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Mom is so Disappointed in herself...

October 1st 2008 9:07 pm
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Mom and Pawps took in a foster dog, that was one of the puppies they fostered. She came back b/c she was aggressive towards the owner's housekeeper, and they refused to take her to a behaviorist (free of charge provided by the rescue) and just decided to have her PTS. We stepped in, thinking it would be a short-term solution. Its week 2.5, almost done with week 3, and Mom and Pawps have had a tough time taking the time to exercise her as much as she needs. They've taken turns taking her out at night for a joh/walk, and Mom tried to get up at 5:30 a.m or earlier to walk/jog her. After the first week though, Mom's energy petered out, and she couldn't get up every day. It dwindled to a couple mornings she was able to get up this early. Pawps then took over, and started rollerblading with her at night, b/c Mom was so tired. I'd like to mention here that Mom works 12 hour days, plus has a long 2 hour commute to Los Angeles and back. She is exhausted at the end of the day, and waking up even earlier than usual before the crack of dawn took its toll. She couldn't stay awake at work, for one. Second, she kept falling asleep and nodding off on the way home. Poor Dad picked up the slack, and was exhausted in the middle of deadlines, walking and rollerblading with her. They even tried to bring her indoors in the crate as the trainer said, but it didn't work because Milo and Tabifa got totally freaked out. Well, Milo showed no signs of upset, until he came down with the worst cold ever. He had dripping oozy spit, drool, a really runny nose, he couldn't breathe and his eyes were also oozing. We had to take him to the vet after nearly a week of isolation, and no improvement. He was put on Clavomax, and Grandpaw had to come by to take him to the vet. He is still sick, and its been nearly 2 weeks. Thats why they haven't been able to bring Coco back inside when we are sleeping, or during the day. Mom and Pawps really wanted to, but they're afriad that the other kitten, Tabifa, will also get sick, or Milo will get even worse. At one point they thought Milo had somehow contracted latent FeLV or something worse.

In any event, Mom and Dad emailed the rescue, and let them know that they would need to find a new foster home. They'd been working with 2 of the core volunteers, who'd offered to help walk her during the day. They even helped bring over a dog run, and also a treadmill we intended to use on her. But for some odd reason the emails from the trainer kept on getting delayed, and Mom didn't hear back via phone either. By that time, the trainer/behaviorist was too busy, and so a week went by without being able to train her on the treadmill.

So it looks like they are going to take her tomorrow to a different foster home. Mom feels like she gave up on Coco, and the last few days while Pawps was on a business trip, she was determined to walk and run with her, to get her up to speed, and get out all that nervous energy. She feels so bad that this happened.

But when she sent the email, alerting the rescue that they would need to soon find a foster home, the core volunteer couple freaked out, and said some very mean things to M&P, chastizing them, as though they were the original owners, and blaming them if Coco were to bite again. As IF! Pawps was especially mad, b/c we are doing our best for the foster, under the circumstances. The only reason we took her in, was b/c there was no other choice. Either we had to take her in, or she would be euthanized without a proper evaluation.

So now the 2 core rescue volunteers are upset with us. I do feel bad about not using the dog run, but Pawps did not have the time to go and find the tarp to cover it. Its also really hot during the day, and there was also the danger that she would dig right through the soft soil, as their backyard is totally made of dirt.

Mom feels so guilty. She didn't want to give up on Coco, and even contemplates keeping her for the next couple weeks until the main volunteer returns from her vacation. However, it looks like the rescue would be annoyed if Mom and Dad decided to keep her for another few weeks.

Mom is about to start a new practice, and needs to start studying for the real estate broker's examination in less than 6 weeks. She's got a full time job, with long hours, and a long commute. She's also got her family to take care of, her husband and 3 furbies, AND she is helping her Dad adopt out 3 more kittens he rescued from the colony. She told him not to keep on going back there, but he wouldn't listen. So now she's stuck, screening applicants, posting on Craigslist, and trying to find a new owner for these remaining kittens. They are still really shy, so she doesn't know how they're going to do in homes, as my Dad can't take them out of the crate b/c of Lola, his FeLV positive kitten.

Anyways, she doesn't know what to do. she doesn't want to give up on Coco, but the rescue will balk at M and D if they don't agree to give Coco to the new foster. They're afraid she will bite or be anxious, b/c she's been sitting in the garage all day. Poor thing..This was not what M and D had intended.

But Mom is soo tired. She passed out when she came back early for once today. She almost didn't wake up in time for the late evening adoption, had to get all the forms ready, and get dressed again. Adoptions are so draining...


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