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A Day in the Life of Tikka...

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I Get to Be Dog of the Week? WOW!!!

November 1st 2008 2:08 pm
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Not merely dog of the day or dog of the hour, but DOG OF THE WEEK! Ha! Take that my cat-brat siblings! MUAHAHAHAHA! Sadly, I missed most of my week because mom and dad went out of town and I wasn't allowed on the computer! Grrrrr!

Actually, I am not surprised to be named DOTW. As a Shiba we are naturally showered with adoration and attention. It was just a matter of time. Although I HAVE been on Dogster for over a year, I'm not sure what took HQ so long. Anyway, I'd like to! I may not show it, but deep down my little Shiba heart is swelled up with love for Dogster!

The very best thing about being DOTW is that I made tons of new furriends! Thanks to all my new and old pals who sent me contratulations, rosettes and special gifts! If means a lot to me!




I've Been Tagged!

April 15th 2008 4:36 pm
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My good pals Mia, Kodi and Moxie have tagged me!

The rules to this game are to put in four of the following and then tag four other pups! So here goes:

Name four jobs that you've had.

1. Chief Domestic Security Officer - NO BIRDS ALLOWED IN MY YARD!!
2. Official Alarm Clock - No lazy bone human in MY house is allowed to sleep beyond 5:00 am!
3. Cat Herder - Anytime the cats sneak outside, my job is to herd them back into the house, hehe!
4. Food Taster and Approver - Mommy must provide me a small taste of everything she eats. I review and approve for taste, texture, and quality.

Four places you have lived.
1. With my human mom, dad and my two cat-brats.
2. With my best friend Mojo the Boston Terrier (for 10 whole days)
3. My favorite human great auntie Connie (for a couple of days)
4. With my original humans that adopted me, but then they had to get rid of me because they were going overseas in the military.

Four places where you have been.
1. Phoenix, Arizona
2. University of Nevada Las Vegas (I'm a smart pup!)
3. Mount Charleston
4. Red Rock Canyon

Four places you'd rather be.
1. Outside, Outside, Outside!
2. On a long hike in the mountains
3. Petsmart or Healthy Tails
4. John Mulls Meats (butcher), I always get a delicious treat when I go.

Friends I choose to play tag:

Sarah Smartypants



November 23rd 2007 6:56 am
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My "typist" has been slacking! She got this new job, so MY administrative needs have been put on the back burner, hmmpff! I will have to teach her to get her priorities straight.

In the meantime, I have to apologize to all my pals who have tagged me (Kiku, Winnie and T-Bone). I wasn't ignoring you, my paws were tied! My good pal Siri has just tagged me with a special Thanksgiving tag, so I nagged mommy until she got on the computer!

Here are the rules:
Because it’s Thanksgiving time, there is a change to the rules.

Each player needs to tell seven special things they are
thankful for. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary
and their 7 things. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their
names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been
tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to

The seven things I'm thankful for are:

1. I have a wonderful home with a loving mom & dad
2. I am healthy and active
3. I have terrific pup pals here on dogster!!
4. Mommy spoils me endlessly!
5. Although they get on my nerves, I am thankful for my cat-brats.
6. I get to go to the dogpark EVERY weekend!
7. I AM A SHIBA INU!!!!!!!!

Let's see, who can I tag?

Titus My cute little pug friend.
Duncan So handsome and a GREAT dance partner!
Mia The bravest, sweetest pup on Dogster!
Molly Lakota Blue My cute little cousin...bossy, but cute!
Tessa Sue My cool, smart, RAW pal!
Aya My gorgeous, photogenic Shiba pal!
Sarah Smartypants My best friend on Dogster! Sarah, just know that whenever I get tagged, you get tagged, bol!!


The Doggie Bed

September 7th 2007 9:39 am
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My mommy loves me, she really does. But, she doesn't "get me", ya know? See, I have my own couch where I sleep. But I also like to sleep on the floor or outside. Even though I'm little, I'm pretty rugged. I don't like a lot of girlie, foo-foo things.

Well, mom decides to buy this doggie bed from petsmart. She kinda felt bad that I laid on the floor a lot and she thought I needing something comfy. Can't blame her for that. So she buys this big cushy pillow thing. Hmmm, seemed like a great toy to tear up! No, she says. Tikka this is for you to lay on or sleep on. She left it on the floor for awhile. As I said, I have my own couch, if I want something soft and comfy, I'll use that!

Well, I didn't care for the pillow thing and proceded to pick a different spot on the floor to lay down which really aggravated mommy! Why don't you want to lay on the pillow Tikka?? Hee, hee! I dunno, I just don't.

Well, then my cat-brat Ray-Ray decides to lay on MY pillow!! WHAT!! Hey, no fair! I was just about to lay there myself! MOM!!!!!!!!!!!

So I bark at stupid Ray-Ray and tell him to GET OFF MY PILLOW!! Does he listen, NO! He just hisses and swats at me. THE NERVE!!!

So I go to mom to tattle on him and have her get him off my pillow. Know what she says? Well, if you don't use it, Ray-Ray can use it. WHAT!!!


Just because I don't lay on it doesn't mean that HE can! It's mine, mine, mine!! I know its mine 'cause I was with mommy when she got it, not Ray-Ray!

Well, me and the cat-brat argued so much over it, that mommy picked it up off the floor and she uses it on the couch for herself. Well, I don't mind that so much as long as RAY-RAY doesn't get to use it, hmmmpf!


Pawents are finally back from vacation!

August 26th 2007 9:57 am
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Whew, its been an adventure! My sitter got the full Binaca blast of Shiba charm for almost two weeks, heehee!

First of all, she lives in a condo and expected me to do #2 on a leash while she watched! Can you believe that! Well, I just took to pooping in her spare room in the middle of the night when no one could see me. She finally started taking me to the dog park so I could have a little privacy, sheesh!

Then, I refused to eat my liver and she didn't know how to make me like mommy does, hahaha!

I made a habit of dragging her underwear and her hubby's stinky, sweaty gym clothes into the living room for show and tell!

and even though it was Mojo's home, I still bossed him around, wouldn't let him eat his food or play with his toys and basically became the Diva of the household.

Karen said I'm too smart for her and what she really needed was a doggie Rubic's cube to keep my busy mind engaged and out of trouble!

I guess that will teach mom & dad to go on vacation without me.


They Actually LEFT ME!!!!!!

August 10th 2007 9:54 am
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I've been betrayed! I thought we were just going to Mojo's house for a playdate. I was having so much fun, and the next thing ya know, mom and dad are gone!!!

They said they were leaving me in good hands while they went on a stupid vacation. They said I couldn't go 'cause they were flying. No worries. I was confident they would change their mind. How could they possible live even one day without me?!

I just can't believe they left me....

So here I sit...abandoned....for 10 whole days.

I think I'll go take my frustrations out on Mojo.

Signing off,

Tikka, the abandoned only-pup with the mean, mean mommy & daddy!


I ate a GINORMOUS Bug!!!

July 21st 2007 3:36 pm
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Actually one of the largest insects in North America. Yep. I hunted it, I killed it and I ate it. I am a great ninja warrior huntress!! Nothing survives in my yard!!

It was about four inches long and about 1 1/2 inches wide. Quite crunchy and tasty, if I say so myself. Well, mom found the remnants (see page 2 of my photobook) and freaked! Geez, I hate when she screams like that, nearly breaks my eardrums! The thing had this white rice in its body. Mom thought I might get parasites or something. I had to go to the vet and everything!

Well, my great dogster pals helped mommy figure out what kind of bug it was (paws-up to Maya, our hero!!!). It was a Palo Verde Borer Beetle. Here's a picture of it -- BIG BUG

I'm off to figure out what else to do to keep mom on her toes! I'll tell ya later about my adventures with Mojo when he came to live with me for a week! Heehee! That almost sent mom over the edge into insanity!

Thanks to all my dogster pals for helping us identify our bug! You pups are PAWSOME!!

Tikka -- The Ninja Bug Hunter


Ninja Doggie Strikes Again!!

June 21st 2007 8:30 am
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Someone in this house....MOMMY....didn't take me to my beloved dog park for two weeks. Why, you might ask? 'Cause she's a big, fat procrastinator and waited until the last minute to complete her work project, that's why! So who suffers? ME!

Well, this Saturday I finally got to go. And because she is such a dawdler, she stops at Starbucks for a frap. Never mind how anxious I am to get to the park and see all my pals!

It was a cool morning, about 6:00 am, so she didn't bother to roll her window up, MUAHAHAHA! No sooner did she find a parking spot...WHOOSH! Ninja doggie disappears! I practically sprouted wings and flew out that window without the slightest hesitation. So fast mommy hardly saw me. She had to do a double take to make sure I really accomplished such a feat.

She's calling me to come back...I stopped to greet a few doggies, she tries out her "commands" to grab ahold of me. NO WAY MOMMY!! She was trying to block me off from the busy street, well, I wasn't interested in going there anyway. I just hotpawed it across bike path, up the embankment and down into the water retention basin where I stopped and waited at the gate of my beloved dogpark. Geesh, what's taking her so long?

As she arrives, weak in the knees and panting (teeheehee) she was talking to herself...$200, two months of dog training, practice every day, and the ONE time I need this damn dog to do what she's told, does she? NOOOOOOO!

Hehehe! Well, I guess she'll pay more attention to MY needs from now on!

Paws-up Bad Doggies,



I've Been Tagged Again!

June 15th 2007 7:20 am
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Duncan, my great dance partner of the Las Vegas Dance Team Duncan & Tikka has tagged me!

I am soooo excited for the All Fur Fun Dance Marathon to start. I got a bath & brush and my nail done, got a new dress (bleck!) and I...AM...READY! Normally, I'm not into the girlie foofoo stuff. I am a ninja warrior doggie, afterall! But mom sez I need "social skills" whatever that means. Thanks Duncan for the tag and askin' me to the dance! WOOHOO!

RULES OF THE GAME: (copy and paste)

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their diary the rules and their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose some dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

Here's some MORE fun facts about ME!!

1. I hate cashews, tomatoes and carrots...YUCK!

2. I learned how to roll down the electric windows in the SUV at will. Scared the pawents half to death, till mom figured out that the car had window locks...BOL

3. My ninja skills are so great that, undetected, I can make an oatmeal cookie levitate off of the counter (that's too high for me to reach) and into my mouth.

4. Every Saturday, on the way to the dogpark, we stop at Starbucks and mom shares a little bit of her frappacino (decaffeinated) with me. SO DELISH!
I wonder if Starbucks has chicken or liver flavored frappacinos?

5. I have a thing for German Shephards...just can't resist 'em!

6. I prefer cat toys to dog toys, way more fun, plus it just irritates the cat-brats when I horn in on their play time!

7. The noisy rooster that lives behind us DRIVES ME CRAZY! I keep challenging him to hop over the fence so we can settle this dog to bird, but he is such a CHICKEN!

TAG! You're it..

Sarah Smarty Pants Nipper of Noses -
Tao Lee Pei -
Tabitha -
Bryan -


Sucky Weekend

June 11th 2007 6:51 am
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Well, this weekend was a bust. I didn't get to go to the dog park AT ALL. Mom had this big proposal to write, and because SHE is a procrastinator, I have to suffer for it. NO FAIR! Daddy's brother was in town, so he didn't spend much time with me either.

(sigh....) I did get to go to Petsmart on Sunday. I was really excited, until I discovered I was there for training! How rude of mommy! I didn't get a toy or anything. Well, I showed her! Normally, I am the star of the class, 'cause I learn really quickly and we also practice at home. But this time...I just wasn't into it, ya know? So, I tried to ignore mommy as much as possible, "speak to the paw," as they say.

When she put me in a sit/stay and walked really far away and then asked me to "come! Tikka" Well, I didn't just run over to her all excited, like all the other doggies did, NO WAY! I had to think about it first, then I just walked, or rather sauntered my way over. I tell ya, she was not happy with my attitude, teeheehee.

I did get some revenge. On the way home from training, I gave mommy a gift. A big, smelly FART, right in the car! HAHAHAHAHA. Almost blew her right out of the car! Really, it must have been those liver treats...bol!

Then when we got home, I went directly to the living room and gave daddy and uncle Sonny one, too! The silent, but deadly kind!!! That should teach them to keep me from by beloved dog park, hmmmphh!

Hopin' for a better week,

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