep telling her that normal people sleep at night. Oh well Dogster gives her some thing to do on the nights she can't sleep. Thanks Dogster!


Where's Daddy??

July 11th 2012 12:50 am
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All day I have been looking for Daddy but couldn't find him. He wasn't outside working and he wasn't inside working and Mom was home all day so he wasn't taking her to the doctor again, so that means HE WENT BACK TO WORK:0( I hate it when he has to go back to work after a vacation, it's sooooo easy to get use to and liking him home all the time. Momma seems a little sad too, it's always this way when he goes back to work, both of us just kinda mope around all day until he comes home. Tonight he fininshed up a deck in the front of the house and he put Mommas new "Grandkid" fountain up, it's right next to her Grannys Garden. That made Momma smile, she loves fountains with their sound of running water. Me, if it makes her happy I'm happy, plus the sound of running water reminds me when I go outside it may be time to tinkle! Do my business then play time. Tomorrow they start back on the siding, but Dad said Mom can't paint for a few days. Don't know how he's gonna stop her when he's gone all day at work, but Mom's told him ok...we'll see if she can keep her pawa of the painting!

It's suppose to be in the 80's for the next few days here but we have air conditioning in several rooms of the house so I can keep cool even with all my hair. The weather has been really good for the blueberry plants, they are loaded and some are ripe...very good eats but I can't just help myself like the birds do so I just nibble at what they drop! I like the birds and the wild rabbits, I don't like the raccoons though, they can be really mean and they've hurt several people and animals in the area. They really work as a team and if you're by yourself you can get into real trouble with them.

Ooops, guess we're goin to bed. Night all.


Home Alone

July 9th 2012 11:54 pm
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Well today hasn't been a whole lot of fun. I've been home all day by myself, well most of the day anyway. Mom had to go to the doctors so Dad took her. She got a shot in her hand for her finger but the doc said it probably won't help so that means surgery. YUK! Mom's had enough surgerys. She won't let them do it until fall cause her & Dad are taking off the old siding and she's doin the painting. Maybe it will work though so we are keeping a good thought, she's surprised doctors before :0) so she just might do it agian!!

After the doctor they went to # 8 Grandchilds (Abigail) 1st B-Day! I wanted to go but they said no cause there would be alot of people there and I wasn't invited. Mom's real careful to make sure that I'm welcome before she takes me places. I should have been invited, I would have only made the party better! That's ok the kids are going to be coming over and then we can have our own PARTY here!

Woops, Mom's headed for be (she's holding her hand in the air, how's she gonna sleep like that?) Well good night all, sweet dreams.


Long Days

July 7th 2012 11:54 pm
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Daddy's vacation is almost over and he's back at work on Monday :0( Momma & I get a little sad when his vacation is gone, we miss him when he's at work. Poor Daddy probably needs to go back to work so he's not working so hard, up early and working on siding until dark, he needs to go back to work to get some rest :0). Momma's been too tired to spend much time on dogster, she just comes in after dark, showers, gets dinner and goes to bed. They both are very tired.

I got my bath last night and Momma brushed me today in between coats of paint on the siding. She played a little soccer with me too, but I was a ball hog so she quit, said she didn't have the energy to chase me all over. I felt bad about the whole ball hog thing so I brought the ball over and gave it to her when she was weeding her Grannies Garden. I got loved up on for that! Momma says she doesn't know what she would do without me...none us wants to even think about that!

Well, it's gettin that time again, Momma's finally headed for bed, so I must go for now. I watch over both of them during the night, sometimes I kinda scare her when she feels my breath on her face when she's asleep...just checkin to make sure all is well. Night Momma & Daddy. Your brown eyed girl loves you both!


4th Of July

July 4th 2012 9:13 pm
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This has been a good day, Tux woke me up this morning and told me that I had a diary of the day. Well, I was very excited about this so I ran and got Momma up to tell her! Neither one of us sillies knew what that meant so Momma got onto Dogster and started asking around. We seen the picture of the Diary of the Day Doggie and it wasn't me so we were very confused. But then we seen that there were more so we clicked on that and there I of the picks. Thanks Tux for letting us know and for telling this goofy doodle what it meant.

We have received lots of congrats and rosettes and we want to thank all of you for the love that you have shown me. This day tends to be hard of Momma, when she was 16 her brother died in a car accident on the 4th of July. It has been many, many years but Momma still misses him terribly. They were very close and she wishes he could see all the good things in her life, her husband of 36 years, her 2 daughters and 8 grandkids and of coarse me. Love never ends and she is very thankful for that. Anyway all of the love you guys sent our way today helped Momma to not be so sad.

We love all of you and hope that you all had a wonderful, safe holiday!



July 2nd 2012 11:32 pm
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Momma got some major ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's last night, in fact Daddy got up early and told me to come with him so I didn't wake her up. I checked on her several times and reported back to Daddy...she's asleep. She did't even wake up until 12:30, Daddy & I had already had breakfast and was thinking about lunch when she came out of the bedroom. She still looked a little doppy but well rested. Thank you all for caring about Momma.

Tomorrow we'll hit the house again well at least me and Daddy, Momma's going to go out and do some shopping so we'll be on our own. The weather is suppose to start warming up and actually hit 80 on Friday! We feel really sorry for those pups that have been hit with terrible heat and storms...we pray that they will all be fine and things will let up on them a little.

Oh boy, Mamma's headed toward bed so I gotta go with her.



Long Day

July 1st 2012 11:13 pm
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It has been a really long day, but Mom & Dad got lots done. Mom is not sleeping again, I just can't get, I can sleep anywhere at anytime...I get this from Dad, hehehe

They got a good section of old siding off and Mom painted 4 more sheets. It was dry long enough for her to mow the lawn and for me to go and play fetch for a while. I then went over and laid down on my blanket and watched Mom paint and I did what...fell asleep!

It was a good day and tomorrow it's not suppose to rain so we'll be back outside again. I love being with Mom & Dad. I still haven't had my bath, but what do I care, I don't smell me so it must not be that bad.

Well it looks like maybe Mom's headed for bed so I gotta run.



June 29th 2012 11:23 pm
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Mom & I are doin the "doodle dance"! Dad's on vacation for the next 9 days! We love hanin him home. We will be working on the siding but that's ok, the 3 of us always have fun. Dad's folks that he works with are sad cause Mom won't be using them a guniea pigs! She'll still work on reciepies but they won't be getting the food, darn guess I'll just have to step up and eat their share...hehehehe The next pictures of me will be chubby Dandi from 75lbs to 100 in just 9 days! Well Mom won't that happen, but a girl can dream :0)

Mom said so many of our buddies are have heat waves, I wish you could all come and spend the weather with me. We hardly ever get weather in the 90's but when we do it's not a dry heat it's real muggy and saps your energy. We'll be praying for all of our friends to be kept safe and sound. It reached 70 here today, but it was muggy cause our ground is still real wet.

Mom got so mad when she read The Scoop Rescuing Rosie that she cried hot tears, how can people do that to anything thats living. We sure are blessed by having the pawrents that we have.

Well Dad's cueing up a movie...I hope it's Homeward Bound, that one always makes the 3 of us cry at the end. We know that he's gonna make it home but still it gets to us!

Let the vaction begin.


The Cupcake Have Landed

June 29th 2012 12:49 am
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Finally...Mom got her lemon cupcakes baked yesterday so Dad took them to work. Tonight she tried a new, they are good but Mom likes the lemon best, me? I'll have to sample several more before I will know hehehehe. Dad will take them for the folks at work tomorrow. Mom likes feeding people, Dad calls her a feeder! That's not so bad, I just happen to like to eat!

Mom talked with Grama today and found out that her doctor thinks she has lung cancer. They want to wait 6 months or so and just watch it. Mom's not happy with that whole wait thing. Cancer is not something to mess around with. It would be far better if they just checked it out, maybe it's not cancer. Mom always wants information, that way she knows which direction to fight. Not knowing will just knaw on both Grama & Grampa, but Mom let them know what she thought and now it's up to them. Mom will support them no matter what they choose to do. This time of year is hard on Mom well the whole family. Mom's brother died on the 4th of July when she was only 16. They were extremely close and she misses him even after all these years. Love never dies, thank the good Lord above. The last words he ever spoke to Mom was that he loved her and that would never change no matter what happen. It was as though he knew that he was going to die that day. Oh Lord how she misses him.

Dad is taking all of next week off and that makes all of us very happy. Nine days of having Dad here all day...YEA... It's a working vacation. They will be taking the old siding off, which takes longer than putting the new up. It's paper not wood and it does not come off easily. We live in western washington...rain all the time and they put paper siding on the house!!! Sometime you just have to wonder where people keep their brains! O well we will all 3 be together and that's what counts. Later this summer they need to put on new roofing...I wonder if they'll let me up on the roof. I swear if Dad says no because of the whole lack of thumb thing again I'll bark, loudly, stupid thumbs.

Well it looks like Mom's headed to bed so I'll go lay down next to her side of the bed and dream of cupcakes.


No Cupcakes

June 26th 2012 11:42 pm
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Well the day is ending and Momma couldn't bake her cupcakes for Daddy to take to work. Her foot hurt too much today so she had to stay of it. She's hoping for tomorrow, we'll see. We just hung out and watched old movies together. I'm sorry that she hurts bad sometime, but I do like snuggling up and watching movies. Tomorrow night is bath night...yeah. Mom says I'm getting a little ripe, hehehehe. That's ok I like bath night cause I get tons of attention. Thursday will be me and Mom grooming and I get to ride on my new grooming table. It's fun going up and down and it makes it alot easier for Mom too, so it's a win win. Sure hope Mom gets those cupcakes made...sometimes she lets me have a taste of the frosting, not alot but boy is it good.

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